GoBuyside’s Talent Acquisition Works

GoBuyside offers talent acquisition services to big companies that work in high-profile sectors. The company knows how to give people what they’re looking for and they aren’t afraid to show others the right way to run a business. For GoBuyside, the point of their company is to make sure people understand what how they have a positive impact on big companies that may not always get the right type of talent for the business. Everything GoBuyside does goes back to their main goals. They know what they’re looking for and aren’t afraid to show customers the right way to do things to make their business better. Read more blogs at gobuysideblog.com.

As a company that provides a service to other companies, GoBuyside knows what it takes to be the best. They know working hard will allow them the chance to do more with their business. They also know the right companies will always succeed in the business if they do things that make sense for other companies. Essentially, GoBuyside is a service business. They provide a valuable service to other companies that may not want to perform the service on their own. They always work to make a difference for everyone they do business with.

It is important for GoBuyside to do this because they need to make sure the companies they work with are successful. GoBuyside generally only works with Fortune 500 and other high-profile companies. Because of this, they have to hold themselves to a high standard. If they can show people they know how to do the job right, they can score even more clients than what they already have. Many big businesses have already started to use GoBuyside. They are hoping to gain more traction and help other companies with the talent acquisition needs they have. If they can do that, GoBuyside will consider themselves extremely successful.

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There have been many ways the company has changed in the time they have been in business. They started out as a small financial talent acquisition company. Not only have they grown to further accommodate big businesses, they have grown to show people they have the best methods for finding talent. They want to be better than the rest of the talent acquisition companies. If GoBuyside keeps growing, they know they will be the best of the best. Their goal is to be successful and have total control over the financial industry talent recruiting business. Read this article at Yahoo Finance.

Tips For The End Of Quarter From NGP VAN

End of quarter is a highly stressful time during campaigns. You have to reach important fundraising goals, which often means a lot of pressure on finance and web teams. To relieve some of the stress, listed below are great tips to ease things for the people in charge of communications.

Running out of good ideas is easy when you’re sending emails every weekday. It’s always a smart move to keep some ideas at hand when you don’t have time to do much thinking. These are some ideas to start you off on the right path.

Keep people up to date on supporter activity (Facebook likes, volunteers, email subscribers, etc.) How much money was already raised for the current quarter and how many donations already received. People always like feeling as if they are a part of something huge and that momentum is increasing in the campaign.
A thermometer graphic that shows the “temperature” of your objective can provide people with a visual sense of the progress your campaign is making. If the numbers indicate that the contribution average is lower than possible, let your supporters know and kindly request that people donate the average amount in helping to further the goals for the EOQ.

Lastly, reward yourself (and your team). Running campaigns is tough work. Congratulate the whole team by throwing a party. The quarter’s end is a very intense time for ever person in your department, so organizing activities for your team like pizza parties or maybe laser tag or even a potluck can relieve a ton of stress. There are countless ways your team can take time to celebrate the successful quarter and unwind. Having a fun event to look forward to can be the perfect motivation. Team events are also the perfect time to discuss important things like what didn’t work and what gets the best results.
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NGP VAN is a United States-based company that is dedicated to making sure that organizations running campaigns can effectively use technology in reaching campaign goals. In 2009, NGP Van was the leading provider of campaign software provider. NGP Vans applications are used by many Congress members. Their software has been utilized in the Obama campaign, Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, Liberal Party Of Canada and the British Liberal Democrats campaigns.


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The Contour Keyboard: A NewsWatch TV Review

The Contour keyboard design setups create a pain-free, more productive work environment. Thanks to a popular solution, from the RollerMouse Red keyboard, like a roller bar in the in between the wrist and keyboard area allow users to maximize typing efficiency while minimizing fingertip impact. The roller bar also provides a method of relieving undue stress that occurs when reaching for and moving a standard mouse. Additionally, Contour’s other product, the Balance keyboard, has a seven senses tracking technology that adapts to the user’s pace as work progresses. The keyboard is wireless and does not require an on/off switch thanks to a unique power saving technology. Going one more step, Contour has designed a RollerMouse Free3 keyboard that replaces the RollerMouse Red and makes the entire workstation completely wireless, making it the ultimate tool for a stress free work environment.

Newswatch TV is a half hour show that airs weekly on AMC and ION networks. Content for each episode on News Watch includes health and medical breakthroughs, product releases, fashion, travel, consumer electronic reviews, business issues, and public awareness campaigns. Celebrities to grace the News Watch screen are varied and include Julianne Moore, Dr. Oz, Phil Mickelson, Carl Lewis, and Brooklyn Decker. Additionally, well-known companies including NASCAR, Discovery Channel, and Ford have also made appearances on the show.

In 2017, Newswatch TV received a Gold and Platinum MarCom Award that honors excellence in marketing and communication professionals in the industry. Additionally, News Watch was awarded the national 2017 videographer award for excellence in half-hour programming

Richard Dwayne Blair: Learning Investment Strategies That Work

Ready to invest wisely and take control of your financial future? Looking for reliable advice or guidance on ways to manage your money? It is advisable to have an experienced and reputable financial planner or investment advisor by your side.

Richard Dwayne Blair can guide you on your way to reaching your investment goal. He is a highly recommended financial planner and investment advisor.

Richard Dwayne Blair is a knowledgeable and reliable investment advisory expert. If you need someone to provide you with quality advice and walk you through the steps to making the right investment decision, look no further than Richard Dwayne Blair.

Many people want to invest and protect their financial future but have no idea where to begin. That’s where financial planners and investment advisors come in. These professionals have the knowledge to help their clients manage their money. You can consult an investment advisor or financial planner like Richard Dwayne Blair to help you select the right investment vehicle for your situation.

Before investing, you need to understand how things work in the industry. You want to take appropriate steps to ensure that your investment yields significant returns. Richard Dwayne Blair takes the time to understand his clients’ situation and makes sure they know what’s involved.

Investing in stocks and bonds involves some risk and a good investment advisor like Richard Dwayne Blair can help you determine your risk tolerance level. During a consultation with an advisor, you will find out about the risks you face as an investor and how to minimize them.

Richard is one of the prominent investing and financial planning professionals. He owns a successful investment firm, Wealth Solutions, which provides service to residents of Austin, Texas and surrounding areas.

Guiding his clients is an important part of his mission. He can make suggestions when it comes to deciding which investment vehicle to select or what investments to make. Richard Dwayne Blair is committed to providing high quality information and guidance to help his clients evaluate their choices and take the right steps toward their goals.



Some Of The History Of Apia, Samoa

Fagali’I Airport provides the residents of Upolu Island, and tourists, a way to get in and out of Samoa. It lies just outside of Apia on Plantation Road next door to the Royal Samoa Golf Course. It was named after a village on this island which lies around 3 miles away. Up until 2002 it just had a grass airstrip but this was paved over.

The Fagali’I Airport structure is around 3000 square feet. As the planes that land at this airport seat just 19 passengers it doesn’t need to be very large. Polynesian Airlines owns and operates this airport and it has several flights a day to nearby American Samoa. It has four ticket counters and has enough seating to accommodate around 60 people.

Fagali’I Airport and Apia are located on the northern coast of Upolu which is the second biggest island of Samoa. Apia is the only city on this island and other inhabited places are smaller villages. As of the last census in 2011 there were 36,735 people living in Apia. Although an earlier village occupied where Apia now lies it was formally founded in the 1850s according to expedia.com.

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One famous incident that took place near Fagali’I Airport was a naval standoff which occurred on March 15, 1889. America, Britain, and Germany collectively had seven ships in the harbor while a typhoon was approaching. Each nation’s captains refused to leave the harbor first because they didn’t want to lose face. As a result of this monumental stupidity six of the boat sunk and the only survivors were on a British boat which somehow managed to leave the harbor at the last moment.

Most of the things to see and do on Upolu Island are within walking distance of Fagali’I Airport. It is rather hot, though, so many tourists prefer to take taxis instead of walking. Another danger for walkers is that there are many aggressive dogs on Upolu Island, particularly around dusk as well as in the evening. People living on this island use their dogs for protection and train them to be fierce so just walking by a home can result in a dog attack.

Find more about Fagali’I Airport: https://www.tripadvisor.com.br/HotelsNear-g312868-qFGI-Apia_Upolu.html

NGP Van Gives Planning Advice To Organizers Of Campaign Rallies

The news coverage of the 2016 presidential election seemed to be dominated by images of large-scale rallies that sometimes filled entire sporting events stadiums. The same enthusiasm shown by those showing support for their presidential candidate of choice can be applied to smaller campaigns at all levels of government politics.

NGP Van, an organization that provides solutions for Democratic campaigns, has compiled a list of tips that all rally organizers will find helpful.

Be Sure A Rally Is Right For The Situation

Rallies consume intensive amounts of time and resources so it is a must to consider the desired outcomes to assure they align with the overall campaign goals. Rallies have proven to be beneficial at:

• Making the public aware of campaigns and swaying voters who had not yet chosen a candidate to endorse

Energizing supporters and encouraging them to become regular campaign volunteers

• Drawing media attention to a campaign and finding a broader audience for the message of the campaign

Detailed Planning

Proper planning is paramount when planning a rally. Failure to pay attention to the details could result in the perception poor leadership which would be counterproductive to the campaign. Details to carefully consider are location, sound systems, a program for speaking, and visual materials.

Advertising Is Key

It is important to advertise and promote the event all the way until the day it takes place. Print flyers and get volunteers to place them everywhere that makes sense. Create a Facebook event and have everyone involved with the campaign to share with friends. It may also be helpful to make calls to a local radio station and announce the event on air. Creativity and commitment to the program are key to all advertising projects.

Promote Grassroots Action Amongst Supporters

Once the effort has been undertaken to put on a successful rally, this energy from supporters must be funneled into actions that will result in an election day win. Rallies are a great place to find more volunteers as the excitement at these events can be contagious. Converting this enthusiasm into future actions to benefit the campaign is critical.

About NGP Van

NGP VAN is the number one provider of technology for progressive and democratic campaigns, nonprofits, and other organizations. They offer to there clients a fully integrated platform containing a suite of services that can be found nowhere else.



OSI Food Solutions Grows its Footprint in the U.S., Doubles Chicken Production in Spain

While OSI Food Solutions has always been a top name in the industry of high-quality meat production and distribution, the company is now poised to become the number one provider of meat globally. The company was built around the idea that consistent growth should be a key focus of its business development strategy. The company frequently purchases other companies that produce meat, or the company buys majority stake in those companies. Basically, OSI Food Solutions has an umbrella of additional businesses underneath it, many of which they choose to keep the name of the company, as it is a household name.

Speaking of household names, OSI Food Solutions just announced that it has purchased a major chicken development facility formerly owned by Tyson Food Group. Tyson has been a household name in the United States for decades and is synonymous with chicken throughout the country. It is the leading provider of chicken products throughout the United States. The facility, which is located on the Southside of Chicago, was purchased by OSI for $7.4 million. The facility is two hundred thousand square feet large and employs several hundred people.

Tyson Food Group made an announcement in 2017 that they would have to close the Chicago plant. They could no longer justify keeping the plant open with the current volume of chicken being produced. There were over four hundred employees working at the plant when that announcement was made. That would leave those four hundred people unemployed in an area of Chicago where jobs are already hard to find. OSI Food Solutions bought the facility, and the majority of those people will now be keeping their jobs, which is incredibly fortunate. This purchase is a big part of OSI Food Group’s plan to grow its footprint in the United States. The company is a household name in the Europe and already has a huge presence in the United States. However, OSI Food Solutions is always focused on growth, and seeks to increase presence in North America.

OSI Food Solutions also made another recent announcement on its European front. Its facility in Toledo, Spain just added a high-capacity production line and expanded its facility by over twenty thousand square feet. The addition of this high-capacity production line will now give the company the ability to produce twice as much chicken products as it could previously. The volume of chicken products has grown from 12,000 tons annually to 24,000 tons.

Contact OSI Food: www.stellenanzeigen.de/jobs/osi-food-solutions-germany-gmbh/       

Becoming a Good Business Owner

Many people want to start a company. Few people have the knowledge or skills to manage a successful company over time. Jose Hawilla is a successful business leader who has had a lot of financial success. He started off working a menial job to save up some cash. He eventually started a company that would later fail. Instead of giving up, Jose Hawilla used the opportunity as a learning experience.

The best business owners are people who never quit. There will be times when it looks easier to leave and work a regular job.

Business Plan

Before starting a business, writing out a business plan is essential. Few people develop a comprehensive business plan. During this stage, it is necessary for people to conduct thorough research on various topics.


One of the most significant hurdles for new business owners is a lack of capital. Few people have the cash needed to start a new business. Many business owners decide to borrow money to get a company started. Although a business loan is not a bad thing, it can become constricting if the debt levels get too high. It is a good idea to limit debt levels as much as possible when running a business.


Another vital aspect of managing a successful company is marketing. Marketing is crucial to develop new customers. The marketing industry has changed dramatically in recent years. Business owners must utilize online marketing and social media to maximize sales. Some business owners hire a marketing firm to help them with this process. Check out Medium to see more.

Jose Hawilla has had a great career as a business owner. Not only does he manage a successful company, but he also volunteers in the local community. Jose Hawilla is an experienced person to learn from about starting a business. With the strong economy in Brazil, now is a perfect time to start a company.

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Academy of Arts University NYFW Shows Are No Faux Pa

The Academy of Arts University is known for producing talented and original designers of all types, so it’s no surprise that some of that talent comes from The School of Fashion. This fact was reiterated on September 9, 2017, when The School of Fashion’s 21st annual runway showcase was presented at Skylight Clarkson Square. The Square serves as the hub for all things style and fashion related during the famous New York Fashion Week and has been the birthplace for the careers of many famous fashion and accessories designers.

The Academy of Art University was founded in 1929 and is reputed to the largest privately-owned design school in the nation. Degrees offered include associate, bachelor’s and master’s degrees and are available in over 20 art, design and fashion related majors. Alumni include Melissa Fleis, who took third place on season 10 of Project Runway, actress Lauren Conrad and actress Heidi Montag.

The Academy of Art University Automobile Museum boasts a collection of cars valued at over $70 million, and the University itself is one of San Francisco’s largest property owners. Founder Richard Stephens was a respected painter and magazine editor had a dream for an advertising art school. Over the years, and as the business was handed down through the family it has turned into one of the most well-known art schools and has been part of the New York Fashion Week on a yearly basis since 2005.
In attendance, and impressed by the show of craftsmanship were Ms. J Alexander of America’s Next Top Model and Sara Kozlowski, the CFDA’s Director of Education and Professional Development. The event was also livestreamed, presenting the designers and creations to an audience of millions. Inspiration for their designs came from a variety of concepts and events, and are clearly represented in the final products.

2017 CFDA Fashion Future Graduate Showcase award recipient Hailun Zhou gained inspiration for her vinyl and PVC line of outerwear, separates and dresses while completing an assignment for a creative concept class. The MFA Fashion Design holder from Qing Dao, China, also fused different materials together to create entirely new and original fabrics for her pieces.

Waiakea: Friendly For The Body And The Environment

Water companies have a lot of issues that they have to address. For one thing, they have to look at the type of water they are presenting to the customers. Most water companies offer people water that is not the healthiest. At the same time, they are not friendly with the environment. The packaging that they use for water is not the best when it comes to the environment. Therefore, people are losing out when they are doing business with almost any given water company. Fortunately, Waiakea is around. This is the water company that is operating with consciousness towards how it is treating people and the environment.

For people, Waiakea strives to increase their health through the water they offer. One thing that they notice is that a lot of the water that is offered by water companies are acidic. At the same time, it does not have any electrolytes. Therefore, people who try to replenish their fluids wind up losing some of the electrolytes that they’ve been trying to replenish as well. With their being a deficiency in electrolytes, people will experience some kind of issue with their bodies. They won’t be able to do as much.

With the environment, Waiakea is working on the the bottles they are using to package the water. The new bottles they are using are biodegradable. They are not going to last as long as the typical bottle which is designed to last 1,000 years. The current bottles are only good for 15 years. This is one of the ways that it is good for the environment. Another good thing is that all of the bottles that get thrown out into the ocean are going to dissolve more quickly than the other bottles. The only thing is that the environment has to be cleaned of all of the plastic bottles that are left over.