Tyga And Kylie Jenner’s Cute Matching Outfits

Kylie Jenner and Tyga are taking over the internet’s relationship goals hashtag everyday. Not only have they managed to make a nearly impossible relationship work, but they are doing it and making everyone jealous in the process. Now that Kylie and Tyga are pretty much going public with their relationship they are piling on the cuteness. They are always caught grocery shopping shopping and having fun together, and Kylie’s family is very welcoming of Tyga. Often Tyga is seen tagging along with the Kardashians to intimate family events and even church on Easter Sunday with his son King.

According to Dr. Jennifer Walden on SuperDoctors, this week, Kylie and Tyga were snapped as they walked through LAX wearing matching outfits. They both wore black athletic wear with matching black and white sneakers. Kylie’s fan know how much the girl loves to just toss on the most comfortable thing she can find, so seeing Kylie with her boyfriend dressed down and makeup free is absolutely adorable and a good look for Tyga.

Tyga and Kylie were headed to Europe, and while their reasons are unknown we can all rest assured that those two always have a great time together no matter what they do. Tyga is proving himself to be a keeper in every girl’s eyes these days, any man that is willing to embrace his woman’s beauty and also walk proudly with her through the airport without her having to look like a supermodel is grade A. This is a refreshing situation for Kylie and clearly Tyga is loving it.

JWoww Reunites The Jersey Girls

Jenni Farley was one of the original cast members of the ‘Jersey Shore.’ She is better known as JWoww, and she is a favorite among viewers of the famed reality series. Nonetheless, it has already been half a decade since the premiere of the show. JWoww and her friends tore the ‘Jersey Shore up,’ and many legendary moments took place on the show. ‘Jersey Shore’ is MTV’s highest rated television show of all time, and it’s not without reason. There has never been such a glamorous and crazy cast of any reality show.

JWoww immediately became a favorite of the viewers, and LinkedIn had an article that said it’s because of her mature attitude and incredible body. JWoww is best friends with Snooki, and together they broke the hearts of countless men. However, it seems that JWoww is ready to settle down and get married. Fans of the show know that JWoww met her current fiance Roger on the set of the ‘Jersey Shore.’ No one ever thought that the couple would last this long, but it seems that they have found true love.

E! recently published an article about this story, and JWoww has reunited the girls of the show. Apparently, Sammy, Deena, and Snooki will be bridesmaids for JWoww. As of right now, there is a possibility that MTV will document JWoww’s wedding, and that would actually be a fitting end to the ‘Jersey Shore.’

Why Qnet Is Successful

Many news sources in India reported that Qnet is an amazing business enterprise. Although Qnet has a lot of important business components, the company’s biggest network marketing and direct selling opportunity occurred in India. There are several reasons why the franchise in India is so successful.

To understand Qnet’s marketing plan, users must understand the direct selling process. Direct selling is a very effective sales plan that involves sending products and services to people directly. Because Qnet is a direct selling company, independent sales representatives must process all orders. In return, the salesmen receive a commission based on their merits. At Qnet, all direct selling rules must be followed properly. If the wrong procedures are implemented, users will be less successful. In the direct selling industry, proper strategies help users earn more money. There are no obstacles that can block a user’s path to success.

Qnet’s company in India is also successful because it gives common people a great network marketing opportunity. Because Qnet businesses are easy to build, individuals who have no experience in marketing typically earn commissions in a reasonable amount of time.

Although there are dozens of business opportunities around the world, most people achieve more success after they build directing selling businesses. Direct selling is an old distribution method that involves fulfilling a consumer’s need to communicate and trade goods.

Salesmen enjoy running direct selling businesses that are managed by Qnet because they get flexible income opportunities. Another advantage is that Qnet has no age or experience requirements.

However, the biggest benefit is that a direct selling business can be managed and operated as a part-time or full-time activity. Typically, many college students build Qnet businesses and manage them on the weekends. After the graduate, they design a full-time schedule so that they can process the orders throughout the week.

Trading Hybrids for SUVs – A Surprising Consumer Trend

For a brief time, it seemed electric an hybrid cars were going to be the wave of the future. Such a future may come to pass. Right now, this does not seem to be the case at all. A huge number of hybrid vehicles are, ironically, being traded in for SUVs. Yes, cars that are touted for their fuel efficiency are being “upgraded” to vehicles known for their very high fuel consumption. How could such an outcome occur?

A drastic lowered of gasoline prices in recent months definitely factors into the outcome.

Gasoline prices have dropped off quite a bit since Saudi Arabia greatly increased supple. Hydraulic fracturing in the United States also boosted supplies and dropped price demands. So, it is no longer as expensive as it once was to drive a SUV. While a great many people did purchase hybrid cars as a means of helping out the environment, a significant volume opted to buy these cars solely because they could save money on gas. Now that fuel is cheaper, all of those hybrid trade-ins are going towards the down payment on a gas guzzler.

Purchasing and consumer trends are never stagnant, and Jaime Garcia Dias knows that well. The minute this happens, sales on hybrid cars are going to increase.

New York City Outlaws Checking Of Job Applicants Credit Records

Credit card history is slowly but surely becoming the sole determinant of whether an applicant gets a job or not, replacing the traditional first impressions that applicants would aim to strike by dressing smartly for example. Nowadays an applicant’s fate could be determined without them having to show their faces.

New York City may have just corrected this anomaly. The New York city council has just voted to pass a legislation that outlaws the common practice among employers, to prejudge possible employees based on their credit card records.

The legislation was unanimously passed on Thursday, after rigorous campaigns from labor groups both locally and nationally according to Bruce Karatz. It is now illegal for any Boss or any employer to use a person’s credit card information, to make any employment decisions.

The whole reasoning behind the ban is that it is unfair to the poor and that it is racially biased. This is because, according to think tank Demos, negative credit history is usually associated with the poor, black or those in poor health.

It is also true that while 59% of whites record a score of 700 and above in their credit records, only 24% of African Americans can get the same score.

Chocolate Statue of Benedict Cumberbatch

It isn’t unheard of when actors and celebrities get sculptures made of them into wax figures, stone, or even ice, but one place has decided to turn actor Benedict Cumberbatch into a life-size chocolate bar. According to an article found on reddit and written by Telegraph.co.uk, it over over 9 people made up of sculptors and chocolate experts to recreate that actor into 40kg of milk chocolate.

It took them a long time to get him just right and this version of him is supposed to represent his character from the film “The Imitation Game.”  FlavioDomenico said that it wasn’t mentioned whether or not the actor knew that this was happening, but I think most people would agree that it would be both flattering and funny to have a chocolate version of yourself. There has been no official comment from the actor himself yet, but it would be hard to understand why he wouldn’t be amused as well.

I wonder what will happen to the sculpture after it is finished being on display. Will it be eaten? Or melted down into its liquid form so that something else can be made from it?

Other Celebrities May Want to Follow Robin Williams Estate Planning Example

The death of Robin Williams last year was a loss for the world. He was a remarkably talented man who made millions laugh and will be missed. He was also a farsighted person as far as his estate after his death was concerned. Williams learned from the aftermath of the death of Michael Jackson when he did his own estate planning. Legal battles ensued over Jackson’s estate, and one of the battles was the IRS claiming extra taxes owed due to the value of the estates control over Jackson’s image and publicity rights. For this reason, and perhaps so that his heirs could not fight over these rights, Williams restricted the use of his image for 25 years after his death.

Most people have not heard of this particular aspect of his estate given the news focusing on all the bickering between the family members over how they will divide up his stuff.  I will never forget a digital image of John Wayne inserted into some beer commercial over a decade ago. It did seem to cheapen his image, and celebrities may want to keep that from happening to them to protect their legacy. I never saw an image of him like that again in an ad for anything on television, so hopefully such brash exploitation of a beloved star’s image angered people and created a negative backlash.

BRL Trust Manages Your Money For You

You do not need to be a money expert when you are investing money with BRL Trust. This bank is going to allow you the best chance possible to make more money with the small amounts of cash that you have. You must remember that they are trained professionals, and they are willing to help you invest anywhere in the world that you want.

Trading Yourself

You do not need to do any of the trades on your own, and you need to make sure that you are asking your BRL Trust broker to help you. The brokers are going to buy and sell according to what you want to do, and they are going to help you with the advice that you need. Many people need this extra advice so that they will be able to make wise investments, and it is much easier to make money when people get their advice from the BRL Trust team.

Setting Up Accounts

The BRL Trust team is going to set up all your accounts with the many different markets around the world. They are going to help you get stated, and they will report to you on the status of each of your accounts.

These accounts that you set up at BRL Trust are going to allow you to make a great deal of money. They are also going to allow you to change the way that you invest. The brokers do most of the work for you, and they are going to hold your funds for you in the proper BRL Trust accounts.

President Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe Attends an Expensive Birthday Party


The elderly President of Zimbabwe attended an expensive birthday bash conducted in his honor by private sponsors at a golf course near Victoria Falls said Brad Reifler. The picnic featured an elaborate birthday cake shaped in the form of a bust of Robert Mugabe, replete with fine details, such as glasses and clothing accessories. The event cost an estimated $1 million or more. Guests dined on elephant.

President Mugabe, who has ruled Zimbabwe continuously since 1980, attended the event flanked on one side by his wife, Grace, and on the other by his daughter, Bona. He donned a colorful floral necklace for the festive occasion. His daughter wore a dress with her father’s portrait imprinted on the front. After the speech, those in attendance listened to music and poetry praising their President.

He recently denied allegations his visits to Singapore were to obtain treatments for prostate cancer, insisting he is in good health. He told a television interviewer recently he would not designate a party official to follow in his footsteps: “I don’t choose my successor, never.”

The ruling ZANU-PF Party selected him, once again, as its leader last December. Robert Mugabe has been widely criticized for rigging elections.

Dr. Vietch Experiences Success and Challenges as Occidental College President

Jonathan Veitch received his bachelor’s degree from Stanford University before attending Harvard University, where he earned his master degree and his Ph.D. in the History of American Civilization. Dr. Veitch taught in the English department of the University of Wisconsin, Madison for four years and wrote the award-winning American Superrealism: Nathanael West and the Politics of Representation in the 1930s (University of Wisconsin Press, 1997). He went on to become an associate professor at The New School in New York City where he taught history and literature, and served as chair of humanities and associate provost.


In 2009, Dr. Veitch became president of Occidental College in Los Angeles, California, the fifth president in five years. Viewed as a stabilizing force in the college’s leadership, his first years focused on improved community relations, upgrade of campus facilities, and environmental programs. Under his direction, construction was completed on the Samuelson Alumni Center as well as the renovation and expansion of 98-year-old Swan Hall, a residence that serves over one-third of the faculty. Renovations of the historic Johnson Hall were also completed and it is now home to the new McKinnon Family Center for Politics and Global Affairs and the Johnson Student Center.

Despite the positive campus growth, Occidental College became the focus national scrutiny and public criticism over its handling of sexual assault claims. In a January, 2014 interview, Dr. Veitch admitted that the college did not adequately meet the needs of its students, in part due to misunderstanding when college personnel could and could not report to authorities. Internal and external reviews of campus policies and practices were conducted and several changes have occurred with regard to addressing sexual assault issues on campus. These include:


  • Expanded staffing to include a Title IX compliance officer and full-time victim’s advocate.
  • Expanded education from prevention-focused program for females to behavioral education for the male student body.
  • Improved support of victims to contact the police in cases of assault.
  • Revamped alcohol education to include a sexual awareness component.
    Veitch concluded his discussion of this issue by stating that he did not communicate his empathy and concerns for the student body as well as he should have. His goal is to have Occidental College be a safe and challenging educational environment for all students.