Oren Frank : The introduction of Chief Medical Officer Neil Leibowitz into the Talkspace family

Talkspace and their CEO Oren Frank have just announced the addition of Neil Leibowitz onto the Talkspace company. Neil Leibowitz brings a plethora of experience to the company as he is the UnitedHealth senior medical director. The addition of Neil by Oren Frank only flames the speculation of Talks that the company will soon apply for IPO or Initial public offering in the coming year.

Oren Frank additionally commented on the incredible feet that talk space has accomplished this year, which is that Talkspace has now signed up their one-millionth user. Talkspace has been making waves around the country as the benefits of the service are publicly know more and more. The service which is available to everyone at an incredibly low price of $79 dollars per week is dramatically lower than the average therapy visit. The ability to stay at home and not have to publicly appear at a doctors office is another benefit that the public seems to enjoy. CEO Oren Frank states that the company is now generating tens of millions of dollars per year. Connect Oren Frank on Twitter.

The inclusion of Neil Leibowitz into the company also allows Talkspace physicians to legally prescribe medicines to their users. Of course, the company must follow proper federal and state laws which ensure safe and confidential protocol is followed. If any types of medicines are going to be banned is the initial question being asked and Neil Leibowitz has stated publicly that at the moment the company has no plans to ban any particular type.

Oren Frank’s decision to bring Neil Leibowitz into the team wasn’t merely for the allowance of prescribing medicine, but to have an active role in the business side of the company as well. Frank understands the expertise Neil brings as a former insurance executive and skill that will be incredibly useful in the future growth of the company as Talkspace gets ready to offer its service to employers across the country.

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