Ryan Seacrest Was Once Overweight

If you haven’t been living under a rock for the past 20 years, chances are you know who Ryan Seacrest is. As a producer, TV host, and radio show personality, he’s been in the spotlight more times than one can count. Whether it was American Idol, Live with Kelly and Ryan, or any other of his appearances, his handsome looks have always helped him stand out. Ryan Seacrest wasn’t always this fit guy—he had his struggles with weight early in life.

The Struggle

As a child, host Ryan Seacrest was a chubby kid. He was so ashamed of his body that he used to keep his shirt on when going into the pool of the local swim club he was part of. He recalls having to shop in the husky section of department stores and even being teased about his weight several times during childhood. As he grew older he began to adopt a healthier lifestyle and by the time he was a young adult, the weight was gone. During this time he also began working on radio and TV and quickly realized he had to continue making tough food decisions under any circumstance.

Staying fit

It can be difficult to find healthy food in a studio, especially at odd times. To stay in shape, Ryan Seacrest usually finds himself bringing his own homemade lunch to work. Something he never forgets is being on the low end of confidence and then feeling the boost after his transformation; that memory remains one of his biggest daily motivations. He makes it a priority to work out on a daily basis and in his point of view; it’s like an appointment that he’s not allowed to miss. Among his favorite exercises are running, bike riding, and circuit workouts.


Celebrities sometimes appear to have been born with a perfect physique, but that’s not always the case. Ryan Seacrest has gone through his struggle like many of us, and he always looks amazing because he has devoted himself to it. He’s been known to often squeeze a set of push-ups or curls during commercial breaks. If that’s not dedication I don’t know what is. Aside from his foundation to help the needy, Ryan just recently launched his very own menswear – ryanseacrestdistinction.com.

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