Billions and Billions of Pizzas!

Pizza Hut just released to the public their new “renovation plan” which includes laid-back uniforms, a swirling sauce logo instead of the traditional hut roof, the renaming of many old ingredients, and the introduction of enough new ingredients, crusts, drizzles, etc. to make possible a whopping two billion different individual pizza creations. I am all for choices, but this is ridiculous!

All 6,300 worldwide Pizza Hut locations will soon begin implementing the new massive makeover. New “artisan” pizzas, new peppers and meats from Italy, a pretzel crust, a diet pizza, six sauces, and honey sriracha (among other drizzles) will be on the menu. Olives will now be officially called “Mediterranean black olives,” ham will be referred to as “slow-cooked ham,” and cherry peppers will be specified as “Peruvian.”

Pizza Hut has always been a sort of family-oriented, affordable, and relatively simple place to eat. It appears that all that may be changing now. We can’t imagine that honey sriracha will come cheap nor that Mediterranean olives could possibly escape being pricier than just plain old olives- even if it is the same olive. However, we will have to wait and see on that- perhaps the new fancier Pizza Hut will indeed offer the same low prices.

Some of us have enough trouble as it is picking out what to order at pizza places. We ask ourselves, “Do I want green pepper and pepperoni or sausage and bacon?” The wait staff becomes a “waiting staff” as we hem and haw before finally making up our minds.

A Birthday Party You Won’t Want To Attend

In the true spirit of Halloween, today we bring you the news of an event you probably don’t want to be a part of. Anatoly Moskvin, a Russian historian, and a full time grave robber, dug up the graves of 150 different girls, so that he could dress them up and store them in his home.

Apparently, he dressed up the girls for birthday parties, and would store them in his home. Sometimes the corpses belonged to children as young as 3.


Thanks for sending the link to this Jared Haftel, glad Stanford is boring you the point you’re reading about horrifying stories on the Daily Mirror haha.