The Contour Keyboard: A NewsWatch TV Review

The Contour keyboard design setups create a pain-free, more productive work environment. Thanks to a popular solution, from the RollerMouse Red keyboard, like a roller bar in the in between the wrist and keyboard area allow users to maximize typing efficiency while minimizing fingertip impact. The roller bar also provides a method of relieving undue stress that occurs when reaching for and moving a standard mouse. Additionally, Contour’s other product, the Balance keyboard, has a seven senses tracking technology that adapts to the user’s pace as work progresses. The keyboard is wireless and does not require an on/off switch thanks to a unique power saving technology. Going one more step, Contour has designed a RollerMouse Free3 keyboard that replaces the RollerMouse Red and makes the entire workstation completely wireless, making it the ultimate tool for a stress free work environment.

Newswatch TV is a half hour show that airs weekly on AMC and ION networks. Content for each episode on News Watch includes health and medical breakthroughs, product releases, fashion, travel, consumer electronic reviews, business issues, and public awareness campaigns. Celebrities to grace the News Watch screen are varied and include Julianne Moore, Dr. Oz, Phil Mickelson, Carl Lewis, and Brooklyn Decker. Additionally, well-known companies including NASCAR, Discovery Channel, and Ford have also made appearances on the show.

In 2017, Newswatch TV received a Gold and Platinum MarCom Award that honors excellence in marketing and communication professionals in the industry. Additionally, News Watch was awarded the national 2017 videographer award for excellence in half-hour programming

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