Shervin Pishevar on Bitcoin, Banks, And Much More

Since today’s economy involves many aspects that are changing, more and more people have opinions as to how these various factors will impact the national and international economy not only today, but in the years ahead as well. While in years past the opinions of people were limited to writing articles for newspapers and perhaps doing a TV interview, the internet and social media have changed all that. An example of this change was evident recently, when noted businessman Shervin Pishevar used his Twitter account to conduct a 21-hour tweet storm on Bitcoin, banks, and much more.

In giving his predictions about the future of virtual currencies, Shervin Pishevar focused almost exclusively on Bitcoin. While growing in popularity, he predicted the currency would go through a period of losing nearly $5,000 of its current value. While this sounds like Shervin Pishevar was predicting the demise of Bitcoin, he did anything but that. Instead, he predicted that although the income loss would be large, the virtual currency would rebound to even higher values in the coming months, allowing investors to reap many rewards.

After giving virtual currency investors reason to smile, Shervin Pishevar did not do the same for stock market investors. Predicting bond market volatility would lead to a drop in stock market values of nearly 7,000 points, he predicted the only way for stock investors to guard against massive portfolio losses would be to invest in gold, which he noted always maintains or increases its value, even in the most dire economic conditions.

Ironically, while using state-of-the-art technology to conduct his tweet storm, Shervin Pishevar made many dire predictions about the technology industry in the United States, specifically companies in Silicon Valley. Predicting foreign competition would overtake Silicon Valley, he stated many U.S. companies have become lax in numerous areas, including development of new technology and staffing their companies with top talent in the IT industry. Unlike virtual currencies where he predicted a rapid rebound, Shervin Pishevar instead predicted it would take many years and perhaps decades before Silicon Valley once again reigned supreme in the international IT industry.

Stream Energy: Engaging In Charity through Stream Cares

Different instances render people helpless such as the occurrence of a weather calamity. For example, some of the Houston neighborhoods were ripped apart by Hurricane Harvey. The survivors were helpless since they needed food, shelter, clothing, and other necessities. Since philanthropy is not limited to wealthy individuals, companies such as Stream Energy were happy to assist.

Corporate philanthropy is whereby a company engages in charitable acts that are meant to improve the lives of different individuals. Stream Energy deals with the direct sale of energy. They have launched “Stream Cares,” a branch in the firm that will solely focus on charity. Since the company’s headquarters are in Texas, they have focused most of their philanthropic efforts in the region. However, they are still working towards making sure that their charitable acts can benefit people on a larger scale.

Stream Energy is a good example of how some of the companies in Dallas are focusing on charity. It has become an important part of their brands. Forming another branch that will deal with philanthropy is a new phenomenon. Many advantages come about when a company gives back to the society. Their clients will get to respect them, and they will also be loyal. Additionally, corporate philanthropy is publicized a lot. Such publicity is beneficial to a firm since executives can utilize it when the company profits fall or when there is a scandal affecting the organization.

More than $19 billion was used to engage in charity, courtesy of the different corporations in the U.S. The companies also offer sponsorships. Stream Energy has also formed a relationship with other organizations that engage in charity, and they include the Red Cross and Habitat for Humanity. Recently, they have also been working with Hope Supply Co. on different projects that involve giving back to the society. The partnership has been beneficial when it comes to eliminating homelessness in Dallas. Stream was happy to cater for the entrance and meal costs at an event that was meant to bring together more than 1,000 homeless children. Hope Supply Co. was able to ensure that these children had necessities such as school supplies and diapers as well as clothes.

Chris Burch’s Spectacular 1608 Hôtel Particulier

For many years, entrepreneur Chris Burch had his mind set on inhabiting an apartment in Paris. Not only was he certain that his dream would become a reality, he even imagined the layout and the exact location. His desire for an apartment in a great neighborhood, that also had a garden, required patience. Although it took some time, it was no surprise when a 1608 hôtel particulier was turned into Burch’s family home.

During a visit to Paris, Burch accompanied friends on a Senlis day trip, enjoying the beauty of the village located outside the city. It was during this trip that he visited the 1608 hôtel particulier after learning that it was for sale. Although no doubt stunning, the property was huge and required a lot of work. Burch was not deterred. In fact, he set his sights on the home becoming a place of respite for his family that includes six children.

The house is 10,000 square feet and still has 17th and 18th century paneling, beams and floors. It has two kitchens and nine bathrooms. Burch worked with Michel Pinet and Marco Scarani to restore the home to its original glory. He wanted to ensure it was functional, even though it’s historical.

Burch entrusted Pinet and Scarani with sourcing ancient stone and reproducing the home’s antique tiles. The gardens have French topiaries and were handled by Tania Compton, an English landscape designer. This glorious home has become a gathering place that’s loved by Burch’s family.

Bhanu Choudhrie Has Managed to Put C & C Alpha Group on the Map

Bhanu Choudhrie is an experienced leader who has been in the business for several years. He has been able to achieve significant results through excellent business management and strategy implementation. However, to put C & C Alpha Group at international levels, Bhanu has implemented several strategies that have all been geared towards having a quality and operation business. Here are some of the strategies that Bhanu has been incorporating to move the family owned business into another level.

Having a huge portfolio is one of the strategies that Bhanu Choudhrie has incorporated in the family business. The entity operates in hospitality, real estate, healthcare, and accommodation among others. Bhanu also explained that the company had significant involvement in the aviation industry but later sold the business to another investor. Investing in a huge portfolio helped the company to record significant profits while at the same time having a constant flow of revenues.

Choosing the most relevant sectors to invest is also a significant investment decision that has helped the entity to remain relevant. Bhanu Choudhrie has full information that there are multiple industries that the firm can consider investing. However, very few of these industries will guarantee a constant flow of revenues. Therefore, the company has to make sure that it invests in revenue generating investment opportunities hence avoiding extreme losses. Follow his twitter account.

Bhanu Choudhrie also understands emerging markets are better when it comes to investments as compared to the dominant markets in the developed countries around the world. This explains why C & C Alpha Group has been concentrating in investing in India, China, United Arab Emirates, and Saudi Arabia. These markets have a vibrant population that is made up of young individuals who are ready to consume. This is contrary to markets in the developed countries where a significant section of the population is made up of senior citizens who are not willing to spend their money.

From the above analysis, it is clear that Bhanu Choudhrie has been able to move C & C Alpha Group to the highest levels by ensuring that the company avoids risks and invests in the most profitable businesses. This means that other business leaders should avoid losses and invest in emerging markets if they want to put their businesses on the map.

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Stratford Shields is providing unique and innovative strategies to his clients.

Stratford Shields is providing unique and innovative strategies to his clients.

Stratford Shields serves in the position of managing director for Loop Capital Markets, a firm that is based in Chicago. Before his current position, Stratford Shields worked for the government serving as the Deputy Director for the Office of Management and Budget in Ohio and also the President of the State Controlling Board also in Ohio. Stratford Shield devotes most of his time to come up with strategies and solutions for their clients. Stratford Shield focuses on coming up with unique, customized and practical solutions for his clients.

Stratford Shields gives his advice to upcoming entrepreneurs.

Stratford Shields is one who has the habit of reading and remaining up to date with the current affairs. This trend of staying up to date with the current issues has not only enabled him to stay ahead of the competition but also keep up with his clients and their evolving needs.

Stratford Shields advises budding entrepreneurs to remain optimistic in their endeavors and not to be afraid to be innovative. Stratford Shields urges young entrepreneurs always to find better ways to do things. Also, Stratford encourages upcoming entrepreneurs to embrace failure and points out that the most important part of failure is getting back up and pressing forward.

Stratford has emphasized on keenness to the needs of the client and the little details, and this has made him more productive and also to stay organized. Furthermore, Stratford Shields also points out that knowing your clients and finding what business they wish to do with you comes in handy when taking the step of expansion. He urges those with the desire to expand their business to remain realistic and avoid enforcing things that cannot be obtained in reality. Stratford also advises business owners to keep constant communication with their clients and listen to them to come up with better ways to serve them. Drone Delivery to be Use in Japan

China’s largest retailer has worked out a deal with the global e-commerce company Rakuten, Inc. CEO Jingdong sees this as a major step forward for their company.’s drones and autonomous delivery robots utilized in Rakuten’s new delivery system in Japan.

Here Comes the Drones and Rakuten, Inc are combining their experience combined perform an on-demand delivery service second to none. and Jingdong have the experience with drones needed to make this work. Rakuten, Inc. Has the experience in creating the phone apps the e-commerce side of it. Working together these two companies will be given Japan a unique e-commerce and delivery service. This could easily result in thousands of drones swarming the Japanese sky as they deliver packages. However, it is their combined experience that will make it work.

Rakuten Drone delivery service

Rakuten has been using drones since 2016 but this deal with steps it up big time. The combination of’s drones and UGVs with Rakuten’s unmanned delivery system is going to solve a lot of problems they come from trying to make deliveries to Japan’s Islands. The problem faced in these deliveries is trying to deliver to the smaller Islands. Japan’s main island lacks these problems I can still benefit from the delivery system outside of the cities. drone development started its drone development in 2015 beginning the world’s first commercial delivery system. These deliveries began in rural China in 2016.’s drones have more than 6,666 hours of flight time. In January 2019 they struck a deal for deliveries in Indonesia. This Indonesia has added much to their experience.

This joint venture between and Rakuten is going to be a big boost for e-commerce in Japan. The combination of these two commerce giants is going to be a big help to Japan. It is going to make it easier for deliveries to be made in rural areas and the smaller Islands.

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Marc Beer at LumeN XT, Inc.

Marc Beer is a charismatic leader in the business world with vast experience in the pharmaceutical industry, where he has helped many start-up ventures get on their feet and grow commercially into profitable businesses with cutting edge technology to maneuver the shifting sands of the international market. He went on to become a leader at Minerva Neurosciences Inc. Neurosciences, as the name suggests, is mainly involved with mental illnesses such as Bipolar disorder, depression, schizophrenia, chronic lack of sleep, and Parkinson’s disease.


This entire portfolio covers a period of not less than 25 years; time within which Marc Beer has shown his commitment and dedication to the job. Paul Rhyne, who is a co-founder of LumeNXT expressed confidence that Marc Beer was the right man for the job at LumeN XT which is a company that stands behind every surgeon as they operate on a patient in the operating room or theater by providing them with state of the art devices which increases the number of lives saved every day in many hospitals in the United States of America and elsewhere around the world.


Marc Beer went to Miami University (Oxford, OH).In the year 2018, he raised $42M, which went into the development and testing of four new products at Renovia Inc, which is a women’s health startup. Marc Beer is dedicated to having less illnesses around the world, triggering worldwide growth and so much more in his vision of universal health care something which can happen.


LumeN XT has produced a relatively new technology, which has been rolled out commercially recently and surgeons who have interacted with it are on record saying that it is a superior technology in contrast to traditional techniques. This is because it leaves a small margin for error, and it allows for greater flexibility. Marc Beer is set to take this new venture to the next level and to help many patients get back on their feet countrywide.


Surgeons across the globe are trying out this new method and are finding it very efficient in controlling the workflow and making surgical procedures, even more, easier because the gadgets use Light Emitting Diode (LED) which enhances visualization considerably. As a professional and a scientist, a surgeon must be careful since his procedures are a matter of life or death in the operating room.


LumeNXT’s devices are very user-friendly in that they have a minimal margin of error or none at all. They boost precision, and therefore, doctors have confirmed this new mechanism as being both effective and efficient. Since Marc Beer took over at the company, huge resources have been directed towards the exploration and development of better devices in the pharmaceutical industry, and the company is set to realize its dreams and mission. Learn more:


How Oren Frank Uses Technology in Online Psychotherapy

Oren Frank established Talkspace Company to provide online as well as mobile psychotherapy. The company has made therapy services readily available to the general public. Though Talkspace company, people can access therapy services at any time using their mobile phones internationally. Under the management of Oren Frank, the Talkspace Company has solved the health conditions of millions of patients. The company is well focused on giving effective as well as improved services to those in need of health services globally. The company’s president believes that technology, when implemented well, has as to change the way of living of people. That is why he uses technology to make therapy services available and easily accessible to people for a minimal cost.

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Oren Frank believes in teamwork in generating new ideas to nourish his business. Through collaboration, people can share ideas and filter out the best ones to implement for the smooth running of a business. He utilizes his colleagues as sometimes it becomes hard and challenging to evaluate and analyses the best ideas which can have a positive impact on a business. Before joining Talkspace, Oren Frank was working as a senior marketing officer at McCann Erickson Company. During his time as top marketing officer, he demonstrated high skills and creativity in all his marketing operations worldwide.

Moderation is the key attribute which keeps Oren Frank productive in business. With many cultures available in various industries, he recommends his team members to utilize the specific culture of the organizations they are operating. Implementing multiple cultures in a particular business may interfere with business operations. Frank adds that the actions of a company are controlled by the culture of that organization.

Finally, Oren Frank recommends people to seek the use of technology in aspects such as in solving spanning issues of corruption which is currently facing many nations.

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Talkspace – Get the Help You Need without Worrying About the Costs

Suffering from any kind of mental health issues, whether it is depression, ADHD, stress, anxiety or insomnia, can be self-destructive in nature, if left untreated. Many people across the globe are suffering from such issues, and even after knowing it well that it is causing them harm, they aren’t doing anything about it. It is mostly because traditional therapy is known to cost a lot, and not many people are in a position to afford the cost and are not covered by insurance that would cover it. Talkspace started in 2012 with the aim to address this issue and provides e-counseling, which is the same as traditional therapy, but the only major difference is that it doesn’t cost much lesser than the traditional therapy. Read more reviews about talkspace at

Talkspace has over three thousand licensed and professional therapists attached to it, who are also given special training to provide online counseling to patients. You can even seek couples and marriage counseling over Talkspace Reviews, and it would help you and your partner sort out your differences and issues individually and together with the marriage therapist you would be assigned to. It can be one of the best decisions of your life as the positive differences it would infuse in your life would certainly help you achieve your personal and professional goals. Talkspace aims to help people with mental health issues through its online platform in a very simple and straightforward manner without them having to worry about the cost or the quality of the treatment they receive.

One important thing that people need to understand is that mental therapy needs to be continuous if one expect some result from it. Talkspace helps speed the recovery process since one can speak to their therapists on a daily basis and not have to wait for an appointment once every week. Read:

Visiting an Actual OSI Group McDonald’s Factory: Check out What We Found!

The rise of the internet across the globe has shed light on various hot button issues, one, in particular, is in the manner that our food, in this instance, Mcdonald’s hamburgers are produced. Today’s consumer is concerned about how many food additives or amount of sugar is added to their food. McDonald’s knows a thing or two about producing food; in fact, data says that Mcdonald’s sells over 75 burgers every second of every day! Therefore, it is no surprise why Mcdonald’s would be one of the first company’s to be looked at. There’s a famous experiment made by David Whipple where he purchased a Mcdonald’s burger in 1993 and left it in his kitchen cupboard for almost two decades. After he took it out it seemed that nothing had really changed, no mold or visible discoloration was seen.

However, a scientist was quick to point out that much like we need water, food, and oxygen to grow, so does bacteria although the public might beg to differ on this explanation. Recently, One business insider decided that he needed to see the production of McDonald’s food for himself. Therefore, he went to Günzburg, Germany, where OSI Group Mcdonalds was the exact location to see the process in action. OSI Group McDonalds or OSI Group as it was first called is the American company that first produced food for the Mcdonalds company when they first began.

Although the factory isn’t owned by Mcdonald’s, Eunice Koekkoek, a McDonald’s representative stated that over 90% of its food is produced at the OSI Group Mcdonalds factory. The first thing one notices is the strict guidelines that OSI Group Mcdonalds takes to keep the factory clean from any form of virus. Sick employees need a doctor’s note to begin working again, and since there are no preservatives in the hamburger meat, everything is checked and doubled checked daily. Although meat at every part of the world may have a different taste due to cultural preferences, the fact is that Mcdonald’s meat is and remains original.