George Soros: China Transfers Its Problems Abroad

The start of 2016 hasn’t been a good time to be an equity investor. Markets around the world declined rather substantially.

There are fears that we’re on the brink of a financial crisis, similar to that of 2008. Back then, the stock markets worldwide had declined steeply amid a full-blown subprime mortgage crisis.

At that time, we were on the edge of an economic depression, not seen since 1930s. Since that time, the central banks, especially the Federal Reserve in the United States, have been pumping money into the economy through purchasing toxic debt, bailing out financial institutions, and spending more and more, while debt has grown.

Now, however, the Fed had stopped the quantitative easing and has started the cycle of raising interest rates. Meanwhile, China’s economy is slowing down substantially, which has led to a carnage on a Chinese stock market.

A famous multi-billionaire investor, George Soros, expects hard landing for China’s economy. The GDP growth in the Middle Kingdom fell below 7% per year, first time in many years, while Chinese debt skyrocketed.

At a recent economic forum in Sri Lanka,George Soros warned investors to be very cautious as the financial markets are facing a crisis.

China has been having problems finding new economic growth model to sustain its prosperity and keep the country from social unrest. So far, the Chinese solution has been to devalue the yuan, although minimally so far. This is expected to boost Chinese exports, but is transferring China’s growth problems to the rest of the world.

Soros is a highly successful hedge fund manager. His funds averaged 20% a year for 45 years, a performance record very few can match. He became quite well-known back in 1992 when his ten-billion-dollar bet on a collapse of a British Pound has made him a billion dollars.

With that bet, Soros correctly predicted that Britain will pull out of the European Exchange Mechanism, which is a prelude to joining the Eurozone. Since that day, he’s been known as “the man who broke the Bank of England.”

Due to his tremendous performance record in the financial markets, many investors are paying close attention to what he has got to say.

Handling and reviewing of complaints in white shark Media

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George Soros Predicts The Collapse Of The European Union

George Soros is a billionaire who has put his money behind many projects around the world, and he is predicting a collapse around the migration crisis. People have been displaced in the middle east, and these citizens are moving into countries like Germany. Angela Merkel has been identified as the key person in this crisis, and George has a solution for the problem. This article explains what George thinks should be done about the migration crisis before Europe falls apart.

#1: Germany Is Critical

CNBC recently published an article about the crisis, and George Soros was asked about his solutions for the problem. He said that Angela Merkel is the only person who is making the right calls on this crisis at the moment, and he believes that she is going to be the person who brings Europe together. Europe is falling apart because of dissenting viewpoints, and George wants to see Angela Merkel step up to lead Europe out of this hole.

#2: Kicking The Can Down The Road

George Soros is a financier who has given money to many worth causes around the world. He has worked for civil rights, for the freedom of enslaved people around the world and for the freedom of information. He does not believe that refugees in Europe should be held back as they come into Germany, but he does believe that radicalization must be stopped immediately. He knows that Europe is willing to let the problem get worse, and he hopes that Germany will force the issue today.

#3: The Schengen Zone

The Schengen Zone is a free zone that allows all EU citizens to move through its member nations. The EU has built up a strong federation that is free to move within, but refugees may need to be stopped from moving. George is opposed to freezing the movement of refugees, but he wonders if Germany is willing to accept the financial burden of holding all those refugees. Germany could emerge as a leader in the EU if the nation absorbs all those refugees without trouble.

The Eruo is suffering at the moment, and the economic balance of the continent could be in jeopardy simply because of an influx of people. Europeans are not sure what to do, but George Soros believes that Angela Merkel can become the most important person in this crisis. Her leadership in Germany could prevent a collapse of biblical proportions.

Looking At Jon Urbana’s Videos And Other Inspiring Works

Video Productions of Jon Urbana

Jon Urbana has had an extensive career in startups, and much of his best works have been his recent stylish videos that he has primarily released to his Twitter audience. He creates everything from nature videos, to videos about animals, to videos that are artistic and intuitive. Check out his Vimeo account for a long list of his music recordings.

My favorite videos from Jon Urbana are his nature videos. I especially like the recent one of the Rocky Mountain National Park. He has a special eye for the natural world, such as in this video of a sunset scene.

Then, there are other videos by Jon that are more artistic, such as Feelings Swirling Everywhere. I would also like to draw everyone’s attention to the simplicity in A Streak of Colors.

More Information About Jon Urbana

There’s plenty of compelling information on the music career of this global celebrity and artist. It’s well worth your time to research because Jon Urbana is both inspirational and motivational. He is someone to keep a close eye on as he develops artistically, and as Urbana’s business endeavors develop, he becomes a great person to watch as an investor. He has creatively and innovatively navigated Villanova’s lacrosse team, aviation industry and several arenas of artistic intelligence to provide us with outstanding products and services. Jon Urbana’s career as a pilot has been beyond great, as he has received special recognition from the FAA that many pilots do not receive.

Jon Urbana Photography from Jon Urbana on Vimeo.

As a musician, Jon has been featured on MTV’s website, and he has a Soundcloud account dedicated to his music. His account has a great following. His music is usually electronic, and he often samples popular musicians, but he is known to raise money for nearby charities having to do with everything from green energy initiatives to cats, and he creates his own original music using his guitar and recording software. As an important business venture, Jon founded a lacrosse camp for youths. The lacrosse camp is called Next Level Lacrosse Camp, and it is located in Colorado because that is Jon’s hometown. It is amazing how much of an impact one individual can have on a community.

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Why Slyce Remains The Best Visual Search Technology Developing Company

Nowadays, the internet plays a very integral role when matters related to how people communicate and live life are concerned. The world wide web has transformed a lot in the last twenty years precisely in matters related to information searching. Gone are the days when text searching was the only exclusive method to make a search. These days, one can make either a video or images search and still manage to come up with very good results. In particular, image searching has grown a lot in the last two decades. This is highly contributed by the fact that it is very popular when people are making online purchases.

There has been very recent advances in image recognition on software. Pinterest is a social network that has been on the front line when matters related to the technology are concerned. Together with, the website has been using a technique known as deep learning that has an awesome software that has the ability to match humans on some benchmarks for image recognition. The technology uses Google image search and a photo recognition service that was launched a few months back.

As reported on the MIT Technology Review Website, the new search tool allows users to draw a box around something that is seen in an image on the service to find items that are similar from over a billion items. There are some items that also come accompanied by buy buttons making it very appropriate for online shopping purposes. The technology was recently rolled out to users in the company website as well as all mobile apps associated with Pinterest. The system learned to make concrete understanding out of images drawn from the images shared on the platform.

Very many companies have tried to make sophisticated image search technologies that can be used more efficiently for different uses. Slyce is one company that is in the front line when matters related to developing the best visual search technologies are concerned.

The company has different solutions for the different customer needs. It has an In Store and an Out Store solution that it offers to its clients. Both technologies enable consumers to buy products they see in the real world when they simply snap a photo and search it on the database.

Both technologies have been in use in different major retail stores and owners have attributed improved sales, better customer care as well as better inventory management to them. Slyce has and will continue being on the front line when matters related to developing the best visual search technology are concerned.

Your Dog Benefits from Good Food

Dog food is something that you might not even think about yourself, just picking up any old bag that you happen to find on the local grocery store shelf. The problem with this is that your dog needs to eat better foods. Just like how you might feel after eating junk food all day, this is going to be how your dog feels day in and day out. You need to switch to a better brand with much more wholesome ingredients to keep your pet as healthy as they can possibly be. There are a lot of brands on the market, but a lot of people have chosen Beneful because of its price range and the fact that it is one of the most trusted companies out there. Many people are finding Beneful to have the dog food that they need, using high quality ingredients that they feel they can trust. This makes it easy for the average dog owner to know that they have made a decision that is best suited to their pet’s needs. Another wonderful thing about Beneful is their wide range of brands and products that you can trust. Whether you want a food that is specific to younger dogs or you have to get something for an aging pooch, Beneful has you completely covered and can offer you the different foods that fit the needs of your beloved family pet. You will also find the price of Beneful to be wonderful when compared to some of the other higher-end brands out there. There are so many benefits to switching to a great brand of dog food, so this is definitely an option for those who want to do something great for their dog. You will find that this helps you to feel confident in your decision and the fact that you are doing something great for your dog in the meantime. Beneful is a great brand to choose, but there are many others out there as well that avoid using the lesser quality ingredients that you might find in other products on the store shelves.

A Business Visionary

In today’s business world, it takes a special kind of person to achieve success. Not only does it take courage to become an entrepreneur, but also a willingness to step out of one’s comfort zone while trying new ideas. This describes Brad Reifler, who CrunchBase says for over thirty years has been an American success story as one of the most well-respected and admired entrepreneurs the business world has ever seen. When it comes to incredible business success, experts from Wall Street to Washington are in agreement that Brad Reifler is a business visionary for the ages. The boards that list him as a member on Bloomberg, really speak for themselves. Not to mention the amazing home that he’s currently selling.

Having founded Reifler Trading Company in the early 1980s, Brad decided from the outset of his entrepreneurial career that he would not be afraid to think outside of the box and take numerous chances in his business ventures. However, while that may sound like a reckless plan, Brad always planned every move very carefully. For example, with RTC he was able to build on his interest in institutional research and global advisory services to build RTC into a true powerhouse within the futures industry. In fact, Brad was so successful in this initial venture that RTC was billed as one of the fastest-growing businesses in the futures sector. Because of this success, when Brad sold the company in 2000 to Refco, Inc. it helped turn Refco into the world’s foremost futures trading company.

Never a person who has stood pat on his success, Brad has always been on the lookout for his next great entrepreneurial opportunity. After selling RTC, he then took the business world by storm by deciding to found Pali Capital. However, what made Pali special was Brad’s decision to use sales strategies that until then had never been utilized in this type of company. Focusing his efforts on derivative structures and credit analysis of hedge funds, he then took these strategies and incorporated them into his sales strategies. What happened next, based on the opinions of those in the industry, was nothing short of amazing. With his sales team in place and ready to put his ideas to the test, Brad’s company went on an unparalleled run of success over a 13-year period. By the time Brad ended his run as founder and CEO of Pali, he and his team had amassed over $1 billion in commission income. A figure thought to be impossible for any company to achieve, Brad proved it could be done by simply working hard and believing in one’s ideas.

As he continues to look for new challenges every day, Brad understands it is the willingness to take chances that sets his companies apart from so many others. And in this respect, he truly is a business visionary.  On his Twitter you can really see what Brad is up to.

What Is “Black Lives Matter” And Is Soros Involved?


The “Black Lives Matter” movement has received a lot of reporting in the media for the active protests that they have taken on. Perhaps this alone would be enough to cause some confusion in the minds of some people. On the other hand, there appears to be a lot of effort to make sure that the confusion is turned up to the max by certain political interests. For example, conservative media is circulating the rumor that George Soros has funding the Black Lives Matter movement to the tune of $33 million dollars.

The Daily Beast took a look at this rumor and the movement to see if there was any truth to it. They wanted to know who was behind Black Lives Matter and what that could mean about the movement itself.

What was turned up was the fact that Black Lives Matter was started by three women who are passionate about the rights of African Americans and opposed to police brutality. They have received their motivation from the numerous high profile reports of police officers shooting and killing unarmed black males.

The way that Soros got tied into this was by virtue of the fact that it is true that he is a very wealthy individual. He has a net worth in excess of $20 billion according to the Wall Street Journal. He is also known for having some liberal leaning politics, and that makes him a target for conservatives all the time.

The director of U.S. operations for the Open Society Foundation (funded by Soros) has stated that the foundation does not fund protest movements. They do provide funding for political causes in some cases, such as democratic voting rights, but a protest movement is not on the radar. It is something that is probably too hot to handle from a public relations standpoint for the foundation to want to take it on.

The same director went on to say that he believes there are a lot of people who believe that the protests were thought up in a think tank or something of the like. However, he states that this is simply not the case. The protests are organic and a reaction to recent events.

The ties that some have made may come from the fact that the Open Society Foundation has provided funds to issues that have been raised by the Black Lives Matter movement. However, the movement itself has not received any money from Soros or anything related to the man.

It is odd that such a specific amount of money has been attached to this particular rumor, but that may be a trick to make the rumor seem more realistic. Soros is a common target for rumors, so it is nice to have at least this one put to rest.

Skout Is Still the Best Mobile Dating App Available

If you look at an article that was recently written discussing the 10 most popular apps for online dating, you will undoubtedly recognize many of the names listed. The list serves as a veritable Who’s Who when it comes to online dating apps that are known to be both legitimate and effective. With that being said, they all have something about them that makes them fairly unique. As a result, some people obviously prefer one mobile app over another and in many cases, people even double up by using two or more apps at the same time in hopes of increasing their chances of finding that special someone that they know is out there somewhere.

One thing the that should not surprise you in the slightest is the fact that Skout, the popular online website that helps you meet people, showed up on the list. In fact, it was very close to the top of the list, as the mobile app provides you with the same level of convenience and security that the website has always been known to provide. There are a number of things that make people more apt to use Skout than many of the other mobile dating apps that are out there. Part of it has to do with the fact that the app has been around longer than any other mobile dating app in existence and part of it has to do with the fact that people simply like the way that Skout works. They never have to worry about the pressure that often comes with some of the other online dating websites or mobile dating apps that are out there. Skout truly does change the face of the way people meet each other and it makes the entire process much easier.

So, why is Skout so special? First and foremost, it is not just a dating site. It is a place where people can go to meet friends. That is how it was intended from the beginning with this particular app and that is still the way that it operates today. Most people don’t go on Skout with the idea that they are going to find someone to date and even eventually marry. In many cases, they are doing it because they have recently moved to a new area and they want to get to know people in the area or they want to make new friends from different countries that have different backgrounds, cultures and experiences. Because Skout exists all over the globe and serves people in more than 100 countries, this is easy to do. Imagine being able to meet a friend who lives halfway across the globe and then converse with them on a regular basis through e-mail, Skype or something similar. Of course, there are a number of occasions where these friendships turn into something more serious and people do end up getting married. The great thing about Skout is that you can use it for whatever you wish instead of feeling like you have to meet someone and then date that person exclusively.

Mobile dating apps are the way that most people will decide to meet in the future. They are the epitome of convenience and they allow you to have instant access to all of your online relationships at the touch of a button. When you choose one of the best apps in existence, you have the chance to take your relationships to new heights that you never even imagined before.