Why Eli Gershkovitch Is One Of The Most Successful Canadian Brewer.

Craft beer is Canada’s most popular alcoholic drink. The sales for craft beer have been rising compared to overall beer sales. Breweries in the country produce thousands of excellent beer to meet the rising demand. Initially, craft breweries used to be known as micro-breweries, but currently, this has changed. For instance, Quebec’s McAuslan Brewery can sell more than $20million worth of beer every year.

Some Canadian Craft beer.

1.Black Cat is a lager produced by Paddock Wood Brewing Co.Being a lager means that it has been aged making it have a smooth finish. Lagers are the most popular beers in the world. Read more at Release Fact about Eli.

2.King Brewery brews pilsner. They have a dry, bitter flavor with some more distinctive taste than other lagers.

3.Amsterdam brewery produces wee Heavy Scotch Ale in Toronto city. It is a ruby –red beer available every winter to keep your stomach warm.

4.Church-Key Brewing Company brews holy Smoke Scotch Ale in Cambellford, Ontario. These beers have a smoky flavor due to the use of malted barley that dries over an open flame.

5.Applewood brewery brews mead beer in Stouffville, Ontario. It is a fermented honey and wine beverage that may contain hops that give it a beer-like flavor.

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Steamworks Brewing Company CEO.

Eli Gershkovitch is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Steamworks Brewing Company. In the recent Open Beer Championship, he was recognized as a top contestant putting Canadian craft beer on the map. Since 1995, Eli Gershkovitch has been preparing original beer in Gastown. At this time, many people did not know about craft beer.

Eli Gershkovitch opened his first brewpub in Gastown in 1995.It became Canada’s first and only company that incorporated steam powered brewing. Canada may have lacked steam brewing for many years either because steam brewing had not taken off well in the area or because of the legal complexities involved in establishing a brewing company.Being a lawyer, Eli Gershkovitch managed to overcome all the complexities.

Eli Gershkovitch deserves all attention and success as he spends many years perfecting every brew before presenting it to the public. Eli Gershkovitch is the most innovative and successful Canadian brewer. Learn more about his craft beers at thebrotalk.com.

Fabletics and Its Rise To Empowerment

We live in a digital age – just face it. With that comes the reality that more and more, a business’s online presence can be a major factor in its growth. Todays’ consumer makes smarter purchases, usually utilizing online reviews to determine purchasing decisions. This behavior is known as crowdsourcing. Consumers in the digital age place a lot of weight on customer reviews, making them a direct driver in customer acquisition and retention for most brands.


Fabletics, by Kate Hudson, is one of the brands taking advantage of this new consumer behavior. Launched in 2013, Fabletics currently ranks as one of the 15 fastest growing internet stocks, with over $235 million in revenue. The company has managed to grow by more than 200%, thanks to its savvy, consumer review centered marketing strategy. Fabletics is one of few brands that embraces consumers reviews – allowing them to leverage the “power of the crowd.”


The Power Of The Crowd

A recent study from BrightLocal found that 84% of consumers trust online reviews as much as recommendations from personal friends or family. The same study revealed that over half of consumers research a business at least once a month, with 50% also stating they read reviews on a regular basis.

What Fabletics has done by incorporating consumer reviews into the product purchasing process has allowed them to gain more customer loyalty, increase customer retention and acquisition in just 4 years.

The bottom line here is that authentic, positive reviews equate to better business. Better business equates to growth and increased revenue – which is staying power.



Women Sweat Too

“The company is all about inspiring women and empowering them to be the best version of themselves, to be strong, and it doesn’t matter what shape, or size, or age. It’s just about empowering women and I love that.” – Pop star, Demi Lavato


Since she began her collaboration with TechStyle Fashion Group, Kate Hudson has worked to develop Fabletics as an all-inclusive, fashion-forward athleisure brand. Kate, along with Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg, the founders of TechStyle Fashion Group worked to develop a brand that was authentic and something consumers could envision Hudson herself wearing daily.


Kate Hudson is not just the face of Fabletics. She has been involved with the process daily, reviewing budgets, social media strategies and even paying close attention to the design process to ensure the styles stay fresh. It was this commitment to quality and customer satisfaction that aided in the rapid growth of the brand. The company currently has over 1 million members, 22 retail stores, with a dozen still slated to open before the end of 2017. In only 4 years, the brand has managed to empower women all over the world to get active and look fabulous while doing it. For Hudson and Fabletics, the athleisure trend is not slowing down anytime soon.


Curious as to just how fab Fablectics would look on you?

Take this quiz to find out!


Meet Jason Hope, the man with an innate passion and rich understanding of the trends in technology. He can tell where the technology sector is heading in few years to come. He can predict that in years to happen the use of the internet will be very important because a lot of the upcoming devices are internet connected. He states that technology is beneficial in the current business world in making connections and carrying out any other individual commercial activities. Jason foretold some of the things that will happen in the world of technology in 2015, and amazingly changes came to be.

He predicted that by 2016 IOT (internet of things) would be a household term. People will commonly use, and almost every device will be an internet connection. We’ve seen this come to pass; the world has turned to be connected. Another prediction was that the business sector would highly accept the use of the internet. It is fascinating how businesses are engaging in online trading. There are many more predictions he has made in the technology sector, and they have come to be.

Jason is not only a seer in technology he is also an entrepreneur and a well-known humanitarian. He is still a great mentor mostly to the teenagers in high school. More often you will find him up and about Scottsdale mentoring students in different high schools and helping business people to grow grant programs. He schooled at Arizona State University where he acquired his first degree in finance. He founded a mobile communications business at the beginning of his career. Above all Jason, Hope is in the forefront in the development of Arizona’s technology productiveness. He observes the effects that technological developments have to investors and the customers. He does this so that he can be able to make clear and achievable forecasts about business and politics in America.

Out of his philanthropic nature, Jason funds humanitarian research hard work. He lately gave five hundred thousand dollars to an organization that makes regenerative medication that to protect against age-associated ailments. Hope looks forward and works towards developing devices that encourage connectivity and advance human living condition by bringing a bit relaxing and fun to our day-to-day lives. He firmly stands with the internet of things to help improve the quality of life by coming up with some devices such as kitchen items and other electronics. Hope explicitly declares that the forthcoming of our humanity depends on technology.

Learn More: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SENS_Research_Foundation

Eric Lefkofsky Loves Charity and Hard Work

Hereditary and environment components alike have the ability to make individuals susceptible to lung cancer. Tobacco smoking is an example of an environmental component that’s known to make people markedly more vulnerable to the emergence of lung cancer. Dartmouth College located in Hanover, New Hampshire has recently been at the helm of research that involves lung cancer, smoking and genetics and how they all work together. Yafang Li, PhD was in charge of the educational institution’s research group. Li wishes to acquire additional genotype information that can help people learn more and more about the relationship between smoking and genetics as they pertain to lung cancer emergence. This research group has pinpointed three hereditary biomarkers that offer in-depth insight into lung cancer cases of all kinds.

Eric Lefkofsky is a noted entrepreneur who works as Tempus’ CEO (Chief Executive Officer) and co-founder. Tempus is the name of a reputable technology firm. This company has constructed a sophisticated operating system that focuses on cancer. Lefkofsky is Lightbank’s founding partner. This is a venture fund that makes investments in all types of upcoming disruptive technologies. This isn’t where Lefkofsky’s work efforts end, either. He’s Groupon’s dedicated Chairman and co-founder. Groupon is a wildly popular ecommerce site that caters to a sizable international audience. People everywhere rely on Groupon in order to get access to substantial deals and discounts. People can depend on Groupon when they want to save money on dining out, haircuts, spa days and more.

Lefkofsky created the Lefkofsky Family Foundation back in 2006. This is a private charity organization. He launched this group with the assistance of Liz, his lovely wife. His goal in launching this organization was to encourage efforts to make lifestyles better for numerous neighborhoods. Lefkofsky is a businessman who has a strong dedication to volunteer work. Charitable missions take up a big part of his daily life. Lefkofsky donates his time as a Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago trustee. He does the same for World Business Chicago, the Museum of Science and Industry and, last but certainly not least, the Art Institute of Chicago.

Lefkofsky is an alumnus of the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, Michigan. He went to the University of Michigan Law School and has a J.D. (Juris Doctor) degree from the acclaimed institution. People can learn a lot more about Lefkofsky by checking out his social media presence on the Internet.


Clay Siegall Career Success and Roles as CEO at Seattle Genetic

Seattle Genetics is a profounder oncology biotechnology company that serves the global market from the Pacific Northwest. The company is highly focused on commercializing and developing empowered antibodies particularly for cancer treatments. The company’s antibody-drug conjugate technology incorporates innovative linkers systems, potent cell killer agents, and monoclonal antibodies to manage cancer.

Human antibodies are part of Seattle Genetics operations, study, packaging, and manipulations. The company has excelled in antibody-therapy practices since it was first established in 1998. Antibodies developed at Seattle Genetics destroy cancerous cells from within by delivering toxin payloads. This treatment procedure has enabled Seattle to soar with competence in its niche of operation.

Seattle Genetics has managed to register a market value worth $10 billion. The company also works with over 900 employees. The recent performance enabled Seattle to rank high in Washington biotech sector. The company invests most of its resources in research, marketing, and talented human resources. One of Seattle’s flagship drug is Adcetris. This drug was specifically prepared to treat Hodgkin Lymphoma which attacks the lymph system.

Under the leadership of Clay Siegall, Seattle Genetic has become a global multi-product oncology company. He affirmed his plans of building an even greater company, with an array of drugs now under testing and research. Siegall is a visionary business person with a critical focus on drug development to meet diverse international market needs.

Siegall recently opened the company’s offices in Switzerland. This move was desirable and timely even as Seattle Genetics explores the international market. The company also entered into a partnership with Takeda. Similarly, Seattle Genetics is rapidly expanding its scale and scope of operations. The company made sales worth $418 million in 2016 registering a 46% increment within two years. Apart from Adcetris, Seattle Genetics released 33A which target acute myeloid leukemia, with rare drugs. 22ME is another drug released by Seattle Genetics to cure bladder and urothelial cancers while LIV1 is mainly for breast cancer management. Seattle Genetics has attained exemplary levels in both biomedicine and biotechnology industries.

Seattle Genetics was co-founded by Dr. Siegall in 1998. Dr. Siegall now serves as the CEO and chairperson of the company’s board of directors. Apart from his managerial role, Dr. Siegall has facilitated several fundraising activities at Seattle Genetics which have earned the company over $675 million. Between 1991 and 1997, Dr. Siegall worked with Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical Research Institute. Finally, Dr. Siegall has registered over 15 patent and authored more than 70 publications.

Todd Lubar- Real estate investment opportunities in Baltimore

Baltimore has seen massive real estate developments in the recent years. According to real estate investor, Todd Lubar, Baltimore is one of the best places for real estate investors. The investment opportunities in the city are endless. Baltimore has seen an influx in the young generation, especially the young professionals who are settling in the city after their studies. These are people who might not have the wealth to invest heavily in the industry, but who have created a huge demand for housing units. Although most of them are not looking for permanent housing facilities, they have made demands for condominiums and apartments a huge demand in the city.

What the real estate investors have been doing is; building new housing units as well as rehabilitating the old building in the city. The result is that the number of apartments in the city have been going up. Apartments and condominiums are ideal for the young professionals who are looking to start their careers before they can finally manage to buy their own houses. For more details visit Ideamensch for more.

The focus in Baltimore has not only been in the housing sector. Other supportive sectors such as the transportation sector have been receiving huge boosts in terms of development. The transportation systems have been improved to ease the movement of people in and out of the city. The number of people who are now working in the city has improved since a lot more now can be able to access the city via public transport means. This development is expected to change the whole metropolitan area as it will be attractive to the population that will be working in the city. Also, the people working in the city are now able to access the city without their private cars. This means that they do not have to pay for parking charges. The city is becoming more attractive to people living and working there. You can visit his website toddlubar.com to see more.

About Todd Lubar

Todd Lubar is the founder and president of TDL Ventures. This is a firm that provides credit and financing services to people who would like to invest in the real estate sector. Todd Lubar has an experience of many years working in the industry.

Todd Lubar is one of the people who believe that the reals estate industry in Baltimore will grow bigger in the coming years.

See more: http://www.toddlubar.com/

Time to meet Felipe Montoro Jens

The Infrastructure Project expert, Felipe Montoro Jens, reports that, on occasion, issues such as public lighting, Guaíba Aquatic Park, Public Market, tender for the award of public clocks, sanitation projects and the building of the current headquarters for the Maternal and Child Hospital Presidente Vargas. Felipe Montoro Jens informs that the Board, a superior regulatory and deliberative body, will be responsible for the planning and execution, within its powers, of the Concessions and Public-Private Partnerships.

According to Montoro, it is the responsibility of the Board of Directors of the Partnership Program. To define the conditions for the inclusion of projects in the PROPER / POA, as well as to approve the calls for public announcements, Concession projects, and PPPs; evaluate reports on the implementation of the Public-Private Partnership and Concession agreements to adopt the bidding processes, and decide on appeals.

Montoro also advised that, the office of president of the CGP is for the mayor. The other permanent members are the Vice-Mayor, the Secretaries of Strategic Alliances, Institutional Relations, Finance, Planning and Management, Economic Development, Transparency and Comptroller General, and the Attorney General of the Municipality

Due to the moment of financial crisis that crosses the country, the participation in the CGP is not a remunerated activity; it is considered a relevant public service. Also, Felipe Montoro Jens also explains that the members of the Board of Directors of the Association Program are not allowed to participate in the debate, as well as the right to vote, in matters in which there is a conflict of personal interests.

This takes us back to the background of Felipe Montoro Jens. During his tenure, he has worked as the chairman of Arboreal and Real Estate Developments. He has worked as a director in more than three companies. Some of the companies include, Foz do Brasil SA, San Antonio Energia SA, Administrative Center Concessionaire and Fonte Nova Negocios and Participaçoes SA. He has also worked in many prominent positions that have given him fame.

George Soros Is Establishing A New Crop Of Leaders Who Are Benevolent And Socially Concerned

In the world of business and entrepreneurship, George Soros is known as an ardent entrepreneur, investment guru, and a prominent philanthropist. His ranking as one of the major donors to the Democratic Party goes to show his active involvement in matters society and politics. He is largely concerned with politics in the United States. Recently he made a big decision of transferring over $18 billion’ worth of his fortune to fund his organization. His organization is known as the Open Society Foundations. The donation it received has been ranked as the most prominent single act of benevolence in the world of Philanthropy. The Wall Street Journal avers that George Soros’ transfer of $18 billion to OSF is one of the most landmark contributions to social courses around the world.

This donation places Open Society Foundations second on the list of biggest charities in the United States as documented by Forbes. The Open Society Foundations plays second to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Like the later OSF is expected to positively impact on the social and political realm of the US and also the world at large. George’s contribution to the global community places him ahead of other leaders championing social politics. Many financial analysts  business leaders across the globe have been touched by George Soros’ generosity including billionaire Richard Branson who showered acclaims to George Soros Over his recent donation.

The Open Society Foundations was birthed by George Soros over thirty years ago. The organization has discharged its mandate extensively in over 120 nations around the world on matters involving democracy human rights. In the US the charity has been on the forefront spearheading the push for equal rights to minority groups. These include the LGBT community, victims of drug and alcohol abuse and immigrants.

During the 2014 Ebola epidemic, The Open Society Foundations funded medical and state agencies in a bid to stop the disaster. In 2016, George Soros was vocal on the need to prevent the spread of hate which was championed by Donald Trump’s divisive campaigns. He contributed an amount of $10 million in a bid to fight against politically instigated violence. According to Soros, the election had awakened disunity that was threatening to destabilize the togetherness of Americans.

As an activist pushing for reforms in the American politics and one who is extensively involved with the democratic politicians, George has earned a lot of criticism from the Republican side. He is targeted with baseless criticism and conspiracy theories. However, this kind of criticism has in no way deterred the entrepreneur from his quest for leadership in the United States and Follow him Twitter.com.

His childhood played a crucial role in shaping George. His hometown Hungary was invaded by the Nazis who oppressed them. When he managed to flee Hungary, George ended up in London where he joined The London School of Economics. He later migrated to the US, and it was there that he made much of his fortune while he managed hedge funds on Wall Street. They road wasn’t smooth for the philanthropist cum political activist, but he didn’t give up  and more information click here.

Talkspace: The Next Generation Of Therapy

As technology slowly but surely advances every industry is jumping on technology to gain a competitive advantage. With the wave of digitalization, every sector has jumped on the wave – not excluding the psychology and therapy industry. Talkspace brings therapy to anyone that has a cell phone. Fill out a profile, complete some questions such as if you have ever been to a therapist before and what you expect from using Talkspace, and a certified therapist will be assigned to you. COmpared to traditional in-person therapy sessions you can be anywhere in the world to receive a therapy session from a certified therapist. The price is not bad too, only $25 a week for a membership to Talkspace.

The way you communicate with your certified therapist is via text message or the online website. The therapists usually reply within one day or less depending on availability – sometimes even immediately. People have been pleased with Talkspace with various positive testimonials pointing to how easy it is to get started and how easy it is to communicate. An easy to use the app is available to quickly chat manage your membership status and even talk with your therapist via chat.

With the new wave of technology and digitalization, daily service from getting your car fixed to sell items laying around your house that you do not need anymore are becoming easy to complete, often with the click of a button. New technology also applies to therapy too. With the pure $25 every week membership subscription anyone can have a certified therapist at the tip of their fingers. Therapists are there for you to understand your emotions and to give you advice or even just directly talk to you when you are not feeling well emotionally. With Talkspace, no one is without a great therapist chosen only for them.

Drew Madden- Advocate of Health Information Technology

Drew Madden is a managing partner at Evergreen Healthcare Partners in Madison, Wisconsin. He started working in that company in July 2017. Madden has a passion for developing strong cultures within teams at companies and building trustful relationships with customers. His interest in electronic medical records has led him to collaborating with the top healthcare information technology professionals for more than ten years. Thanks to this collaboration, Madden and these professionals have met challenges that are associated with EMR projects.

Drew held two roles at Nordic Consulting Partners, Inc. He was the executive vice president from December 2010 to June 2011. Then, he got promoted to President. During his term as president of Nordic, the number of employees increased from 10 to 750. There were three client partners prior to Madden’s term. After that, client partners grew to 150. Yearly revenue at Nordic Consulting Partners, Inc. grew by $129 million. Under the administration of Madden, Nordic became the biggest company for EPIC consulting in the world and was awarded various KLAS awards.

As a student at the University of Iowa College of Engineering from 1998 to 2002, Madden studied Industrial Engineering. His focus was Medical Systems. He also served as student advisor at the University of Iowa. Madden graduated from Roland-Story High School in Story City, Iowa.

After college, Drew worked at Cerner Corporation as an integration consultant for four years. The major project of Madden at Cerner was the implementation of inpatient clinical applications at two hospital systems in Chicago.

Mr. Madden was Regional Sales Director at Ingenix Consulting for over a year. He was director for sales in the Midwest. Ingenix is a branch of United Healthcare, which is now named OptumInsight. Madden was a senior EPIC consultant at Healthia from January 2006 to December 2010. Healthia was acquired by Ingenix. He has four Epic certificates: Willow (EpicRx), Inpatient Medication Orders, Inpatient Procedure Orders, and Clinical Documentation. Madden also holds other certifications besides EPIC certificates. These certificates are PharmNet, CPOE, and eMAR application modules.

Drew Madden is married to Patti Madden and has a daughter and a son.