Beneful Is Doing A Good Thing For Dogs Across The Country

Beneful is a brand that is always trying to do what is best for the dogs that it is creating products for, and one of the things that it has recently done to make all dogs’ lives better is to help create and fix up dog parks across the country. It was said on PR Newswire that Beneful has been setting up crowdfund campaigns and working with communities on getting dog parks set up all over. The brand wants to help dogs to be living more active of lifestyles, and it wants to help the relationship between dog and dog owner to improve, as well. It hopes that building the dog parks can help things in every way, and that is why it is working so hard to get everything to come to be. This is the fifth year that Beneful has done this, and that is a great thing to see. The company is working hard to get dog parks set up all across the country, and that means that soon many dogs, from tiny dogs to larger ones, will have a safe place to play outdoors. That will give their owners the chance to spend more time with them, and it will be an overall good thing.

Slyce Is Offering New Visual Search Technology With Major Retailers

Slyce is a clever, new way for consumers to gain access to e-commerce inventories of major retailers all from their mobile devices. We have been talking about this for a while now, and several attempts have been made to master visual search technology. Slyce has succeeded in connecting consumers with major retailers and businesses like JC Penny, Home Depot and Neiman Marcus. Now, consumers are able to take part in the new and exciting world of visual search technology. This will benefit retailers in a huge way because they will have immediate access to retailers’ inventories with the click of a button on their mobile device. Retailers will have options for displaying coupons and starting conversations with consumers like never before.

How Does This Visual Search Technology Work?

If you are new to the technology used in visual search, have no fear. Most of us have never used it before, but we’ve been discussing the day when we would be able to take pictures of something in a store and purchase it. Slyce has the market cornered on this technology. They have a relationship with big brands and major retail locations. People who download the app for Slyce onto their iPhone, Android or other similar mobile device will have the ability to shop from virtually anywhere they go. The technology uses the users’ camera to take a picture of the object the user wishes to purchase. The object can be in 3D or 2D, which is to say that people can take a picture of virtually anything and find a similar listing on Slyce.

That means that you can be sitting at a coffee shop when a cyclist parks their bike. The cyclist has a headlamp on their bike that you really like. All you need to do is take a picture on Slyce to find a similar headlamp on their database. Alternatively, you could take a picture of the headlamp when you see it on a cyclist in a magazine. This technology is super helpful. This information was originally posted on Yahoo Finance. It can be found here.

Dating In Russia Can Begin At Any Age

Unfortunately, many have a negative view of dating women that live in international locations. Russian women are one of the most well-known women when it comes to catalog brides, and some have a negative view of these types of women, but a lot of the views that people have about these women are incorrect. Many may feel that Russian women are dating American men in hopes of coming to America for a better life and that they are in no way in love with the man that they are talking to.

The fact is, many women from Russia have fallen in love with American men, and they’ve even had marriages that continued on for years with these men. Those that are experiencing the dating process in America or Russia that consists of international dating can understand that people may have opinions about international dating, but it’s no different than having a long-distance relationship. There are many that have long-distance relationships that are genuine. Each person will wait for one another until the day that they can be together, so there is no difference between a Russian woman dating an American man. Many are choosing to date online these days because of the fact that it’s an easier process.

Those who go to the Anastasia Date website will have a much easier time dating internationally, and they’ll join the millions of other Anastasia Date users that are going to the website. Anastasia Date currently boasts over 20 million members and counting, and over 80 million users go to the site throughout the year. Anastasia Date is known as the number one international dating site, and the website boasts many different types of women, including Russian and Ukrainian women. The women on the Anastasia Date site are looking for love like many other women out there.

Men who choose to talk to women on the Anastasia Date website are in for a treat because these women are not gorgeous, and many of the women are truly looking to fall in love with a great man. There are several ways for men to communicate with the women they meet on Anastasia Date, and one of the most popular ways to communicate is via messaging. The messaging is live, which means that each person will get a response from the other person right away. Those who want an in-depth experience can choose to video chat, which allows each person to see one another.

The Sergio Cortes MJ Impersonation Rulebook

If there was a rulebook for impersonating Michael Jackson, Sergio Cortes would be the one to write it. He has become someone that is able to put on an excellent show and entertain MJ fans, but a lot of it has to do with the systematic way that he approaches the whole process of impersonation. He has been able to rise above the standard that other Michael Jackson impersonators put in place because he is taking things to a whole new level.

The first hypothetical rule that Sergio Cortes appears to write on the walls to those that are planning to imitate Michael Jackson is realizing the importance of securing the right wardrobe. Sergio Cortes knows how to play the part because he has different costumes for different songs just as Michael Jackson did when he was on stage. This is very impressive because these are replica garments of the ones that Jackson wore when he performed some of his greatest hits like “Smooth Criminal “and “Thriller” for large numbers of screaming fans.

If Sergio Cortes planned to write a book a second rule might be too always study the dance moves of Michael Jackson and perfect the things that he did throughout the show. You want to take a look at the more than the moonwalk and duplicate the entire stage presence. Most fans may not perform as well as Jackson did but most people can imitate the moonwalk to some extent. The thing that makes imitating Michael Jackson complicated is being a see what all the other random movements that he did it while he was on stage. With someone that performed over two hours at a time there was a lot of movement. As a diehard Jackson fan impersonator Sergio Cortes has to do a lot of studying and check out lots of footage for concerts. He has to really get a firm grip on what Michael Jackson looks like doing an entire concert performance.

A third and final rule by Sergio Cortes might be for impersonators to simply think big. Sergio goes all out in the same way that Michael Jackson went all out for setting up stages for concerts. He has managed to duplicate the background dancers and provide live musicians for his performance. Sergio has also decided to go on tour. This is what separates him from many of the other amateur MJ imitators.


BMG, a family, owned has grown to be the leading payroll deduction credit in Brazil since it entered into the lucrative sector. BMG is now the benchmark from which other financial institutions rate their services. Headquartered in the city of Bello Horizonte, BMG has condensed all its operations to cover the National territory by being the only financial institution millions of clients can trust. The institution has been able a wide geographical area thanks to the thousands of correspondents or bank agents who render their services effortlessly. Through this penetration, BMG had been able to rake in profits from the first in 2010 when its profits grew by over 100% margin comparing the performance with the previous years.

Currently, BMG has partnered with over a thousand bank correspondents, more than thirty thousand payroll agents and more than four million clients. The institution has been in the industry for a long time employing the best human capital and taking incorporating the latest technological developments. The bank has developed a technological hub that provides efficient and fast delivery of services. Customers get the chance to originate loans at their comfort by just accessing a computer connected to the Internet.
The main focus of the institution has been to enhance transparency and integrity. These two goals have seen BMG establish magistracy that has been the link between the bank and their clients. Apart from focusing on its growth, the institution has also taken the initiative of empowering the immediate community by consolidating its cultural and social responsibility. Several sponsorship programs have been started to benefit the young talented sports people, the establishment of health facilities and homes.
Marcio Alaor BMG, who serves both as the vice president and director, has been instrumental in the growth of BMG. Together with his talented team, Marcio Alaor has helped design strategies that will take Brazilian financial sector with a storm.

Sergio Cortes Is The Best: It’s Written In Black And White!

Michael Jackson fans tend to be very picky about who impersonates their idol, and rightfully so. With that said, Sergio Cortes has managed to garner praises from fans and non-fans alike. He is perhaps one of the best Michael Jackson impersonators you will ever see, if not the best Michael Jackson impersonator that you will ever see. He is so masterful at capturing the spirit of Michael Jackson in his performances that his fame has spread well beyond his native Mexico.

Sergio perfectly embodies MJ during the eighties and nineties, when the King of Pop’s worldwide fame was soaring. Sergio nails each aspect of impersonating Michael Jackson. His shows include all of the elements needed to transport you to a live Michael Jackson experience, including vocals, costumes, dancers, stage presence, body language, and stage lighting.

People don’t often bear a perfect resemblance to each other, must less to high profile celebrities. However, if you saw Sergio Cortes walking down the street, you would be forced to do a double take. His facial features and body type are so similar to Michael’s that one could be forgiven for believing that the King of Pop had come back to life.

Another important aspect to Michael Jackson’s performances were his costumes and wardrobe. When one sees a picture of Michael Jackson in a particular outfit, they know immediately which music video it came from. Sergio manages to get all of the details of each outfit right, thus adding to the realness of the experience.

Not only does Sergio look amazingly similar to MJ, but he also dances like him. MJ was well known for his crisp, creative dance moves. Sergio manages to pull off some of Michael’s most iconic dance numbers, including “They Don’t Care About Us” and “Black and White.” True fans of Michael Jackson know that he was a true perfectionist. Sergio certainly follows in his footsteps, as he doesn’t leave any detail to chance when putting on a live performance.

All in all, if you get the chance to see Sergio Cortes perform live as Michael Jackson, don’t miss it. His performances are a treat for anyone who has ever admired Michael Jackson’s music. You’re sure to have a memorable time with the King of Pop as impersonated by the unmatchable Sergio Cortes.

The Importance of Education in the Market

The Brazilian stock market is one of those markets that require a lot of education in order to profit. If one does not profit from the market, he will lose money in many cases. Trying to rely on blind luck is going to land one in bankruptcy. For this reason, it is important one learns as much as he can from as many reliable sources as he can. Among the sources that is good to learn from is Igor Cornelsen due to his success in the Brazilian stock market. He is one of the most prominent people to learn from when it comes to stocks and investing.

He has plenty of writings that could be found on the Internet that deals with the market. Igor Cornelsen has plenty of tips and examples that he could use to help people know what to expect and how to make better and more profitable decisions on the stock market or any market that they can invest in and earn money. It is also important to be educated on the market because many people’s instincts take them in the opposite direction of profit. This is a knock back in their efforts to profit.

One of the things that people do which take them away from profitability is trying to predict a change a trend. Many people see that an asset has been trending down or going in a certain price direction. So they try to get in on when they thing is going to be the next correction. The only issue is that they wind up losing money when the price does not go how they expect it. Another thing is that they hold on to the losing trade as they see that they are losing money with the hopes of turning it around. Igor Cornelsen would advise people not to take that action.

Igor Cornelsen would recommend that one takes the time to study up on the different assets and the market that the asset is under. There are tons of different types of ways to read the market. There is the technical analysis and fundamental analysis. In the end, like Igor Cornelsen did, one must find a method that works for him. There is no method that is going to work for everyone. However, there are effective methods of trading in the market and ineffective methods for the market. Igor Cornelsen knows which methods works for him. It is up to each investor find one that works for him. Fortunately, there are many different methods that one could use. Many of them work in some way. There are some that do not work at all. Even some of the methods that ultimately fail the user actually works for a while.

Overview of Citadel LLC

Citadel LLC is a private company concerned with market making and alternative investments that was founded in 1990. Formerly, Citadel was known as Citadel Investment Group LLC. It is a firm having more than 1400employees and has its headquarters located in Chicago and numerous operational offices throughout Europe, Asia and North America. Citadel has been recognized as one of the highest earning hedge funds over the years. Most of the world’s largest institutional investors tend to give this firm the responsibility of managing their assets in areas such as university endowments, pensions and even supreme wealth funds.

Ken Griffin was the founder of Citadel Company and is currently working as the CEO of this great firm. He was born in October 15, 1968 in Daytona Beach, Florida. He went to Harvard University where his main focus was in economics and managed to secure himself a Bachelor’s Degree. Kenneth is a great influential man who has been visionary since the moment he joined university. He started investing in his first year after getting ideas from the Forbes magazine article. He went ahead to form a hedge fund that its focus was on convertible bond arbitrage. Griffin was able to capitalize the fund which was $265000 from family, money from his grandmother as well as his friends. To acquire real time data,Griffin opted to install a satellite link to his dormitory this was a strategy that helped him maintain capital in its original state in 1987 during the stock market crash. Griffin succeeded on his first fund and therefore went ahead to launch a second fund. At that moment he was managing over $1 million between the two funds, this was really impressive.

Griffin was the first youngest individual to appear in the Forbes magazine in 2003 with a roughly estimated figure of net worth that was $650million. Ken Griffin’s works on wallstreetjournal have been acknowledged by most people for his implementation in a cooperative work culture as well as motivational support to Citadel employees. He has also been able to air and testify his issues on the market structure at various hearings of the government. Griffin has served different positions in his life time in most board committees for example, the capital markets regulation committee. He is also a recognized active art buyer who is devoted to set aside time to engage himself in art collection. Kenneth got engaged to Anne Dias-Griffin who was also the head of Aragon Global Management in Chicago.

Citadel firm has major investments that are notable such as the purchasing of the entire Amaranth Advisors’ energy portfolio. It has also advocated for legislation in financial issues hence playing a very active role in market structures. Citadel also has made risk management so simple in that its focus is on three major areas which are liquidity, testing analysis and exposure analysis. This method has really worked as expected globally and even was rated as an A grade way of management of risks in the annual report card of Institutional Hedge Fund. Citadel is one of the most best places to work with financial issues, this has been justified by the numerous awards won by this firm over time.

Keeping Your Dog Active With Beneful

When your pooch needs a pick me up there’s only one place to turn. Stop what you’re doing now and go feed your hungry little friend. They are called man’s best friend for a reason. The dog is the most loyal creature on this planet. They have been known to save people from accidents and always are there to cheer people up when they have a bad day. This is why it is so important to take care of them. They can’t speak for themselves. Well, they can bark, but they can’t say when they’re hungry. You need to be a responsible pet owner and look out for them.

Nutrition is important when it comes to keeping your dog living and playing as hard as they like to play. The food you feed them keeps them moving. They are like batteries. When they run out of juice there is no more play time. Keep them full and active by feeding them the best food possible. Keep doing your research and find what experts agree to be the best pet food. Purina makes a food called Beneful, which is packed full of things dogs love to eat. Beneful is a tasty treat that dogs love to eat. They’ll wag their tails and jump for joy when they see the bag full of food coming their way.

Dogs are comfort animals. Some of them even serve people as service animals. Keeping them satisfied makes them more likely to perform these duties at their fullest capacity. Even watching guard over the house takes up their energy. Have your watch dog fed properly. Maintain their healthy diet by researching and purchasing the best food on the market. I feed my dog Beneful once in the morning and again at night. He really loves the tasty food. It is a bonding experience for both of us to participate in every day. I even take a few kibbles with us when we go for our walk through town. We stop in the field nearby, at the local high school. That’s where I teach him some tricks. I have one of those clickers that helps in teaching dogs. I take out a pouch of kibbles to help. If I’m lucky, we have some actual Purina dog treats available in addition to the kibbles. This makes for a great training exercise for both of us.

There’s no reason to feed your dog cheap food. You don’t want to put garbage in your mouth, so why would you do that to your dog? There’s a saying to treat others as you want to be treated. You should do the same for your dog. Treat him like you would want to be treated. Part of this is buying the best food and doing adequate research on what ingredients are in the food. Dogs need a different set of nutrients than people because they have a completely different digestive system. There’s a lot of great information available on this subject online.


In today’s society, it is becoming increasingly difficult to imagine a world without mobile technology. As more technological advances are made, the smaller the world becomes. People can use mobile technology to pay bills, send gifts, order take-outs, complete homework assignments, conduct meetings, and connect with new people who live far way. There are countless mobile applications – apps, for short – available for cell phones and mobile tablets; nowadays, hundreds of new mobile apps are created each year. Mobile apps allow mobile device users to link with others with ease and to access a wealth of information in the palm of your hand.

In addition to mobile apps, social media has become a very popular means of connecting with other people. Popular social media outlets, like Twitter and Facebook, allow users to share their personal world with others via written posts or tweets, pictures, and/or videos; express their thoughts and feelings; re-connect with family and old friends; and meet new people. Some of these social media websites cater to users looking for love and romance. Since the Internet has become more accessible to many, people are using it to find a potential mate and/or have a good time in the company of another. There are several popular online dating websites available, like Zoosk, Tinder, and Omegle; mostly all of them also have mobile apps.

Skout Inc. is another popular mean for online dating. Founded in 2007 by current CEO Christian Wiklund and current CTO Niklas Lindstrom in San Francisco, Skout on techcrunch currently boasts over 10 million users, with 1.5 million new users each month, from 180 countries. Skout is a mobile app that used GPS to connect users with others in close promixity for the purpose of flirting and dating. If the GPS is disabled, Skout users can create a profile for interested prospects to view. Skout has separated communities for adult and teen users; it is also available for iOS and Android devices and in 14 languages.

Skout allows its users to chat with other users via instant messaging, exchange photos or notes with each other, and send virtual gifts to each other. In addition, Skout has some unique features, like “Shake to Chat”, “Skout Travel”, and “Feature Me”. With “Shake to Chat”, Skout users form random connections with other users by shaking their phones at the same time. A premium paid feature, “Skout Travel” connects traveling users to each other. “Feature Me” spotlights certain Skout users who placed themselves on center stage for the entire community.

Skout offers two additional mobile app products, Nixter and Fuse. Acquired in May 2014, Nixter is a nightlife app allowing users to find nightlife events, purchase tickets, and access guest lists for events in New York City, San Francisco, and Los Angeles. Launched in June 2014, Fuse is a short-lived group messaging app allowing users to create social networks using their devices’ address books. Skout Inc. continues to grow in the expanding yet lucrative mobile dating market while exploring new ways to foster interaction and possibly love among its users.