Practical Investment Tips from Hussain Sajwani, DAMAC Owner

Investment in the luxury real estate is one of the ways that one can attain improved earnings levels. Hussain Sajwani is one of the investors who have reaped huge earnings from the sector through his DAMAC Properties Company. The Company was established in 2002 and has interest in luxury real estate market in the United Kingdom and the Middle East. It is a highly innovative organization and has been created for offering quality and unique designs. In the past, it has been defined by Forbes as being one of the fastest growing ventures in the global. Its unique business model allows for improved earnings as well as meeting the interest of the customers. Husain Sajwani is the DAMAC owner and chairman. He has the majority shares in the organization.

According to Roayah News, the organization has diversified products that are suited to the global market. Hussain Sajwani has a well trained and professional team that ensures that the operations of the organization are in line with the trends in both the real estate and construction market. Some of the products offered include serviced hotel apartments, rooms and villas. Investing in the DAMAC properties guarantees enormous earnings in future. Husain Sajwani maintains growth and continuity of the Company by moving to prime areas in major destinations. Over the years, the demand for high-end products in areas such as Dubai and London has been on the increase. There is thus a guarantee of high returns from investment in operations of DAMAC properties

Brief Information on Hussain Sajwani

DAMAC owner, Hussain Sajwani is regarded as the fourth richest Arab. His wealth stems from the ventures in global equity and capital markets. The property market has also been instrumental in increasing his worth. Being committed and innovative has positioned him as a unique leader and role model. Not only has he transformed the organization, but he has also had positive impacts on the host areas. His exceptional leadership and management skills have seen him relate well with employs, partners and other stakeholders. The organization has a positive organizational culture that is essential to the attainment of the set objectives. It can be attributed to the positive relations between workers and the executive.

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Bernardo Chua – Leadership With Family Values

Bernardo Chua is a self-motivated and self-made business leader. Growing up in the Philippines as the youngest of fourteen children, he dreamed of becoming doctor to help people maintain healthy lives. But it seems a different destiny was mapped out for him. After leaving a position with his family’s business, he entered the world of direct sales as management for a company based in southeast Asia. It was here he has able to gain his confidence and business savvy while working with his mentor. Because of his drive and persistence, he helped the company expand quickly and begin the expansion into North America. Read more at about Bernardo Chua

Through hard work and dedication, he became a knowledgeable entrepreneur leading the way in direct sales marketing. Bernardo longed for something more and decided on the path of business owner. Having the support of his family and business associates he formed Organo Gold. His passion for wanting to help people never faded and he developed his new company based on Ganoderma products. Ganoderma Lucidum is a mushroom used over 2,000 years for medicinal purposes across Asia. Using the tea and coffee products as his platform, Mr. Chau is determined to educate as many people as he can about the benefits of the Organo Gold products.

The core value of his business is family and loyalty and the desired success for all his team members. Since the inception of his business it has reached thirty-five countries across six continents. The prevalent needs and wants in the western culture to be a healthier version of themselves using natural supplements should prove a key component in the products available for this thriving company as it continues to grow with success. By holding on to his values and gratefulness for his family and the people who helped him achieve his goals. Bernardo Chua has proven he has the capabilities and leadership to survive in the harsh business world and establish a long lasting and reputable company.



Matt Badiali Freedom Checks Are Legit

Matt Badiali is well known for Freedom Checks. There have been many rumors all over the internet claiming that it’s not legit. After he completed his analysis, he stated that some companies would receive huge gain that featured an unbelievable amount of returns. This is the primary reason why there are several popups of scam alerts when people Google Matt Badiali together with his newsletter.

It’s always good for us to remember that Matt Badiali is a geologist who ventured into finance career and worked for a financial expert. This has enabled him to attain many skills that the financial expert knew about investment. He has also traveled far and widely which has provided him with an opportunity to meet and mingle many essential figures in the field of natural resources. These VIPs includes the CEOs of oil and mining companies, pioneers of the precious metal as well as resource investors. These significant figures have lifted and upgraded him to market trends, technology and discoveries as well.

The fact is that freedom Checks are legit and not scam. The companies that disburse and distribute Freedom Checks are known as MLPs, Master Limited Partnerships. These companies are usually the producers, processors as well as transporters oil and gas. MLPs main duty is to search for new wells and transportation of gas and oil through the use of pipelines. These companies finally refine gas and oil that comes from gas and oil fields which are based in United States of America. Any business that distributes over ninety percent of its income to the investors can also market itself as an MLP. Freedom Check as per Matt Badiali are the checks that these companies, MLPs transfer to their investors.

As we speak, there are many companies issuing Freedom Checks to their investors. The Freedom Checks offered by either monthly or quarterly payments. The Freedom Checks payments are more like dividends. However, they are assumed to be the return of capital instead of income, and thus the investors receive them on a tax-free basis. In case you have them and you want to sell them, you will only be charged a tax that is equivalent to the rate of capital gains which is lower than the rate of income tax.

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Impressionable Facts About Victoria Doramus

Victoria Doramus is one successful woman that has learned to overcome challenges in her life. She has shown expertise in marketing, and she has brought notable developments in the field. She acquired her degree in journalism and mass communication from the university of Colorado. She has worked in the print media for a couple of years through which she has perfected her career. The renewed businesswoman has acquired a chance to work with a vast number of prestigious media platforms including the Huffingpost, where she took part in conducting numerous researches based on various niches.

Besides, she has worked in the design and fashion industry, through which she has acquired a chance to perfect her skills in creativity. By working with other people, she has got to learn more ideas considering her career and today she inspires many people.

Throughout her career, Victoria has been entirely focused on offering solutions to people concerning the difficulties they go through in their lives, with her primary focus being drug addiction. She is a victim of drug addiction, and she is known to have fallen into cocaine and other hard drugs, which posed her life at risk. The renowned marketing guru has attended a vast number of rehabilitation facilities, with the determination of overcoming her bad drug experiences. With a recorded history of drug addiction for over fifteen years, she decided to attend a Connecticut based rehab, through which he learned the disadvantages of the latter. Learn more about this on her website.

She has spent her life trying to overcome the many challenges she has gone through, and this is a clear indication of her commitment towards meeting her goals. She started recovering firm her drug addictions in 2017, and she has used her victories to give support to other people going through hard situations in life. According to Victoria, she believes that one can meet their objectives only when they make a detailed plan to convict themselves for what they want. She believes that commitment and dedication is also vital towards achieving one’s goals and as a result, she has continued to shine a light on other people through her philanthropic activities.

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Paul Mampilly Seeks Solutions for the Challenges Facing Americans

Paul Mampilly is an investor who has accomplished so much in his career life. He has been to the Wall Street for two decades where he conquered and left a legacy of being the best trader during the 2008 financial crisis. His reputation as an investor is strong following the successes he has recorded for the many years he has been doing this business. His biggest winning has been the ability to make precise predictions which not even other experts have an idea about them. Paul Mampilly has been using the knowledge he has in the financial industry to mentor and show the average American investor that they can make money from the industry as long as they are making the right investment decisions.

The main problem with many people is that they make the wrong choices of investment and then go ahead to invest the wrong amount. An investment should be measured by high probable it is that it will go come true. When making an investment, one is simply betting on chances that something will happen. In such a situation, you only go with the option that has the highest probability of turning out true. Mampilly is very good at picking winning investments, and that is why he is a popular figure in the industry. Since he joined the investment business, he has made billions for investors in the Wall Street.

After some time, he felt that it was no longer his wish to continue making money for a small group of people who already owned enough wealth while millions of Americans are looking for an opportunity to excel. Paul Mampilly retired at the age of 42 years so that he could concentrate on looking at his young family while at the same time helping out investors who would like to learn from him. Today, Paul Mampilly is doing a great job of helping millions of Americans make the right investment decisions. Those who have followed his guidance can attest to the fact he is very good at his work. His analysis is precise and normally picks stocks which turn out to be top gainers.

A Look At One Of Fortress’s Investment Titans, Wes Edens

Ever since it was established by its three principals, Wes Edens, Randal Nardone and Rob Kauffman, Fortress Investment group displayed high potential for growth, and within a few years, it was already setting the pace for other asset management firms and private equities. For instance, it became the first private firm to ever go public, an activity which took place during 2007’s New York Stock Exchange.

Today it oversees assets worth over $40 billion and has over 1750 investors as its clients in various sectors such as private equity firm, hedge funds and many others. Its exponential growth can be attributed to its impressive panel of leaders which today includes Wes Edens, Peter Briger and Randal Nardone. Before joining heads to establish Fortress, all three principals had remarkable career backgrounds in finance, and when they brought this to one table, there was no doubt that Fortress was meant to soar.

For instance, before coming to Fortress Investment Group, Wes Edens worked with various top-shelf companies in the world of finance such as the Lehman Brothers where he was served both as a partner and managing director. He also worked at Black Rock where he served the same roles. Besides his lucrative career, Mr. Edens great leadership and finance skills can be attributed to his impressive academic background as he is an alumnus of Oregon State University where he majored in the areas of business administration and finance.

Today, Wes focuses on the private equity department of Fortress which has been his area of specialization ever since its inception. Thanks to his proactive nature and positive attitude towards difficult situations, Wes helps steer Fortress to better and calmer waters with each wake.

As a businessman and investor, Wes Edens continuously comes up with innovative investments. For instance, he is the force behind the Bright line train operating in various areas, the most crucial route being the one between Miami and Fort Lauderdale. Through this route, Mr Edens has helped ease the lives of many commuters by reducing the congestion that was there before the rail system came into play. Additionally, the brightline train is the only rail system that is privately owned in the US.

Apart from being deeply engrossed in the world of finance and development, Wes Edens is an avid basketball fan. His love for sports saw him join hands with another sports enthusiast, Marc Lasry to purchase NBA’s Milwaukee bucks professional team for a whopping $550 million. When he is not busy focusing on his next strategy or business plan, Mr Edens can often be found supporting his tea, or backing eSports as he also happens to be the force behind Fly Quest.

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Felipe Montoro Jens reports more investments from the IDB

On March 24th, 2018 in Mendoza, Argentina a meeting of the Governors took place and reporter Felipe Montoro Jens was in attendance. Felipe is a reporter and specialist on all things related to infrastructure. The March 24 th meeting was the Inter-American Development (IDB) and many of South American top officials attended. Reporter Felipe Montoro Jen has been keeping a close eye on many infrastructure projects and economic development in Brazil and other South American countries. Visit their website to learn more.

Mr. Montoro Jens reports the major decision makers voiced their professional opinion on the current state of many financial issues they are facing in their respective fields. According to the Felipe, the finance minister of Argentina and chairman of the Bank’s Board of Governors Luis Caputo spoke about the need for more investments from the private sector to begin initiating more infrastructure related projects.

DyogoOliveria, according to Felipe’s reports the fourth industrial revolution is underway and the country must be prepared to face that challenge. Mr. Oliveria feels if there is more investment funding more of the public-private partnership projects will begin execution. Many of the projects need to support the revolution are related to water and sanitation and transportation-related projects.

Brazil is home of the world’s seventh largest economy and a health Brazilian economy means a health South American economy. The Secretary of State for Economy and Business Support, Mr. Garrido ensures Brazil will be prioritized for investments. Felipe reported Brazil has already received $12.9 billion in investment loans from the IDB, which is an increase of 20%. This investment along with prior investments will continue to fuel the increase in PPPs the country has witnessed over the last ten years. These investments, according to Felipe are making a positive change in the economic situation and the IDB meeting concluded they will continue to invest to ensure continued improvements. Connect:


Jason Hope supports anti-aging research group

Jason Hope is a leading entrepreneur and philanthropist from Arizona. He is one of the people who support technological innovations passionately. When he spots a technology trend that he hopes to see doing well in the future, he goes deeper and even uses his own funds to support the idea. His love for technology is great, and his commentaries about it are valuable to people who would like to learn more about what is coming up in the industry. For more information read about Jason Hope on Medium.

Jason Hope has an eBook on Amazon that he published in order to teach the people about the Internet of Things, a technology that is said to the greatest ever. As a tech lover, he has already identified this as one of the technologies that will bring great changes in the work. Almost every industry will be affected by IoT. Hope has been commentating about it for a long, and this book he published is aimed at making the people understand what exactly the Internet of Things is.

Jason Hope has in recent time been following up on other technologies. In the field of biotechnology, he has identified rejuvenation technology as a trend that will lead to major innovations. Rejuvenation medicine is aimed at making human beings to live long healthy lives.

In this field, he is supporting a group of researchers who are searching for a cure for old age diseases. The researchers aim at coming up with an anti-aging drug that will do away with the aging problem in human beings. This research has been going on for the past one decade, and with every passing year, researchers are coming closer to coming up with a drug.

Jason Hope has passionately supported the SENS Research Foundation to see that they attain their goals. He has given them $500,000 which has gone to the building of laboratories and research for the drug. The research program has been branded Age-Breaker. A drug that manages to slow or stop aging in human beings is what they are looking for.

Jason Hope holds a Masters in Business Administration from W.P Carey School of Business at Arizona State University. Website:



Southridge Capital a Trusted Partner in Financial Solutions

Founded in 1996, Southridge Capital is a private equity firm dealing with securities brokerage and investment banking services. The firm is based in Connecticut. The finance analysts at Southridge Capital have talked about Bitcoin’s path towards becoming mainstream currency. In recent past, the cryptocurrencies have not only gained popularity but also in value. The analysts further confirms that, there have been notable swing in the financial industry in regards to cryptocurrency approach. Today many financial institutions are paying a closer attention to cryptocurrencies.

The financial analysts at Southridge Capital further explains that the increment in place where the Bitcoin was being spent played a major role in regards to increasing its popularity. Huge financial institutions such as Citi Bank, BNP Paribas, and Barclays Bank have shown their interest to work with Bitcoin. The interest of these institutions also shows their immense confidence in the blockchain technology. The financial analysts at Southridge Capital are of the opinion that this asset and the underlying technology will eventually alter some aspects of financial services. They also believe the past setbacks of the cryptocurrencies will not affect it current and future performances. However, it is unclear whether the cryptocurrency will replace the government-controlled currencies at some point.

Southridge Capitals have grown rapidly in the last 22 years by going global through its expansive and wide reach. The firm has reached almost $1.8 billion dollars in terms of investments from the growing companies. The Think outside the box philosophy have made more than 250 companies put their trust in Southridge Capitals. You can check their website


In the interview, Southridge Capital’s founding principal and Chief Executive Officer Stephen M. Hicks terms news feeds such as OTC markets, online Wall Street Journal, and Quotestream as crucial sources of information. He further explains about his ideal day where he begins his day by preparing a to-do list of the day for his staff and himself. He programs his day in such a way he gets time to look for new opportunities, as well as, keeping the existing investments on check.


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Jacob Gottlieb to make a comeback in healthcare investment

Jacob Gottlieb is an investment titan in the healthcare sector. He was the founder of Visium Asset management that closed doors in 2016. At the time of halting its operations, it was worth over $8 billion. Gottlieb had started the fund with $300 million which he quickly grew despite the challenges posed by the global financial crisis.

Jacob Gottlieb, however, did not abandon Visium immediately. He was left clearing the funds that the fund owed to investors. As he cleared the funds, he created another fund known as Altium, Capital. The decision to start Altium, another hedge fund like Visium came as a way of building his business life again after the debacle with Visium.

With the experience that Jacob Gottlieb has healthcare investments, it is not going to be a huge task creating an equally successful company like Visium. Already Altium has secured some deals with players in the healthcare sector.

Gottlieb has secured an investment with Oramed Pharmaceuticals Inc. he has secured 6.61 percent stake in the company. Oramed is the creator of a technology that is going to transform the way medical treatments are administered. Oramed has released an oral insulin capsule which will replace the inject insulin. This is going to be the first of such treatment.

The treatment method from Oramed is going to bring reprieve to diabetic patients and others undergoing protein-based medical therapies.

Jacob Gottlieb is also expected to team up with Stuart Weisbrod, the co-founder of Merlin BioMed Corp. Gottlieb was working for Merlin between 1999 and 2007. Weisbrod hired him due to his expertise in healthcare sector investments. Gottlieb was trained in both medicine and economics and therefore was the right professional to hire for a healthcare sector hedge fund.

Jacob Gottlieb helped Merlin return 100 percent capital during the biotechnology revolution of 1999. He also helped the company to attract more clients which included pension funds and high net worth individuals. Until 2007, Merlin recorded impressive results, but it still closed doors. Gottlieb and Weisbrod went separate ways, each establishing own fund.

Now, rumors of Jacob Gottlieb and Stuart Weisbrod coming together is going to shake up the healthcare industry.