European Union’s Refugee Crisis Prompts George Soros To Reveal His Plans

Market Watch recently unveiled the plans of George Soros to handle the refugee crisis that is threatening the future of the entire European Union in an article in which he detailed how he would lead the continent through this crisis. Soros has his own history as a refugee that began with the invasion of his home country of Hungary by Nazi forces during World War II; as a Holocaust survivor George Soros made his way across Europe until he finally settled in London and completed the financial education that would eventually lead him to Wall Street.

George Soros believes the current migration problems in Europe have been building for a number of years and have been brought to a head by the ongoing conflict in Syria. The Syrian crisis on should be the starting point for the choices made by EU leaders, such as German Chancellor Angela Merkel who Soros often refers to as the leader of the free world. The hedge fund billionaire believes the European Union must set specific limits on the number of refugees entering the continent, which George Soros believes should be set at around one million refugees per year.

Coupled with the limits on refugees entering the European Union George Soros believes the political group on should also use its excellent credit rating to obtain funding for a wide range of measures designed to assist refugees and protect the member states of the Union. The first step George Soros recommends is the establishment of a continent wide border and immigration control agency that could control the flow of refugees and create easy to navigate routes for refugees to move directly to their chosen destination.

George Soros has attempted to create a range of philanthropic options for the people of the world to enjoy after he developed his own fortune of over $25 billion; Soros is known for the success of his hedge fund, which achieved average growth of more than 20 percent each year for over three decades. Over the course of his career Soros has looked to use his success to help others and push forward the liberal ideals he has always stood for.

The plan revealed by George Soros would require member states of the European Union to develop a way of moving refugees around the continent in a fair way to avoid the current issues affecting Greece and Italy where a backlog of migrants is causing major problems. The use of new ways of funding the crisis would go so far as to develop payments made by the EU to provide around $17,000 each year to provide a better standard of life for refugees as they pass through the processing system. Soros believes a central fund to pay for the lives of refugees would also reduce the panic that has spread across European nations with regards to migrants claiming benefits from individual member states.

Wen by Chaz Receives High Praise

Wen cleansing conditioner was put through the ringer for an experiment for an article in Bustle. The author of the article was determined to find a hair care solution for her admittedly fine, limp hair. Although she said she loved trying out beauty products, before this experiment, she had not found a permanent solution to her hair styling dilemma. However, as the before and after pictures of her hair definitely show, the WEN cleansing conditioner certainly did the trick. After just one week of using the Wen by Chaz cleansing conditioner, her hair was noticeably fuller and shinier, just as she had hoped. She loved sharing the results with her readers and encourages them to try out the Wen by Chaz cleansing conditioner for themselves to experience the same amazing results.

Part of what makes Wen by Chaz Dean cleansing conditioner so unique from other hair care products on the market is that women with all different types and textures of hair are able to experience the same incredible results from the Wen by Chaz cleansing conditioner, even after a single use. Wen by Chaz cleansing conditioner is recommended for daily use for the best results and can be used just as a typical shampoo or conditioner. The major difference with WEN cleansing conditioner, besides the amazing results, is that it can replace a variety of hair care products. Its revolutionary formula is based on a five in one model, so the Wen by Chaz cleansing conditioner combines the functions of a shampoo, conditioner, detangler, deep conditioner and leave in conditioner all in one bottle. Instead of weighing hair down or subjecting it to over processing, the Wen by Chaz cleansing conditioner is one of the few hair care products that makes hair healthier with each use. Wen is available for order online via


Arf Arf Means I Want BENEFUL® Dog Food NOW

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The Leading Mergers And Acquisitions Advisory Firm, Madison Street Capital

Madison Street Capital is one of the investment banks that is known for its executive services on mergers & acquisitions consultancy also known as (M&A) advisory. This firm also offers corporate financing solutions which make it highly excellent in the business’ mergers and acquisitions. Madison Street Capital operations and services cover the larger middle market on which according to the firm holds more potential for prosperity in the market than any other business class. This firm as established its headquarters in Chicago, Illinois, and as branches in continents such as North America, Africa, and Asia. Madison Street Capital also offers other services to the entire business industry like financial restructuring services, capital valuation, institutional and corporate advisory, business valuation services, financial report valuation, private equity and financial investor advisory to its clients in the business industry. This firm has been able to beat its competitors in the business industry by providing its customers with exceptional services. The firm’s staff have good market knowledge that has helped their clients prosper in their business. The staff and the executive services of this firm have been the greatest success tool to it.

Mergers and acquisitions or (M&A) involve business transactions whereby business entities transfer their ownership or that of its operating units or at times they are put together. Madison Street Capital understand that mergers and acquisitions are a very important management strategy. This strategy gives room for business entities to either their market or revolutionize their operations so as to achieve a better competitive position. Madison Street Capital gives business entities advisory on how to handle and go through a successful business merger or acquisition on It helps a firm identity its plus for mergers and acquisitions and what it will take to facilitate the transactions.

Madison Street Capital also helps the merging and acquiring business entities fulfill the legalities of the process. It helps the business entities legally and solidly consolidate or even pass over ownership. The main checkpoints for any merger or acquisition are the stock, equity interests and assets for both the business entities. With the skill and experience that Madison Street Capital possess, the help the business entities smoothly bring their assets and liabilities into one business entity. After a long business time, Madison Street Capital understands the essence of perfectly formulated mergers and acquisitions for a business’ future and success. You can be sure to be well served at Madison Street Capital on your mergers and acquisitions needs.


Igor Cornelsen’s Invaluable Tips on Investing

Igor Cornelsen, a retired banker and now the proprietor of Bainbridge Investment Inc. is credited with being one most successful bankers heading major banking institutions in the world. Apart from his acumen in the commercial banking sector during his days, he is also one of the smartest stock market investors in Brazil. This has enabled him to become a looked upon authority on providing investment advice for people who wish to start trading in the stock market.

One of the stock investing methods on disqus that Igor Cornelsen believes in is that, the stock market is not a trading platform meant for the accumulation of wealth fast. On the contrary, he strongly believes that shrewd and successful stock market investors ought to make long term investment decisions in the stock market as opposed to short term buying of stocks with the hope that one will get quick riches. Investing in the long term is essential as one is able to earn dividends periodically and eventually get over a hundred percent profit on the particular stocks he has invested in. Therefore he advises investors to deride themselves of the notion that the stock market is meant to make one rich fast.

Further he strongly advises stock investors of the importance of having a diversified stock portfolio as opposed to massively buying one stock. This is particularly important for new investors in the market who are green in trading of stocks. Essentially, this means that it is prudent to purchase stocks of different companies publicly listed in the Bourse. The investment guru believes this is important because it significantly reduces the inevitable risk that so often plaques stock markets world over.

Another invaluable investment advice that Igor Cornelsen holds true is the importance of considering passive income as a viable way of getting more money. Passive income works well because the income generating activity does not require active participation of its owner. This gives the owner time to concentrate on other important activities that are income generating or take time off and relax. The bargain in this kind of investment is that one ought to finance it at the beginning then let someone else, often a professional to manage the income generating activity as an agent of the owner. The owner only needs to check once in a while. An example of such an investment is, investing in the stock market and hiring a manager to oversee your portfolio.

Lastly according to Igor Cornelsen the investment magnet also holds the view that a shrewd investor in the stock market has to consider a number of factors before deciding on the particular stock. The disadvantage of blindly buying stocks of a company is that the company’s stock may fall down due to the company’s financial position and maybe management woes. Therefore, it is necessary to consider the basics of an investment before going for it.

The success of BMG competitive strategy

BMG is a financial institution that is privately owned and controlled by the Pentagna Guimaraes family. The family entered the Brazilian banking industry in the 1930s by establishing the Banco de CreditoPredial S.A. It was later renamed to Banco de Minas Gerais S.A.

BMG is a commercial bank offering a variety of financial products to their clients. For years, BMGs sales strength and professional operations have given it a cutting age in the Brazilian financial sector. The institution was able to create a brand that is a household name in Brazil because of its tradition, ability to tap into modern technology and to understand and move with major market shifts.

BMG concentrated in wholesale and consumer financing as its core business. It took up the largest market share in vehicle financing until the 1980s. After a few years, BMG shifted its focus to providing payroll loans. In 2012, the bank formed a joint venture with ItauUnibanco S.A with the aim of distributing and commercializing payroll loans in Brazil. Currently, the BMG and ItauUnibanco SA are in a unified business offering payroll loans.

The unification strategy in the joint venture seemed to benefit BMG even though it only owns 40% of the total and voting capital stock while ItauUnibanco owns the rest. Some of the advantages that BMG experiences in the joint venture include helping the bank to concentrate on other strategic products, which include financing used vehicles, BMG Express and payroll credit card.

The ability for BMG to stand out in the financial market is attributed to the professional management team that has maintained a high-level corporate governance practices. BMG relies on the board of directors with at least 40% of them being independent members. Under the knowledge and discipline of BMG’s vice president and operation director Marco Alaor, the institution has been able to lure more consumers in Brazil, business entities and investors to their strategic plans.

Mr. MarcioAlaor has steered the bank to profitability and sustainable growth successfully despite the presence of intense competition in the Brazilian financial market. Among the adopted strategies that have made BMG remain competitive is tapping into the veteran credit team that utilize technological resources and have an incredible experience to spearhead BMGs values of credit policies.

It is through the director Mr. MarcioAlaor and BMG vice president that the bank has been able to diversify its funding and investment practices. BMG core strategy is their intent to ensure that companies and individual consumers can reach their financial goals while at the same time mitigating the institution’s financial risks.

CCMP Capital – private equity investment firm

CCMP Capital Advisors is private equity firm that is globally operated and business is conducted in a quality, strategic way relying on the experts in the industry. Buyout and growth equity transactions are the sole purpose for the company’s business structure, and they have invested over $16 billion dollars to fund the transactions throughout the business model plan. The company has been running successfully and solid since 1984. Along with the buyout and equity growth transactions, there are four different interesting areas of expertise that they specialize in. They offer consumer availability and transactions for consumers and retail business, industrial practices and businesses, healthcare structures and chemicals/energy transactions. The four targeted areas are investment foundations for each type of sector and their professional management team has active, willing and highly talented individuals that are ready to assist each and every client that places their trust in them. The Advisors at CCMP Capital and the companies that have helped develop such a reputable foundation have earned the world class investment partner status.

There are many reasons, people and valuable assets that have made CCMP Capital the investment company that it is today. One man in particular, who is the co-founder of the company and has helped develop each business structure, is called Stephen Murray. He started his financial career early on, more specifically in the year of 1984, when he started studying economics at Boston College. After graduation he wanted to get his master’s in business administration, so he accomplished that as well. He started working for investment firms along the way while he was in college. He actually took part in a program as a training analyst in 1984. As his career progressed, he started getting more involved in financial investment companies. One lead to another and the other bought the other company out, and before he knew it, he was working for one of the largest firms in the country. J.P. Morgan Chase was handling many investment affairs for many people all over the world. They eventually lent a branch of their company to Stephen Murray CCMP Capital, and that is when Murray became a co-founder in 2006. It wasn’t until 2007 that he became the company’s president and chief executive officer.

Not only was Murray very educated in the investment business, but he really appreciated and looked forward to his work with many foundations such as the Make A Wish Foundation and the Boston Food Bank. He was a talented man that had a lot of heart, and wanted to help others if he could. Wall Street reported Murray sadly passed away in March of 2015 due to health reason. He will be remembered for his expertise and immense strengths that he brought to each company.

Wen is an All-In-One Product That Can Save Time


WEN was created by Chaz Dean. It takes the place of five products: shampoo, conditioner, detangler, leave in conditioner, and deep conditioner. It does not strip the hair of natural oils and does not contain harsh sulfates that are found in many regular shampoos.

Wen is a very popular hair product that promises incredible results. It is also an all-in-one product, meaning that it takes the place of several products, including shampoo, conditioner and styling products. It promises to leave the hair healthy, shiny, voluminous and manageable. Many people are drawn to the convenience of the product. It takes a lot less time to use one singular product than it does to use both shampoo and conditioner then rinse them both out. Then with a typical hair routine you generally will apply additional products after showering. This can be rather time consuming. A product like Wen can end up saving you a lot of time while still providing similar results.

Occasionally, people will find a few draw backs with the product. Some individuals claim on facebook that they have to wash their hair more frequently when using Wen and they no longer have the option of showering every other day or the night before. However, this is not a problem for some people because many individuals shower every day anyway. It also depends on your hair type and how long it typically takes your hair to begin looking oily. Despite this potential draw back, WEN products on Amazon can end up saving you a lot of time and make your daily getting ready process more simple. It can offer you a lot of shine and volume without a lot of effort. This process was mentioned in an article on Bustle which you can find here:


Slyce.It: Visual Search Engines New edge image recognition technology just makes it easier for users to buy things they see in real life, how does this work? Just snap a picture of a billboard or printed material or scan a barcode of a product you like and this app will retrieve the most accurate results from a variety of vendors locally or worldwide.

But Slyce is not aiming for something that is already in the market, they want to be a step forward and give users a 3D interface, if its users see something they like, for example, a purse, shoes, jeans, etc, they just need to take a picture and the app will analyze all the attributes of the product (color, pattern, style, unique features) and will return the results with similar products from a catalog.

The youth nowadays is tech savvy and in need of faster and easier ways to get things done, for example some of them have issues on finding clothes either because some brands just make them too large or too small, and in-store purchases for this kind of demographics is just a thing of the past and they want to have the world in their palms and be delivered to their doorstep.

With this new image recognition technology arriving the supply and demand chain will struggle because retailer are now going to have to think several months in advance so they do not fall short of product all this triggered by a new trend which is predicted to be around for years to come.

Dick and Betsy DeVos Moving Toward Liquor Business

Dick DeVos is The Michigan Entrepreneur and More
Dick DeVos is clearly a Michigan entrepreneur and there is much more to him than that. He is a businessman and he is also an investor. He has an intriguing and remarkable background. His father was the co-founder of Amway, which Dick is heir to according to MLive reports. He has been listed in Forbes magazine as the 67th richest individuals in the United States. Dick is an all around interesting and highly engaging man. He seems to always find another endeavor in his life that seems to keep him thriving and interested.

Dick ran for Governor of Michigan and although he was defeated, he maintains a strong presense in politics. House of Cards even made reference to his donations, which he weighs in on in the following article:

The Power Couple and The Liquor Business
Dick and Betsy DeVos are viewed, by many, as the political power couple of Michigan. Their current business move is toward the liquor business. Windquest Group had set a motion in to buy Coppercraft Distillery. Windquest Group is their holding company. The first step in the process has been set into action. It was on January 20 that the LCC had approved the license transfer. It should be known that it is Windquest that is listed as the “registered agent.” This is for the Holland Township company. The transfer could take as long as six months for the state to approve. It was Walter Catton 111 who had originally opened up the distillery. This opening took place in 2013. He had been wanting to broaden and expand the operations. He was looking for an investor to assist in the expansion. He is not speaking about the possibility of a deal between himself and Dick and Betsy DeVos. This is a 90000 square-foot distillery. It also has a 50-seat tasting room. Catton is excited about this new direction and this entire journey. This distillery does distribute to well-over 100 locations. This is throughout Michigan. They also supply clients in Illinois as well as in Colorado. The idea is to have an increase in the distillery’s network of distribution. 

A Family Man
Dick DeVos had started in business at an early age. It was Amway, the family business. This business began in the basement of their home. This was a business that did include the entire family. He and his brother were just young boys when they became helpers of the business. They had the assignment of greeting the attendees at the yearly Amway conventions. The participated in many other ways too.

Learn more about Dick by getting to know more about his foundation or by checking him out on the New Netherland Institute site.