Who wants to go toe to toe with Desiree Perez?

When Desiree Perez steps in the room she means business. She is told to be a very tough and fierce negotiator. She has been in the music business for years and she has worked very close Jay Z for nearly 20 years. She has negotiated many deals for artist like Rihanna, T.I., Kanye West and Beyonce, just to name a few. She also was able to bring the streaming era into a new swing of things, when she was able to bring Tidal into the battleground with the other great streaming sites like Spotify, I-Tunes and Apple music.  For more to read about Dez, click on this.

It must be a great feeling to be able to write something like that on your resume and tell people “this is what I’ve done. I think she is a boss in her own right and deserves to be treated like one. She has a strong will to succeed and she will not hold back. She seems like a fighter and a person who want give up until her people that she fights for gets exactly what they want and need. She has created different services within Tidal that should and will seek the attention of anyone that maybe in the music business. Check Dez timeline updates and more on her linkedin.com page.

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Not only is she a part of Tidal, but she is also a part of Roc Nation which is also another venture that Jay Z has his name all over. It seems like Jay Z has found his wolf of the wolf pack and her name is Desiree Perez. It sounds like when she steps in the room everyone that is in the room knows that it is time for business. I think this just defines the persona that there are strong business minded women in the world and Desiree Perez proves to be one of those ladies.  More about Dez on facebook.com

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Elasticity of Servers, by NuoDB

Back in 2008, a company named NimbusDB started in Cambridge, Massachusetts and then later in 2011 changed their name to NuoDB. The company specializes in database technology specializing in Operational Database Management Systems. What the company is famous for is the “Elastically Scalable Database” technology which they developed and patented in 2012. The company was founded by Barry Morris and Jim Starkey. Jim Starkey is listed in the patent as the inventor of this game-changing technology. In this day and age of cloud computing, this technology of NuoDB has already become very important.
What is the Big Deal of Elastic Scalability
Elastic Scalability is what the name refers to. You only use what you need and can scale up or down according to demand, in this case, database server space for applications. If you are running an application and it slows down because of high volume, the only solution is to scale according to demand. Unless of course you have a crystal ball and plan way ahead of time. There are several advantages to this technology such as using it in a cloud-based environment, on-premise or in a hybrid environment. Ultimately it is about flexibility like never before seen for database systems.

Jim Tananbaum and his Success in Healthcare Investment

Jim Tananbaum and his Success in Healthcare Investment

In an interview with Ideasmench, Jim Tananbaum discussed his life journey and how to become successful as a health care investor. Jim Tananbaum is the CEO and also the founder of Foresite Capital. Jim told Ideasmench that he got the idea to start Foresite Capital more than 25 years ago while he was a strategist and a health entrepreneur. Jim Tananbaum has seen many possibilities in investing in the healthcare. People are also in need of affordable and high-quality health care. It is for this reason that as a health entrepreneur, Jim Tananbaum decided to start Foresite Capital.

According to Jim Tananbaum, his success in the healthcare industry can be attributed to understanding the healthcare operation model and also develop a solution that is long-term, and that is guaranteed to result in improved service provision. He told Ideasmench that he spends his typical day with his team members and they talk about strategies to use so as to overcome the problems faced as they look for a lasting solution for the healthcare investment. From time to time, Jim also takes the time to go to dinner with colleagues in the healthcare industry to network and also to create a working portfolio that is robust.

A committed family man, Jim Tananbaum takes the time to spend with his family despite his tight work schedule. Foresite Capital is a private equity firm that deals with healthcare. The company provides funding so as to ensure there is the professional handling of healthcare service delivery. Foresite Capital also identifies healthcare leaders who are developing and assists them with networking, finances, and information to help them prosper in the health systems investment. With more than 20 years’ worth of experience, Jim is specialized in the establishment and also the development of healthcare. Jim has contributed to the creation of pharmaceutical companies that develop drugs to mitigate diabetes effects. You can visit Medium to know more.

Jim Tananbaum has championed for the introduction of Intarcia, an implant that helps individuals who have diabetes. Intarcia is set to be launched in 2017 in the US and will help approximately 350 million people across the world that has diabetes. Visit his about.me page.

Andrew Rolfe and the Ubuntu Education Fund

The Ubuntu Education Fund was established by CEO Jacob Lief. The goal of the charity was to raise money in order to bring education to poor children who live in the Eastern Cape province of South Africa, in the Port Elizabeth townships. Education, Lief believes, is the first step to changing your life. So, obviously eh believed that his foundation was doing something important and so he was rightly upset when he realized that they weren’t working as efficiently as possible. This gave way to the new Ubuntu Model that everybody is now talking about.

The Ubuntu Model was pioneered by Jacob Lief and approved by Andrew Rolfe and the rest of the board. The Ubuntu Model focuses on changing the way that charities raise money for their causes. Most charities end up raising money from any benefactor that they can find, unfortunately this means that their funds end up being highly regulated. Highly regulated funding ends up dragging down charities who need to see their funds reach very important destinations. Lief had to propose something that would fundamentally change the game while bringing Andrew Rolfe and the rest of the team on board.

Many folks do not realize it but benefactors are in complete control of how their donated money gets spent. This means that money awarded to a non profit can be tied up in regulations and earmarked for specific purposes. This is something that Andrew Rolfe and Jacob Lief wanted desperately to fix. Fortunately for Andrew Rolfe, a big benefactor of Ubuntu Fund himself, Lief had a quality idea.

Focusing more on the quality of investor was the deciding factor for Jacob Lief. Lief says, “We now go for high net-worth individuals or family foundations who understand that highly restricted funding isn’t worth our time.” Finding funding from sources that aren’t highly regulated is a big deal for non profits like the Ubuntu Fund. The Ubuntu Fund’s focus on quality benefactors has enabled the company to completely streamline their approach. With how effective this approach has been we definitely anticipate it being adopted by other non profits in the coming years.

Jay Z Planning To Sign a Lucrative Deal with Universal Music Group

Jay Z’s $150 million deal with Live Nation will be ending soon. However, Jay is not letting all go as he is in the midst of leading music industry big players into joining Roc Nation. Famously known as the “360 deal,” will be up in 2018, and this could lead either of them to sell their shares in Roc Nation to the other or buy the company altogether.   Check this on pagesix.com.

Although Live Nation wants to continue dealing with Jay-Z, they are not interested in Roc Nation’s recorded music. Roc Nation signed music bigwigs such as Rihanna, Meek Mill, Fat Joe, Shakira, and Jay. Although Live Nation partnered in the artists’ rights and recorded music, extending the 360 deal is off the table.

A Deal with Universal Music Group

It is rumored that Universal Music Group (UMG) could buy a stake in Roc Nation. This is after Desiree Perez, Roc Nation’s executive met with Universal Media Group CEO, Sir Lucian Grainge. If a deal is signed between these two music bigwigs, Jay-Z will have more resources to nurture new artists and develop Tidal, which is facing stiff competition from Apple Music and Spotify Music services. An insider within UMG confirmed that the two firms have a distribution deal, which is just a little of Roc Nation’s artists business. However, UMG is planning to make a massive investment in Roc Nation and own a bigger stake of the artists.   For updates on Dez recent timeline activities, hit crunchbase.com.

About Desiree Perez

Desiree Perez is the executive of Roc Nation. Check onmogul.com for Desiree new Profile page.   In her position at Roc Nation, she is responsible for management, publishing and label management. Perez has over 20 years of experience in the music industry. She is famously known for her unmatched negotiation skills. Insiders within her circle attribute the lucrative Rihanna Samsung deal and Beyonce’s Formation stadium tour to her excellent negation skills. Desiree has also been the force behind Tidal’s successful story. More interesting article here

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Beneful’s Healthy Dog Food

Made be Nestle Purina, Beneful is a brand of dog food products that has had major success. The company has generated billions of dollars in revenue and was recently ranked in the top five of most popular dog food brands. The company has been around for more than ten years.

Introduced in 2001, the Beneful brand has focused on nutrition. The term beneful itself means “full of goodness.” In 2005 the company introduced The Beneful Healthy Harvest product line, which is the first premium dog food to feature soy instead of meat. The product line has been very successful. By 2006 the company was generating more $300 million in revenues. They’ve also put tons of money into marketing their product, spending more than 30 million dollars for a television advertising campaign during its initial launch.

Beneful only produces food for dogs including dry food and wet foods. They produce a variety of products in a variety of flavors that appeal to people all over the world. They continue to be a leader in the production of dog food.


The Unique And Inspiring Designs Of Richard Mishaan

One of the leading interior and architectural designers in New York is Richard Mishaan. His reputation includes sumptuous interiors that are a combination of decorative objects, vintage pieces and curated antiques. He uses bold colors and patterns in a personal style that is unique and gorgeous.


Richard Mishaan has been included on the Elle Décor A list and wrote Modern Luxury and Artfully Modern. The Monacelli Press released his publication and it reflects his style beautifully. He is inspired by the look of a room with pieces collected over time and uses artisans whose workmanship was coveted in Florence or Venice.


Richard Mishaan Design is about luxurious velvets and silks used in layers and spotlighting the treasured items of a lifetime. He assembles rooms as though they were a room in a museum. Richard Mishaan decorates with discipline and eclecticism. In all of the homes he has decorated he takes one room and calls it a library. In actuality it is a lot more than that, it is a focal point and a room used to entertain.


Richard Mishaan Design often uses silk velvet animal prints and Fortuny fabrics to achieve the ultimate in design. To achieve a layered look in a room yards upon yards of woven tape, cords and gimps are used.


One of Richard Mishaan’s layered designs includes a depiction of a room that comes from the Topkapi palace. The layers contain the Walton Ford Audubon painting and orientalist art. The room reflects the passing of time and every item is the sum of the most memorable moments.


Richard Mishaan believes travel and culture are the components required to inform the mind and soul. He feels that when design has a base in heritage the legacy will transcend styles and time. The result will be pure and timeless. He also has a preference for the type of craftsmanship found in decorative arts, porcelain and artisanal textiles believing they provide the necessary elements needed for a room to truly stand out.


Avaaz Responds to Attacks on Gay Men in Chechnya

For months there have been reports coming from Chechnya that detail systematic abuse of the country’s gay men. Novaya Gazeta, an independent paper in Moscow, reports than some 100 gay men, those known to be, and suspected of being, have been abducted, detained, and subjected to torture at the hands of unidentified assailants. Three of these men have since died.

These claims were soon corroborated by the Associated Press by contacting two Chechens that survived their abductions. The men that were interviewed not only detailed personal accounts as those reported by Novaya Gazeta but claimed it was more widespread and systematic than reports have claimed.

According to LGBTQ activist Igor Yasin, anyone attempting to shed light on this issue is placing themselves at risk. Yasin claims that those attempting to hold the Chechen government for ignoring or taking part in these abductions have been subjected to harassment from police and officials. Yasin claims that five activists went to the Prosecutor General’s office in an attempt to deliver 2 million signatures on a petition asking the government to take these abductions more seriously and take measures to protect vulnerable LGBTQ Chechens. The activists were detained almost immediately.

Russian President Valdimir Putin has taken great measured to avoid answering questions on these abduction, but when finally cornered he claimed that human rights ombudswoman Tatyana Moskalkova would be contacting Chechen authorities to get a report on the abductions and torture of gay men.

Civil rights leaders like Bert Wander of Avaaz aren’t pleased with this tepid response to serious human rights violations. Wander spared no criticism for Putin and the Chechen government when he confirmed the detention of activists, including an associate of Avaaz. He accused the Russian government in being more interested in silencing criticism and denying basic civil rights to members of the LGBTQ community despite the very real terror they face everyday in Chechnya.

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JMH Development is Changing the Face of Miami Beach

Jason Halpern Real Estate Partner of Aloft Property

Under the leadership of its principal, Mr. Jason Halpern, JMH Development shook the entire Miami Beach real estate industry with the opening of a state-of-the-art hotel nearly two years ago. The hotel, Aloft South Beach, was constructed by the Plaza Construction Company while the architects were from ADD, Inc. The hotel has eight floors and 230 rooms, which means that it can host over 230 guests at a go. Each room has an average floor space of 40 meters squared. The hotel also has designated an area of more than 2000 sq. ft. for corporate meetings, family events, and other social gatherings. This area will also be used to host live performances from Miami’s emerging artists as well as some of the established bands in the region.

Guest’s Luxury is guaranteed

Jason Halpern: Property Developer

On top of being among the biggest hotels in and around Miami Beach, the hotel also makes headlines for its strategic location. Aloft South Beach is located at a stone-throw distance from Lake Pancoast and Collins Canal and, therefore, guests checking into the hotel will have the whole beach for themselves. The Bass Museum of Art, the Miami Beach Convention Center, Art Galleries, and prominent night clubs are all within the neighborhood of Aloft South Beach. Within the hotel premises, there is a roof deck lounge, an outdoor pool, and a fitness center all aimed at ensuring that the guests are getting maximum luxury when in the hotel.

Jason Continues to Re-use Historical Sites

Jason Halpern: with Production

Jason Halpern is known for his efforts in restoring glory in historical sights. Aloft Beach Hotel was developed on the site where the historical Motel Ankara used to occupy, which also reduced urban sprawl in Miami. Re-using a historical site is not easy and, therefore, by developing Aloft South Beach, Jason earned more respect within the real estate industry for yet again achieving what most companies are struggling to achieve.

Jason’s Involvement in Philanthropy

Jason’s Own Time

Jason has been buying medical equipment for Joel A. Halpern Trauma Center. The facility offers health care services to residents of Westchester, especially pregnant women and children. Neurosurgeons and other medical specialists are also available at the facility.

About JMH Development

JMH Development is a seasoned real estate company, mostly operating in Miami Beach, Manhattan, and Brooklyn. The firm has been developing residential and commercial properties for many years.

How ClassDojo is of Benefit to the Education Sector

ClassDojo recently announced that is has managed to raise 21 million dollars in its second series of investment funding. This was specifically done to help in the development of a platform that links parents and teachers. This app will eliminate any communication lapses and help parents to closely monitor the academic and social development of their children in school.


Such an easy flow of communiqué during school days is helpful in keeping parents updated about the experiences of their children. Previously, this had to be done through parent-teacher meetings, which are not only hectic to organize but also time consuming. The brains behind the project, Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don point out that the funds will be used in the improvement of features contained in this groundbreaking app. They also stress the fact that the app will not just be useful during schooldays but also at home when they are not available.


Teachers will be guided by ClassDojo to come up with a daily schedule, which will also be made known to parents. While using it, they will have the ability to take and send videos of the students. These videos are meant for showing the parents how the kids are participating in academic and co-curricular activities. This will ultimately create a close-knit community encompassing educators, learners and parents. The fact that it will be free to use makes it even more enticing. As per now, the founders are focusing on availing its app to tutors and parents. In future, there is a possibility that it will be expanded to include services such as paying for school trips via mobile money services.


A Synopsis of ClassDojo


This is a technology upstart whose purpose is creating a convenient platform through which educators can communicate with parents. Since its formation in 2011, it has been on an upward trajectory and now boosts more than 15 million students in the US. Two thirds of schools in the country also use its services besides having 8,000 hits every minute. This impressive growth has been largely attributed to highly talented and motivated members of staff.


ClassDojo is based in San Francisco and has managed to raise 31 million dollars in venture funding, which will go towards the development of its interactive communication platform. So far, it has attracted funding from large investment firms such as Felicis Ventures, General Catalyst Partners and GSV Capital. Such backing shows the faith that ClassDojo has cultivated amongst its investors.