OSI Group McDonalds Allows Business Insider Inside

OSI Group McDonalds Allows Business Insider Inside

About six years ago, OSI Group McDonalds reputation took a bone-crushing blow after David Whipple “proved” that McDonald’s used preservatives in their best beef patties. Though both companies claim that no preservatives are added to any of the food, Whipple’s pictures have everybody up in a roar. According to Whipple, whose evidence only seems to be photos, he purchased a McDonald’s burger in 1999, and 14 years later, in 2013, when he pulled the burger out, it looked almost the same. He and his supporters accuse OSI Group McDonalds of lying over the last twenty or so years.

Though everyone seems to be dog-piling on McDonald’s and OSI Group, some experts have offered some reasonable defenses. Keith Warriner, a food science program director at the University of Guelph, says that rot has nothing to do with preservatives most of the time. Whether food rots or spoils depends on how the food is stored. As everyone knows, the public doesn’t care about scientific evidence once it’s made up its mind. So, to combat the nasty rumors about their food products, OSI Group McDonalds opened the doors to Business Insider and gave them a tour of OSI’s Gunzburg, Germany facility.

The Gunzburg facility is the largest OSI factory in Europe, sizing in at about the same size as a soccer field. In that huge building, OSI produces five million beef products every day, of which 90 percent belongs to one of McDonald product lines. At the beginning of the tour, Business Insider’s people were asked to put on protective clothing. The interviewer, who needed to take notes, was given a clipboard and metal pen, as all beef goes through a metal detector near the end of the process. That way, should the pen be lost, it would be picked up by the metal detector. Business Insider’s people also noted the thick aroma of beef smell that looms throughout the entire facility. Once inside the building, there’s no doubt that they’re working with meat.

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