Overview of Citadel LLC

Citadel LLC is a private company concerned with market making and alternative investments that was founded in 1990. Formerly, Citadel was known as Citadel Investment Group LLC. It is a firm having more than 1400employees and has its headquarters located in Chicago and numerous operational offices throughout Europe, Asia and North America. Citadel has been recognized as one of the highest earning hedge funds over the years. Most of the world’s largest institutional investors tend to give this firm the responsibility of managing their assets in areas such as university endowments, pensions and even supreme wealth funds.

Ken Griffin was the founder of Citadel Company and is currently working as the CEO of this great firm. He was born in October 15, 1968 in Daytona Beach, Florida. He went to Harvard University where his main focus was in economics and managed to secure himself a Bachelor’s Degree. Kenneth is a great influential man who has been visionary since the moment he joined university. He started investing in his first year after getting ideas from the Forbes magazine article. He went ahead to form a hedge fund that its focus was on convertible bond arbitrage. Griffin was able to capitalize the fund which was $265000 from family, money from his grandmother as well as his friends. To acquire real time data,Griffin opted to install a satellite link to his dormitory this was a strategy that helped him maintain capital in its original state in 1987 during the stock market crash. Griffin succeeded on his first fund and therefore went ahead to launch a second fund. At that moment he was managing over $1 million between the two funds, this was really impressive.

Griffin was the first youngest individual to appear in the Forbes magazine in 2003 with a roughly estimated figure of net worth that was $650million. Ken Griffin’s works on wallstreetjournal have been acknowledged by most people for his implementation in a cooperative work culture as well as motivational support to Citadel employees. He has also been able to air and testify his issues on the market structure at various hearings of the government. Griffin has served different positions in his life time in most board committees for example, the capital markets regulation committee. He is also a recognized active art buyer who is devoted to set aside time to engage himself in art collection. Kenneth got engaged to Anne Dias-Griffin who was also the head of Aragon Global Management in Chicago.

Citadel firm has major investments that are notable such as the purchasing of the entire Amaranth Advisors’ energy portfolio. It has also advocated for legislation in financial issues hence playing a very active role in market structures. Citadel also has made risk management so simple in that its focus is on three major areas which are liquidity, testing analysis and exposure analysis. This method has really worked as expected globally and even was rated as an A grade way of management of risks in the annual report card of Institutional Hedge Fund. Citadel is one of the most best places to work with financial issues, this has been justified by the numerous awards won by this firm over time.

Keeping Your Dog Active With Beneful

When your pooch needs a pick me up there’s only one place to turn. Stop what you’re doing now and go feed your hungry little friend. They are called man’s best friend for a reason. The dog is the most loyal creature on this planet. They have been known to save people from accidents and always are there to cheer people up when they have a bad day. This is why it is so important to take care of them. They can’t speak for themselves. Well, they can bark, but they can’t say when they’re hungry. You need to be a responsible pet owner and look out for them.

Nutrition is important when it comes to keeping your dog living and playing as hard as they like to play. The food you feed them keeps them moving. They are like batteries. When they run out of juice there is no more play time. Keep them full and active by feeding them the best food possible. Keep doing your research and find what experts agree to be the best pet food. Purina makes a food called Beneful, which is packed full of things dogs love to eat. Beneful is a tasty treat that dogs love to eat. They’ll wag their tails and jump for joy when they see the bag full of food coming their way.

Dogs are comfort animals. Some of them even serve people as service animals. Keeping them satisfied makes them more likely to perform these duties at their fullest capacity. Even watching guard over the house takes up their energy. Have your watch dog fed properly. Maintain their healthy diet by researching and purchasing the best food on the market. I feed my dog Beneful once in the morning and again at night. He really loves the tasty food. It is a bonding experience for both of us to participate in every day. I even take a few kibbles with us when we go for our walk through town. We stop in the field nearby, at the local high school. That’s where I teach him some tricks. I have one of those clickers that helps in teaching dogs. I take out a pouch of kibbles to help. If I’m lucky, we have some actual Purina dog treats available in addition to the kibbles. This makes for a great training exercise for both of us.

There’s no reason to feed your dog cheap food. You don’t want to put garbage in your mouth, so why would you do that to your dog? There’s a saying to treat others as you want to be treated. You should do the same for your dog. Treat him like you would want to be treated. Part of this is buying the best food and doing adequate research on what ingredients are in the food. Dogs need a different set of nutrients than people because they have a completely different digestive system. There’s a lot of great information available on this subject online.


In today’s society, it is becoming increasingly difficult to imagine a world without mobile technology. As more technological advances are made, the smaller the world becomes. People can use mobile technology to pay bills, send gifts, order take-outs, complete homework assignments, conduct meetings, and connect with new people who live far way. There are countless mobile applications – apps, for short – available for cell phones and mobile tablets; nowadays, hundreds of new mobile apps are created each year. Mobile apps allow mobile device users to link with others with ease and to access a wealth of information in the palm of your hand.

In addition to mobile apps, social media has become a very popular means of connecting with other people. Popular social media outlets, like Twitter and Facebook, allow users to share their personal world with others via written posts or tweets, pictures, and/or videos; express their thoughts and feelings; re-connect with family and old friends; and meet new people. Some of these social media websites cater to users looking for love and romance. Since the Internet has become more accessible to many, people are using it to find a potential mate and/or have a good time in the company of another. There are several popular online dating websites available, like Zoosk, Tinder, and Omegle; mostly all of them also have mobile apps.

Skout Inc. is another popular mean for online dating. Founded in 2007 by current CEO Christian Wiklund and current CTO Niklas Lindstrom in San Francisco, Skout on techcrunch currently boasts over 10 million users, with 1.5 million new users each month, from 180 countries. Skout is a mobile app that used GPS to connect users with others in close promixity for the purpose of flirting and dating. If the GPS is disabled, Skout users can create a profile for interested prospects to view. Skout has separated communities for adult and teen users; it is also available for iOS and Android devices and in 14 languages.

Skout allows its users to chat with other users via instant messaging, exchange photos or notes with each other, and send virtual gifts to each other. In addition, Skout has some unique features, like “Shake to Chat”, “Skout Travel”, and “Feature Me”. With “Shake to Chat”, Skout users form random connections with other users by shaking their phones at the same time. A premium paid feature, “Skout Travel” connects traveling users to each other. “Feature Me” spotlights certain Skout users who placed themselves on center stage for the entire community.

Skout offers two additional mobile app products, Nixter and Fuse. Acquired in May 2014, Nixter is a nightlife app allowing users to find nightlife events, purchase tickets, and access guest lists for events in New York City, San Francisco, and Los Angeles. Launched in June 2014, Fuse is a short-lived group messaging app allowing users to create social networks using their devices’ address books. Skout Inc. continues to grow in the expanding yet lucrative mobile dating market while exploring new ways to foster interaction and possibly love among its users.

The Importance Of Environmental Law

The world that we live in has changed a lot over the many years that man has been around. What was once very rich and protected land, is now damaged by chemicals, garbage, waste and pollution. In 1970, the National Environmental Policy Act was created as an environmental law method that would allow for proper protection of the environment. Any public or private entity that could cause environmental damage in some way is policed by this Act.

Policies are frequently being formed and assessments are completed in order to ensure the environment is not being damaged or harmed on both a residential and a commercial level. Any potential danger being done to the eco-system is investigated and dealt with on an appropriate basis. A variety of laws as well as goals are put into place that allows for prevention of environmental issues before they occur. Environmental law has many different branches, with a variety of sub-acts designed to offer protection in a variety of ways. The Clean Air Act is used to protect the air we breathe on our Earth and The Clean Water Act keeps chemicals, waste and pollution out of the water so we can safely drink and use the water in our area. There are other acts that offer protection including:

The Pollution Prevention Act
The National Environmental Policy Act
The Occupational Safety and Health Act
The Toxic Substances Control Act
The Federal Insecticide, Fungicide and Rodenticide Act

While many of these acts are on a national basis, there is plenty of action being taken in other parts of the world to help protect the environment across the globe. There are professionals such as Frans Schoeman, who is the Director at Phatsima Diamond. This is a law firm located in Bellville, South Africa that focuses on environmental law on a local as well as global level. These laws can be very long and involved. It takes a true professional to understand them and use them to penalize people or corporations that are not following the rules. Frans Schoeman, along with many other environmental attorneys provide the legal interpretation needed in order to rectify environmental issues. There was a time when certain legislation was not in place but professionals have worked hard over the years to make progress in this area.

There is still much work to be done in the area of environmental law. There will be new laws in the future and right now there are advocated pushing through the process to have new acts passed. Once a statute is passed through congress and then regulations are described by the Environmental Protection Agency. The federal courts will then provide an interpretation of regulations in the instance that an issue comes up. Truly, these environmental advocates across the globe are to thank when it comes to the preservation and protection of our Earth.

What is Environmental Law?

While the term environmental law would appear easy to understand, it’s easy to misunderstand the definition in its entirety. The environment we live in needs laws to help sustain it, but the laws within those laws and anything related to the environment is just as important. This means that the contents of the land, how it affects the surrounding areas of land and the air are all important. The laws that are put into place to protect the land, animals, and the air need special attorneys to ensure these laws are being followed.

There are tons of regulations, statutes, and other rules in place to help maintain the environment that we as humans live in. One specific area of interest recently is pollution and how it’s effecting the world we live in. It’s easy to see how human beings feel this is too big of a task to take on, especially one that concerns the entire world. However, if we don’t implement laws and regulations to help protect the environment, it’s ultimately our fault when things go awry with our air, water, land, plants, and animals.

Frans Schoeman, an attorney on medium.com for Phatsima Diamond in South Africa knows something about this. His profound knowledge of the law and how it works has served the Cape Town area greatly, and there continues to be issues surrounding mining. Mining is a big deal in South Africa as a result of the gold rush and the need for more diamonds. As mines around the world continue to close, Schoeman heads up the mining operation that takes place for Phatsima Diamond Corporation. Mining and the tools used to perform the task can have a tremendous impact on the land and the air we breathe.

Miners who choose to mine the land for diamonds or other gems and precious metals must abide by certain rules and regulations. Those who are not familiar with this type of mining may view it as a means to disrupt land while others are merely looking at the opportunity as a way to generate profit long term. Frans Schoeman provides the expertise necessary to help Phatsima Diamond oversee every detail of their operations. The many duties that Schoeman reviews include the acquisition of the land, legalese concerning the borders as well as any mergers between miners or land-owners.

Environmental law isn’t always cut and dry, and for every country, city, and state there are various issues that should or need to be addressed. Schoeman oversses the mining in Angola, and at this time the mining of diamonds is still a hot topic in South Africa. It’s safe to say that laws concerning the land and its contents do matter and that having expertise in various areas of law is also an advantage for Schoeman as he continues his career in South Africa.

The Real Deal’s Report on New York Real Estate.

In as much as Chinese real estate investors are sensitive to prices, they have recognized the suggestions on the value of New York City houses and land. As a result, their involvement in the market is increasing. During The Real Deal, a U.S. Real Estate Showcase & Forum held in Shanghai, Naftali Group’s CEO said that when they focus on NYC luxury real estate, they are always interested in basics. He also added that demand cannot be created. In this regard, he says that in bad times, demand in New York City remains constant, while in other cities, it vanishes completely.

Fredrik Eklund, a star of Million Dollar Listing New York and a broker at Douglas Elliman, said that he always use a trick to put the idea into peoples’ mind, that they are not successful until they acquire an apartment in New York City. On the same note, Jonathan Simon, the CEO of Simon Baron Development makes it clear that safety has been an important factor for the demand of New York real estate. He says that the city is the safest in America and that it has been enormously cleaned up creating a big difference.

The president for Halstead Property Development Marketing, Stephen Kliegerman, said that the Chinese are now looking to other opportunities away from the highly marked Manhattan and are now having interest in Downtown Brooklyn, Harlem and other parts of the city. Town Residential CEO Andrew Heiberger adds that Chinese investors are very price sensitive and intend to spend $800,000 to $2 million to acquire an apartment. He also adds that in New York City, brokerage is far well regulated than in China. He said that the Real Estate Board of New York and the New York Attorney General’s Office has ensured that the laid down procedures are adhered to, thereby protecting the customers.

Town Residential is a real estate firm in New York City. It was started by Andrew Heiberger who is also the CEO. They are specialists in marketing, leasing and sale of Luxury residential. They have set the new standard in the industry.

The article was originally reported on The Real Deal a U.S. forum held in Shanghai.

Kenneth Griffin

Kenneth Griffin, founder of Citadel and a hedge fund manager in the United States, currently has an estimated net worth of over $7 billion. Ken Griffin on businessinsider graduated with a bachelor’s degree from Harvard University in 1989, majoring in economics. Griffin’s investment history dates back to his freshman year in college where he started a huge fund after reading a Forbes article. The fund’s focus was on convertible bond arbitrage. After a high success rate with his first fund, he was able to initiate a second fund with a combined monetary management of over $1 million. Griffin was named as one of the most influential people in finance in CFO Magazine.

Citadel Investment Group, LLC is one of the largest alternative investment management firms in the world, with its’ group of hedge funds ranking among the most successful and elaborate by global standards. It was founded by Ken Griffin in 1990 and has grown to such a successful and collaborative work culture that it received a Top 10 Great Workplaces in Financial Services ranking. The Citadel group includes Citadel, Citadel Securities, and Citadel Technology. Citadel is an alternative asset manager group that manages over $26 billion in assets. There are five investment strategies that Citadel uses including equities, credit, quantitative assets, fixed income, and commodities. Citadel Securities focuses on trading equities, and interest-rate swaps. Citadel Technology provides management technology tailored to investment.

In 2014, Forbes announced that Griffin moved from number 103 to 89 on the 400 richest people in America ranking that is released each year. This came after Griffin donated a $2.5 million check during the Rauner Quinn election in November. In another amazing accomplishment, Harvard renamed their office of financial aid to honor Griffin after he made a historic donation in the amount of $150 million to the college. The goal of this gift was to support undergraduate students who needed additional financial aid in order to afford the university’s tuition. An second program called the Griffin Leadership Challenge, was created to obtain financial aid support from others in order to fund an additional 25 percent of tuition fees for 600 scholarships in undergraduate programs.

Griffin is also an active supporter and donator for various organizations with nearly $500 million in donations to support causes such as opening new charter schools, early childhood education centers, Children’s Memorial Hospital, and the Chicago Public Library to name a few. He serves on the Committee on Capital Markets Regulation, which is a research organization with the focus on improving capital markets in the United States. He is currently serving on the Board of Trustees for the University of Chicago, Art Institute of Chicago, Museum of Contemporary Art, and the Whitney Museum.

Bruce Levenson: A Man Who Knows How to Make Dreams Come True

Bruce Levenson, a successful builder of several businesses, entrepreneur and a journalist, is probably best known for co-founding United Communications Group (UCG) with Ed Peskowitz in 1977. UCG was started in Levenson’s apartment, with the two co-founders publishing the newsletter about the changes in the oil industry. After a while, the company spread its wings, and launched other newsletters. Today, it is a company offering guidance and information to customers in information and software, technology, healthcare, energy and other industries worldwide. GasBuddy, a mobile application that enables the users to compare the gas prices, is owned and operated by UCG.
Additionally, Levenson of prnewswire is a director of TechTarget, which is basically a meeting spot for technology buyers and technology providers around the world. Another product that might sound familiar, and that Levenson is connected to, is DOT, a new cooking technology. The thing that made him famous outside the business world is being the owner of Atlanta Hawks LLC. On the other hand, the thing Levenson is the most proud of is his philanthropic work. He even served as the president of the “I Have a Dream Foundation” in Washington.
Since the 1980s, Levenson and his wife Karen have been active in numerous philanthropic organizations, most of them dealing with education and disadvantaged youth, such as Community Foundation of Washington, D.C. and the Hoop Dreams Foundation. Additionally, Levenson and his wife are donors to the U.S. Holocaust Museum, and are also funding the Museum’s “Bringing the Lessons Home” program. The program is about teaching the students about the Holocaust and training them to become tour guides. The Levensons are also big supporters of Seeds of Peace and the SEED Foundation. Aside from this, this family supports numerous Jewish causes, including the Jewish Youth Philanthropy Institute, a Jewish-American youth movement, Birthright Israel and the Jewish Federation. Witnessing some well-intended efforts coming to an end due to the bad management, Bruce and Karen conceived the Center for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Leadership at the University of Maryland. They also provided funding for this Center, which educates the students to become non-profit leaders.
In 2004, Levenson fulfilled his long dream and became the proud owner of Atlanta Hawks. Today, he is a member of the NBA Board of Governors, while also serving in the Board of Managers that operates the Hawks. The Hawks became the only team in the Eastern Conference to reach the NBA playoffs for seven consecutive seasons. During the last season, the Hawks had one of the best records in the NBA. In 2012, Danny Ferry, a former player and manager of the Cleveland Cavaliers, was named a new Hawks general manager and president of basketball operations.
In 2014, Levenson announced his decision to sell the team. The buyers have formed a group in order to stay anonymous until the sale is made final, and are led by Antony Ressler. Ressler’s group will buy the Hawks for $850 million.

Achieving Almond-Shaped Eyes When Your Eyes Are Round

For centuries, eyes have been referred to as “the windows of the soul.” It’s no wonder why women want to make theirs stand out. Using the power of makeup, a woman can take the current shape of her eye and manipulate it, making it appear bigger, wider, more elongated, or more open, depending on her personal preference.

Those of us with round eyes tend to prefer to make their eyes appear thinner, longer, and more almond-shaped. Finding the right methods and techniques may seem somewhat difficult, but once they’re found and mastered, they can make a round eye appear less sweet and more flirty.

Eye Shadow

To open up your eyes, choose a medium tone for your lid and crease. At the brow line, apply a lighter shade, possibly one with shimmer. In the corners of your eyes, apply a darker shade and blend it to the outer corner.


Once you’ve added your eye shadow, give yourself a flawless cat-eye by starting the wing on your lash line and extending it outward to where your eyebrow ends. The slanted shape gives the illusion that the eyes are more slanted, creating an almond-like appearance.

Also, apply liner to both your top and bottom water lines to give the appearance of a more narrow eye. Alternatively, you can just line the top if you wish your “almond eyes” to appear more open. This technique will elongate the eye.

Lime Crime, a cosmetics company, offers a beautiful black liquid liner called “Quill.” The color is bold, highly pigmented, and will make any eye color stand out. Lime Crime products on ilovelimecrime are cruelty-free and vegan. If you’re looking for a color other than brown, they offer several vibrant colors to choose from, including a lime green shade!


Brush mascara on both the top and bottom lashes to create a flirty look that brings out your eye color and the manipulated shape. If you’re feeling a little more bold, choose a dark chocolate color instead of black to really make your eye color pop for a warmer look.


Adding a higher arch to your eyebrows can also create the illusion of a lifted corner of your eye, making them appear less round and more almond-shaped. Bring the inner corners of your eyebrows directly to the corner of your eye, and then use a pen set diagonal across your nose and pupil to determine where the arch should be. Once you find the arch, make it a tiny bit higher to create a beautiful look.

For round eyes, the general goal is to elongate the eye, creating a more narrow shape. Doing so doesn’t require that you follow the makeup techniques of those who already have almond shaped eyes, but instead to use different techniques to manipulate your own eye shape.

Finding Green Space in New York Just Got Easier

Many people live in the New York City area because there are great jobs. In fact, a recent study found that the city is cleaner and safer than it has been in a long time. However, for those who are longing for a private outdoor space, you may be hard pressed to find something under $500,000.

In the area of Staten Island, many areas have large yards, but there are many other boroughs to have a lot of green space too if you just know where to look. A report that came out on August 20th stated that there are more than 256 condos in the Manhattan area, and many of these had an outdoor space. They’re also 373 apartments available. These all were under the 500,000 mark. Unfortunately, the ads didn’t specify what type of outdoor space, so it was likely just a patio or garden area shared with neighbors. Checking specific terms on the results like balcony or deck was less encouraging to those looking for some green space.

In the Brooklyn area getting ample green space is not a problem. Being in this area allows you to get out of the Metropolitan feel and have a down-home feeling. An apartment listed there for $435,000 offered a large garden with a Japanese maples, hydrangea and even an excellent brick path lined with hostas. It provided a little bit of peace and tranquility with proximity to the downtown area. This particular apartment over 500 square feet and the garden area was larger than the apartment itself. However, the inside of the flat had a Pepto Bismol pink tile and needed to be upgraded. But how much are people willing to pay for some green space.

There are numerous apartments available in Manhattan that have terraces, but you’re going to pay for them. How does a luxurious 3,000 square of outdoor space sound? This will only cost you $100 million dollars. If you are looking for a fantastic area in NYC apartments for sale, Town Real Estate can help you. They are the ones to call first.

Town real estate has been in business for quite some time. They help upscale clients find the green space that they’ve been looking for. Whether you want to grow herbs on your window sill or plant of tropical bush in your courtyard makes no difference; their brokers can help you find exactly what you need within your budget.