The Experienced Industry Leader, Highland Capital Management

Highland Capital Management, L.P., is a company that continues to grow since its formation in 1990. Mark Okada and James Dondero are the co-founders of the company which was previously a joint venture with Protective Life Insurance Corporation. The company has metamorphosed from fixed income market into what it is today, the largest credit manager.

Services and Clientele
The SEC-registered investment adviser offers a broad range of services. They are well known for alternative investments covering natural resources, long and short equities and emerging markets. HCM also provides credit strategies such as credit hedge funds, private equity, long-only funds and separate accounts, and Collateralized Loan Obligations (CLO). Since the launch of its first non-bank CLO in the mid-1990s, the company has monitored and structured over $30B CLOs thus being the largest CLO manager in the world.

Previously known as Ranger Asset Management L.P., HCM has continued to serve its client with value-oriented products and new strategies to increase their returns. Some of its customer base includes high-net-worth individuals, government, public pension plans, endowments, financial institutions, foundations, and corporations. The company serves different industries such as healthcare and real estate and has over $12.9B of assets under their management.

The experienced alternative credit manager has its headquarters in Dallas, Texas. It has offices in Singapore and Seoul which were opened in 2008 and 2011 respectively. Other offices are in New York and Sao Paulo.

Serving Humanity
HCM has over 180 employees that are based around the world. The company is committed to making a difference in the communities that these employees live and work in. Their corporate social responsibilities involve volunteering, financial donations to local and national non-profits, and advisory board involvement. Some of the organizations they have partnered with are Reasoning Mind, Centre for Brain Health, Perot Museum, US-Japan Council, Education is Freedom and American Heart Association among others.

Highland Capital Management’s commitment to the environment is something worth emulating. The company uses sustainable hardwood floors that are from domestic second-growth forests and uses toilets and sinks with a low-water- usage feature. They have open offices that ensure more natural light and LED lighting which reduces their electrical load.

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