Career Profile of Fortress Investment Group Founder Randal Nardone

Randal Nardone serves as one of the chief executive officer and principals of Fortress Investment Group. He also co founded the firm in 1998 with another longtime finance professional Wesley Edens. Over a span of nearly three decades, Randal Nardone has spent many years as a lawyer as well as a top executive in the finance industry. During his career, Randal has held many positions such as chief executive officer, principal, and managing director. He has also served on management committees for both legal and financial firms as well. After completing college and law school, Randal Nardone began his professional career as an attorney. He spent several years at a firm called Thatcher, Proffitt & Wood.

While working at this law firm, Nardone was an associate. He would later become a member of the firm’s executive committee before moving on to pursue other opportunities in finance. In the 1990’s Randal Nardone started working in the financial sector for a successful firm called BlackRock Financial Management. At this firm he would hold a significant position in top management. He was the firm’s principal for a few years. As the principal of the firm, Randal was responsible for overseeing the firm’s operations as well as managing the employees. Nardone also helped acquire clients for the firm. His next opportunity in the financial sector came in 1997 when he joined UBS.

As a member of UBS, Randal Nardone was part of one of the most reputable firms in the entire world. Nardone served as the managing director. At this position, he provided the overall management of the firm as well as getting more clients. After working at UBS for one year, Nardone decided to pursue entrepreneurship. He went on to help start up a new financial services firm called Fortress Investment Group. While starting up the firm, Nardone helped come up with the idea of forming an alternative asset management firm. Within a few years of being in business, Fortress Investment Group went on to expand and establish itself as a highly reputable financial services firm. Since co founding Fortress Investment Group, Randal has served as a member of the firm’s management committee.

Nicolas Krafft Helps L’Oréal Paris Host an Unforgettable Fashion and Beauty event

L’Oréal Paris hosted its second annual edition of fashion and beauty show officially known as “Le Defile L’Oréal Paris” on September 30th last year. The show happened in the center of the River Seine, one of the world’s leading tourist destination. The aim of the show was to celebrate inclusivity across different sizes, age groups, and ethnicities. The cast of the beauty show that consisted of Eva Longoria, actress Elle Fanning, and Ambassador Duckie Thot of L’Oréal was a representation of the outlined vision. Fellow L’Oréal ambassadors like Maria Borges, Bianca Balti, Doutzen Kroes, and Soo Joo Park joined Thot on the runway.

Popular actor NikolajCoster – Waldauof Game of Thrones also joined the audience. The Danish actor who plays James Lannister in the globally known HBO series became one of L’Oréal’s ambassadors in early 2018, following his appointment as an international spokesperson for the firm’s Men Expert Line. World-class models like Marie Bochet, a Paralympic ski champion, also had an opportunity to display their new looks and elegant walks on the runway. Bochet, who recently joined the growing list of L’Oréal ambassadors, shared the floating runway with international models like Louise Bourgoin and Eva Fanning.

Thorough preparations were made to guarantee the success of this beauty show, with the assembly and disassembly of the floating 60-meter runway taking eight days. The event was aired in over 30 countries throughout the world, meaning the drones that were set up did a good job. There were also two big screens to allow people at the bank to enjoy the show. Former Vice President for Global Business Development, Nicolas Krafft was instrumental in making this event a success.

Who is Nicolas Krafft?

Nicolas Krafft brings over ten years of professional expertise to the L’Oréal brands. He started his journey at L’Oréal Professional as a product manager and climbed through the leadership ladder to become the Vice President of Global Business Development. Currently, he is working with the Pulp Riot brand as the International General Manager. He works under the leadership of David Thurston, the company’s founder, and CEO. He has a stellar record of launching new lines of innovative products, guiding market share growth in difficult economic environments, and helping L’Oréal-owned brands such as Matrix, Kerastase, and Biolage gain a strong global presence.

Article Title: Richard Liu Qiangdong: From Failure To Success

Oddly enough, it’s unclear when Richard Liu Qiangdong was born. Some say his birthday is on March 10 while others think it might be on February 14. If that wasn’t curious enough, people are also unsure what year he was born; the difference being one full year apart.

In any case, what people do agree on is Richard Liu’s brilliance for business. Though it seems like he’s always been business savvy, his original career choice involved politics. For much of his childhood, he wanted to pursue a career in politics. He even attended the People’s University of China, where he earned a bachelor’s degree in sociology.

It wasn’t long after earning his sociology degree that he discovered politics didn’t present any lucrative careers. He found himself suddenly in need of money, as his grandmother fell ill and his family couldn’t afford her treatment. Using the computer programming skills he sharpened throughout school, he worked as freelance programmer to help his family.

Freelance work also left him with enough money to dabble in entrepreneurship. With his extra money combined with some family loans, Richard Liu opened small restaurant. While running the restaurant, he continued freelance work and enrolled at the China Europe International Business School.

Overwhelmed by work and school, he could only pay attention to the restaurant two or fewer hours a week, leading to the restaurant’s failure. Not diverted by his failure, Liu Qiangdong completed business school, earning an EMBA and took a job at a health product company until he was ready to try entrepreneurship again.

In 1998, Richard Liu opened the first of 12 “Jingdong” stores in Zhongguancun High-tech Industrial Park in a populated neighborhood in Beijing. His first store was four square meters and only sold magneto-optical products.

When the 2003 SARS outbreak forced him to rethink his business platform, he decided to move everything online. In 2004, was born and had a much larger inventory. Today, sells billions of products to 300 million customers.

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Article Title: How To Get Innovative Brain Training At Neurocore

Neurocore, a brain training center is known for their rich investment in a newer form of therapy. What the center refers to as “brain training” is similar to biofeedback. The method has become even more popular since the Portland Trailblazers used it to make a stellar comeback on a losing season.

The first thought initially was to give up, but because they pursued another avenue, they chose to look for help with the experts at Neurocore. The purpose of choosing to work with Neurocore was all about the concept of training their brains.

There are also well-known athletes that have taken advantage of this method. A professional football player, Kirk Cousins, turned to brain training when nothing else was working.

This amazing method of biofeedback has long been helpful for getting athletes to turn their game around. It has also been helpful in treating high blood pressure and various types of chronic pain that athletes may experience during the course of their career.

Whether a salesperson or professional athlete believes they have lost their touch, this biofeedback program being administered through Neurocore is a great way of restoring the ability to think and focus as well as to achieve peak performance.

While athletes may be physically strong, they may not be mentally strong 100% of the time and at the top of their game. Once an athlete is mentally prepared, they can endure nearly any encounter on and off the field, and it’s like second nature.

This innovative brain training is nothing short of amazing, and the fact that an athletes brain can wind down using the same methods is nothing short of amazing.

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Desiree Perez is Killing it

Desiree Perez

Recently, Desiree Perez was pictured attending a private dinner that was hosted by Jaz-Z. The dinner was through Roc Nation, which is a company that connects certain recording companies to singers and songwriters who can display their skills and represent Roc Nation. The company is very well known and operates on a very large scale all across the globe.

Now the question might come up about who Desiree Perez is, and to answer that question in a short couple of sentences, she is the chief operating officer for the company Roc Nation. This may come as a surprise to many people who are not familiar with who she is or have never heard of her before. Not too many people would know the chief operating officer of a large music company anyway.

Desiree Perez

To celebrate what Desiree Perez and many others on the Roc Nation line have done for him, Jay-Z hosted a private dinner to thank everybody for all of their hard work over time. The members were taken to a private room, allowing them to get away from the chaos of the public.

It is easy to see how somebody like Desiree Perez may be overlooked through the publics eyes, but she plays a major role in the success of many talented people. She also allowed Roc Nation to grow worldwide and create a lasting impression in many people’s lives. A lot of people say the company wouldn’t be a fraction of what it is without her in control.

Desiree Perez

How OSI Industries Changed The Food Production Industry

Think about the last time you ate. Did you think about how the food got to your plate? Did you examine the process of growing food, transporting food, getting food into grocery stores and ultimately how the food eventually ended up on your plate? Did you consider all of the different people and companies that had to be involved to create the food you ate? Food does not seem that deep. But OSI Industries understands the food production industry completely. OSI Industries brings in billions of dollars annually. The mega food production operates on multiple continents. More than twenty thousand people call the company their employee.

The magnitude and influence of this company has on the very food we eat is major. They play a major role in how food gets to your plate. From being apart of the process to creating food concepts to growing food to raising food to the logistics of food to outing food on the shelves of supermarkets to putting foods into restaurants, this company completely understands the process of getting food to the customer. It has not always been this way for the company. Before they were OSI Industries they were a humble meat market located in Chicago, Illinois. The meat market was began by a man that had immigrated to the United States. The meat market was a family business.

The founder’s sons was able to take the meat market to being a regional supplier for many different clients. Over the decades, the company began to expand. Eventually, during the 1980’s and 1990’s the company began to make a presence overseas. Today, the company operates as one of the largest food production companies. OSI Industries was able to change the food production industry because they stayed true to their passion, morals and standard of doing great business with their clients and serving quality food. Changing an entire industry is hard to do. It is rare. It can only be done by companies that have the better good of others on their mind. OSI Industries still has so much to offer to the food industry.

Talkspace Provides Major Expansion in Providing Mental Health Services

Talkspace is a private psychotherapy company that specializes in online therapy and unlimited messaging mental treatment operating globally. The facility was founded by Oren Frank and Roni Frank in 2012 and headquartered in New York City, New York, United States. Recently, Talkspace planned for major expansions which will ensure delivery of quality and additional services such as prescribing drugs. According to Talkspace’s cofounder Roni Frank, the company reached over one million users with only three years in the business.

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Drug Prescription

Talkspace hired Neil Leibowitz, a Chief Medical Officer, and a former UnitedHealth senior medical director, to provide drug prescription services to mental problem patients. Roughly twenty percent of Americans suffer from mental illnesses with two-thirds going for a year without treatment. However, there are other startup online therapy companies such as AI-Powered app Woebot and Better Help trying to solve the problem. Talkspace is hiring licensed psychiatrists working closely with the company therapists to determine if any patients demand for medication prescription.

Expanding To Offices and Universities

Besides expanding to drug prescription, Talkspace has also extended its services to offices and universities through employer support projects and partnering with fraternities in campuses. For instance, Delta Tau Delta members will get free access to the company services through a unique code. Similarly, Talkspace joined with Alpha Tau Omega another fraternity firm in 2016 through an advertisement.

According to Lynn Hamilton, Chief Commercial Officer at Talkspace, the strategy aims at reaching many young people in universities and provide them with the essential care to those suffering from mental illnesses. She mentioned that many people nowadays are free to talk about psychological issues and willing to get help, but universities have a great challenge as students demand extra care. Currently, the company is under talks with multiple sororities to deliver quality mental health services as well as working closely with institutional therapists.


Richard Liu Qiangdong – Founder of Jingdong Who Aims for More

Richard Liu Qiangdong has become a role model for hundreds and thousands of young business executives and entrepreneurs, especially in the field of e-commerce. Richard Liu led the foundation of in 1998 when he opened his first business venture in the form of a shop in Beijing. The shop that Richard started was an instant success with the customers, and the profits he made from it were further utilized for business expansion. In the next few years, Richard Liu Qiangdong started a dozen more stores in different parts of China. It helped him build a considerably sized business and get market visibility as well. Today, Jingdong has one of the largest reach in China and reaches its customers in the remote areas of China too.

The business suffered tremendously in 2003 when entire China was facing the worst ever SARS outbreak an epidemic. The sales fell, and so did the revenue, and it became difficult for the company to sustain significant overhead expenses. Richard Liu Qiangdong thought at the time that rather than closing down, it is better to take the entire business to an e-commerce platform. The name of the company initially was named 360buy but was later named, which consists of the initials of Richard Liu Qiangdong and his ex-girlfriend. Richard Liu Qiangdong believes that companies can function effectively by evolving with time and changing according to market trends. initially focused on electronic products but has with time diverted to offering many other products to the consumers. As of now, the company imports products from over fifty countries for its consumers. It helps in ensuring that Chinese customers get access to products from across the globe. Richard Liu Qiangdong is hands-on with the working of his company and ensures that the management is on their toes. He tests the delivery system by ordering products for himself from Jingdong on a weekly basis. He also takes into account the advice of his employees on how to make their operations better. He is already introducing automation on many of his warehouses and want to expand to the remaining ones too. Learn More.

Wine Now Available Same Day or Next at

On May 5, 2019 partnered with the largest winery in Hungary, Grand Tokaj. This partnership represents the initial venture into Chinese e-commerce by Grand Tokaj.’s big data analysis will help Grand Tokaj with customization and marketing of their products based upon the need of the Chinese Market. Just in case you didn’t know, Grand Tokaj is the largest winery in Hungary. It is located Hungary’s historic Tokaj-Hegyalja Wine Region. Grand Tokaj is know for their sweet wine. The winery attributes their wine’s sweetness to a traditional process that uses partially raisined grapes. This process dates back to 1630 and is known as “noble rot”.

Alcohol sales have increased ten fold within the past six years at has been consistently ranked as the leading online retailer for alcoholic beverages for the past three years., also known as Jingdong, has already run an analysis and determined that well over three quarters of Chinese customers prefer wines from abroad compared to local tastes. The analysis looks to have proved correct as 1,000 bottles of wine were ordered within 10 hours of the promotional launch. This launch period only lasted five days from 17 to 22 April of this year.

President of’s FMCG, Carol Fung, is quoted saying “ is honored to be Grand Tokaj’s first choice online platform for the introduction of their sophisticated sweet wine to the Chinese market”. Fung also went on to say that demand for high quality imported wine is increasing and that will be ready to handle that demand. Grand Tokaj’s CEO, Gergely Goreczky, said he is looking forward to seeing the results of the company’s new partnership with Goreczky also said that Jingdong has a long and impressive history of bringing global wine brands to the doors of their customers. It looks like it’s win-win for the consumers,, and Grand Tokaj alike with this partnership.

Information On HGGC, A Major Investment Firm

HGGC is a leading investment firm, and they have provided venture capital to companies in a wide range of economic sectors. While venture capital is one of their main services, they are also well known for the private equity services that they offer. In addition, the company is a major provider of jobs that offers more than 60,000 jobs worldwide, and HGGC offers a wide range of employment opportunities.

The company is quite large, and they hold a total of 4.3 dollars in investments. Furthermore, they have been around for more than ten years as they were founded in 2007.

What Kinds Of Companies Do They Invest In?

They invest in a wide range of companies, but most of them are in North America as opposed to other parts of the world. Furthermore, the companies that they choose to invest in are typically quite large, and they typically have a revenue that is anywhere from 100 million dollars to as much as a billion dollars.

Furthermore, they tend to seek out companies with an EBITDA of around 15-75 billion dollars and enterprise values between 100 and 500 billion. After they choose to invest, they typically make large investments of 25-125 million dollars.

Which Areas Of Investing Does HGGC Specialize In?

The company’s specialties are wide ranging, and this includes growth equity, add on acquisitions, recapitalization, platform investments, corporate carve outs, and leveraged buyouts. HGGC also has a strong reputation when it comes to the restructuring of mid cap and middle market private companies along with public companies.

Contact Information For HGGC

If you want to get in touch with them, you have several options, and these are email, phone, and social media. They are active on LinkedIn and Twitter. Their phone number is 650-321-4910, and they have multiple offices. These offices are located in Palo Alto California, Salt Lake City, Utah, West Palm Beach, Florida, and Foxborough, Massachusetts.