The Many Projects of Rodrigo Terpins

In 2013 Rodrigo and Michel Terpins became major shareholders of Heinz. It was during a vacation Disney World that Rodrigo bought a $90,000 worth of Heinz shares. He did this based on insider knowledge obtained by Michel that Heinz was about to be bought out by 3G Capital and Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway investment fund. Rodrigo’s large purchase sent the value of Heinz way up, resulting in the brothers getting a substantial profit. This was just one example of Rodrigo’s business savviness.


Rodrigo is a very respected and active member of the community. He and his wife, Flavia, recently held a dinner for the Brazilian Friends Association of the Israel Museum. The evening was specifically in honor of the special guest, the Chinese artist, Ai Weiwei. Weiwei currently has an exhibit on display at the Israel Museum. These business and social concerns are both very important to Rodrigo, but his biggest passion lies in the world of racing. He has been racing in the Sertoes Rally for many years. He and Michel co-founded the Bull Sertoes Rally Team early last decade. Perhaps the most interesting to him was 2014’s 22nd edition. For more details you can visit



Although the course that year was shorter than usual, it was extraordinarily challenging and therefore more enjoyable in Rodrigo’s opinion. It was a race chock full of lots of turns, twists, gravel, and dust. Although Rodrigo Terpins  is a veteran race car driver, he is fairly new to driving the T-Rex, having only driven one in the past four rallies. The 22nd edition was composed of seven stages and 2,600 km of roadway. For more information about the Bull Sertões Rally Team visit their Facebook profile at


The Bull Sertões Rally Team is financially backed by Bull Sertões, 100% Events, and Xarla. The Bull Sertoes team abides by the Carbone Free regulations of the Green Initiative.



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