Securus Technologies; The Path To A Secure World

Securus Technologies Company is a leading provider of civil and criminal justice technology solutions for public safety. The company carries outs its research through the multiple reports and findings on wrongdoing wiretapped from inmate communications. The company has been in operation since 1986, and I can bear witness that it guarantees nothing but a safer world for everyone. Securus Technologies trade goodwill has seen it win contracts with over 2600 correctional facilities in the United States.

The company’s chief executive often says that the company’s primary mission is to serve their customers with their best interests at heart. There is nothing that feels amazing than living in a world knowing that someone is in a position to track down and respond quickly to any wrongdoing. Securus Company’s continued commitment to making an excellent effort in resolving any consumer complaints saw it fulfilling the BBB accreditation standards.

Statistics from PR show that the technology company offers services to more than 1200000 inmates. Not only does the technology reduce cases of backsliding on the prisoners; but also keeps them posted on what is trending on the outside. In the past, inmates never had contact with the outside world which left them feeling tuned out. The fact that this particular technology provides the inmate with the opportunity to interact with the outside world leaves them feeling loved leaving them with the feeling as being part of the community. Additionally, Securus America technologies plays a significant role when it comes to the facilities management. Monitoring has been made quite easier for the staff.

Recently as reported by PR Newswire, Securus technologies has been gaining popularity owing to the many benefits it brings along. When it comes to the outside community, I understand how important it is having to fund inmate telephone calls. Based on this, Securus Technologies makes contact with inmates affordable and convenient. They offer various payment options, making it easy to choose the perfect choice for your needs so as to keep in touch with your jailed loved ones.

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Sanjay Shah & Autism Rocks

Sanjay Shah is a british mogul and philanthropist that founded Solo Capital Markets and is most known for the creation of Autism Rocks. Shah is also the founder of Aesa S.a.r.l which controls Solo Group Holdings as well as Solo Capital Markets. Solo Capital Markets is an international boutique financial service that is located in London, England. Suprisingly, Sanjay studied medicine before realizing that being a doctor was not for him and jumped into the financial and investment industry. He began working as an accountant for numerous financial institutions such as Morgan Stanley and Merill Lynch. In 2009 during the financial recession, Shah decided to start his own brokerage firm, hence, the beginning of Solo Capital.

Within 4 years of business, Solo Capital Markets had a net worth of 15.45 million and assets valued over 67 million in UK currency. Sanjay Shah owns dozens of businesses throughout the UK to the Cayman Islands. Now considering himself retired in London and Dubai, he currently holds a net worth of $280 million US dollars! Solo Capital is now in the process of a wind down that in essence allows Sanjay more time to his family and reaching out on how he can contribute to the world.

In 2011, His son was diagnosed with a complex neuro-behavioral disorder that inspired him to create Autism Rocks, a charity organization dedicated to funding autism research and raising awareness about the disorder. With the creation of Autism Rocks, Shah has been able to intertwine his passion for music and the love of his family with his business and financial sense. Funding research is a critical step in developing a better understanding and standard care for the disability. During a visit by the music mogul and Grammy award winning Snoop Dogg to his family home in Dubai, Sanjay was inspired to stage concerts from such artists to raise funds for autism research.

In April 2016, Autism Rocks hosted Autism Rocks fest 2016 that was filled with family festivities and major performances by platinum selling artists such as Flo Rida and Tyga. All funds and donations from the organization goes to the Autism Research Trust that supports research at Cambridge University by the Autism Research Centre. Autism Rocks was founded in 2014 and has since featured many superstars like Prince, Lenny Kravitz, and Drake. It has been an incredible journey for Sanjay and he has raised over 15 million for autism research with Autism Rocks.


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A great brand just got better

Fabletics, Kate Hudsons active wear collection is expanding to include active wear bathing suits as well as dresses to wear out of the town. The Fabletics brand has always been about gearing their products towards the active women and these dresses will be no different. Follow their leisure line on Instagram, and you will see clothing made out of the same materials the active wear is made out of and many will have built in support. While these dresses are not meant to be worn during your 45 minute high impact workout you will definitely feel more mobile and comfortable on a night on the town. Similar to high end designers the dresses are designed to keep everything in place like a good pair of exercise leggings, however the Fabletics dresses will cost much less. In addition to the dress line, Fabletics will be launching a bikini line of a similar nature. The bikinis will be designed to support the active women’s lifestyle while still being fun and stylish. As Kate Hudson recently told Marie Claire “That’s what our brand is, we want people to feel like they’re protected in our clothes without compromising a little bit of sexiness and femininity.” See:

Kate Hudson is the co-found of Fabletics which is an extremely popular athletic clothes line for women. The styles are colorful and fun and the quality of the clothes is extremely high. You can sign up to be a VIP member and on the first of each month you are sent a list of “outfits” that you can purchase at A really great discount. Fabletics provides a variety of different options each month from simple shorts and a tank top to 3 piece outfits that you can wear to the gym and then to run errands or pick up the kids from school. If you are not in the market for a new outfit that particular month then you need to skip that particular month. If you do not skip by the 5th of the month then you are charged $49.95. You of course do not need to be a VIP Member to wear the outfits you can always shop directly online. However the discounts for VIP members is a significant so it is definitely worth taking a look at if you are a regular purchaser of athletic wear. If you don’t like the idea of the full VIP member ship but do like the idea of being sent various outfit choices, the Fabletics website always Kate Hudson outfit picks listed on the site that you can view online without the VIP membership. Check this:

While Fabletics has always been geared to the active women, they do have now have a men’s section on the website with a few selections.

*Source: I am a current VIP member of the site.

Building A Better Business Reputation

Whether you are a large scale business enterprise or a small business just starting out, your reputation is very important. The opinion that people have of you has a lot to do with securing repeat customers and finding new clients. The internet world has made it easier than ever to develop a presence and a reputation but there is always room for improvement and you can do better. Hiring the services of a reputation management company can make a big difference.

What Can Be Done?
A reputation management company will use a variety of tactics to help further expose your business. This can include the use of search engine optimization on your website or social media sites. Also, developing more content with a specific marketing strategy goes a long way.

While you are busy monitoring your business, you can utilize your reputation management company as a way to monitor what is going on all over the internet regarding your business. Negative comments and publicity will be monitored and addressed for you. This is a way to protect your business from unwanted attacks from consumers and unhappy clientele.

Your reputation might not be as good as you expected or you simply just want to have your presence known. Either way, utilizing a reputation management service such as Better Reputation is beneficial. Their qualified staff of employees are skilled and well versed in many different aspects of business and reputation management. A free quote will get you started in the right direction of furthering your business potential.

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Mike Baur

As a young man, Mike Baur was fascinated by banking and finance. He grew up in bilingual Fribourg. Today he has over 20-years of professional experience in Swiss banking, including several years of management experience at the highest level. His expertise is a combination of banking know-how, entrepreneurship, and action. Mike Baur has also invested a lot of time in fostering Swiss youth entrepreneurship. He has assisted several Swiss start-ups as a financial specialist.

Mike Baur was founder and managing parter of “think reloaded.” He started this company in April 2014. “Think reloaded” offered its customers strategy business consulting services in a world of disruptive thinkers. Before founding “think reloaded” he worked as a banker for Clariden Leu managing the private banking at Sallfort.

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Mike Baur: Co-Founder & Managing Partner Zurich

Better together: accelerators from Zurich and Geneva join forces

His also started a project offering a private banking service for customers under 40 years old. For this project Mike Baur partnered with Patrick Liotard-Vogt, principal shareholder and Chairman of the social media platform “asmallword.” When Baur started this project he was under 40 years old himself. Together, they offered a full range of financial services including asset management, direct investment consulting, venture capital, private equity, as well start-up business and consulting.

The project also involved a new take on networking with the “Young Investor’s Club” where like-minded customers who are interested in networking can communicate. For those interested, there were events and company visits planned. This service was more than just a marketing gimmick to attract young millionaires but was an extremely varied and thoughtful way of doing business that was very attractive to younger customers with new standards in communication.

Baur is now a founding partner with the Swiss Start-up Factory. The mission of the Swiss Start-up Factory is to take startups and turn them into global companies “that disrupt the prevailing norms, products, and business models.” The Start-up Factory has two goals. The first goal is to run a start-up accelerator program, which will be the global gold standard in the industry. Second, the goal is to provide each start-up customer with comprehensive services.

He is married with a family and just recently celebrated his birthday in February. He presently lives with his family in the Zurich region.

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Costa Rica Defeats Venezuela In Exciting Match

In a match leading up to the Copa America Centenario friendly, Costa Rica proved victorious against the always tough, Venezuela. Many American viewers are watching these games to gauge the competition the United States men’s national soccer team will face south of the border. More information can be found at Your text to link… in which the facebook trending article details the projected results of this recent pre-tournament friendly soccer match. All of the speculation aside, the recent game was exciting to say the least, with an intense opening filled with strong offense from both teams has fans on their feet. To begin with, powerful Venezuelan striker Salomon Rondon introduced a vicious pace, scoring a point just moments into the game. Unfortunately for Venezuela, Costa Rican player Adrian Jose Velasquez Figueroa passed the ball to Cristian Gamboa tied the game ten minutes afterwards. For a while, the two teams played a war of attrition, demonstrating excellent defensive skills. At around the fifty-five minute mark, Costa Rica sealed the deal, when Ariel Rodriguez scored a point Venezuela couldn’t recover from. The United States men’s national soccer team has their work cut out for them. Costa Rica has shown they are a force to be dealt with following this victory. Despite the victory, some analysts have speculated that the United States team is better off facing Costa Rica than Venezuela, stylistically. Nonetheless there looks to be a series of exciting games coming down the road.


Unique Focus Gives Direct Selling Leader Competitive Edge.

Any company who has been involved in the direct selling industry for over fifteen years should have a good grabs on what they are doing, however, few companies can continue to be unique. Direct selling industry leader Qnet has a unique focus that keeps them light years ahead of their competition. Much of the direct selling market is controlled by large companies who center their focus on just selling product. Qnet has a focus too and their focus is to leave people in better shape than where they were when you found them. They believe that you should better yourself and better those that are around you too.

In the real world, they promote wellness products that encourage a healthy lifestyle. Helping people live longer, healthier lives is the plan. They really care about their products and the people who become involved with their company. There are many brands that make up the focus, but, deep down it is the focus of people helping people on all levels that keeps Qnet years ahead.

Perhaps one reason that this company keeps up with the high values and focus is because they started the company with just a few friends which cared about each other and the company as a whole. When you have that core element of caring, it is hard to adapt an attitude that is less than caring. The vegetarian philosophy helps to play an important part of the Qnet lifestyle too. It is these high standards that keep the company out of reach from the others in the direct selling industry. High standards are important to Qnet. No animals are used in their products and they don’t test on animals. The company continues to spread awareness in regards to disease like heart disease, obesity and diabetes and many others.

Qnet also engages their efforts and focus on taking some serious positions on demonstrating social responsibility.By becoming involved in work that is philanthropic in nature, they are able to continue to encourage the idea of helping yourself and other people on a long term plan. After sixteen years, Qnet continues to be a leader in the direct selling field that is working hand in hand with each community. Giving back their success is an important part of their over all plan. One of the best things about this whole plan is, people can and do see it working within their communities.

Blogger Shows World Wen By Chaz Works

My friends often lie to me and say they don’t obsess over their hair. I don’t believe them especially because I often catch them looking in the mirror obsessing over their hair or watching the latest youtube video hoping to get hair tricks. And perhaps they don’t obsess or maybe they don’t realize they are obsessing but in anyway they are just like other women out there who have every reason to adore their hair. Shoot, I’m one of those women so I am the last to judge anyone about their hair and the decisions they make to obsess over it.
Not long ago the people over at Bustle decided to give Wen By Chaz a try on her hair. She had heard so many things about the sephora marketed product and wanted to see if it really worked. Fortunate for her everyone else in the world wanted to know if it worked too so we all followed her. We watched and took note of her hair changes via videos and photos and surprisingly the product worked and worked pretty darn well. Leaving many of us to wonder if maybe we should give WEN By Chaz a try.

If you have never heard of the product it was created by Chaz Dean. It is a 3 in 1 hair care system that was created for all types of hair. See, for more info.WEN is available for order on ebay online.

Escaping North Korea

When Yeonmi Park was only 13 years old in 2007, she escaped from North Korea with her mother. She wasn’t even aware of the concept of freedom before the escape. Yeonmi had to endure traveling through a frozen river at night to cross the border into China. When they arrived, they had no solid plan.
Terrible starvation, thoughts of suicide and unfortunately abuse were just some of the atrocious horrors that Yeonmi experienced while on her incredible journey. She is a woman with very strong character and fortitude. Sadly, Yeonmi was raped early on in her migration to South Korea, at only 13 years old. This is a fact that she hid out of shame and she couldn’t bring herself to talk about at the time it occurred.

Yeonmi’s father departed North Korea to join her and her mother, but he died of cancer shortly after. She says her father regrettably passed on without knowing about democracy and the large amount of food that is actually available to the world.

Dedicated to her goal, Yeonmi traveled across China for several years to get to her ultimate destination of South Korea. She suffered while traveling through China’s extensive Gobi desert. They trekked all the way to the border of Mongolia. It took her several long and tiring years to get to her destination. The young girl was astonishingly determined to make it through. Finally, she boarded a plane to South Korea.

Some facts of her journey, she detailed in her Amazon released book have been changed to protect some of her relatives that still live under the North Korean government.

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The High Quality of Feeds Produced in the Pet Food Industry.

Freshpet Inc. is one of the fast-rising Bethlehem-based company that manufactures gourmet food. It is the only producer of industrial refrigerated dog food in the market. The company is headed by Mr. Richard Thompson, who is the Chief Executive Officer, and therefore, oversees all procedures of the company including production. His primary focus in the manufacture of high-quality products. The company avoids using preservatives and only uses fresh ingredients to achieve this. The CEO also ensures that the company’s products do not stay on the shelves for long, and the consumer can get them while they are still fresh and tasty. Fresh Inc. is part of the rapidly rising 23.7 billion dollar pet food industry that is currently convincing pet owners to pay more for quality feeds.
Some companies in the pet food production have been producing feeds that have zero percent organic grains by mixing their kibble with salmon and lamb. There is a significant transformation that has been brought about by the newcomers in the pet food industry such as Blue Buffalo Co. and Freshpet Inc, who are producing fresh and healthy feeds that are even fit for human consumption. This evolution has forced the traditional manufacturers to improve their products to match the current market completion. Companies such as Colgate-Palmolive produce feeds that help dogs to lose weight. The Purina unit of Nestlé gives pet owners the pleasure of ordering customized feeds through its website. Many other companies in the market are currently working towards the invention of the finest and latest products that can attract pet owners.

The Beneful dog food brand that is produced by Purina is famous for its high quality. It meets the requirements of many WalMart consumers through its many recipes that can be used for different purposes. The products of the brand include Beneful Original Dry Dog food (, Beneful Playful Life, Beneful IncrediBites, Beneful Healthy Smile, Beneful Healthy Growth for Puppies, Beneful Healthy Fiesta, Beneful Healthy Weight and Beneful Healthy Radiance. These feeds have a high dry matter content and less water and thus are suitable for the dog’s nourishment. also produces twenty different types of wet feeds that are soft and tasty to the dog.

Vitamin-rich vegetables and real meats that help in improving the dog’s nutrition are used in the manufacture of Beneful feeds. The products are made to have a 100 percent balanced nutrient content and the best textures and tastes. Both the wet and dry feeds are mixed with antioxidants and Omega-rich ingredients, and this outstanding nutritional value makes Beneful the best dog food brand in the market.