The New R.A.W Products from Dan Bethelmy-Rada and Matrix & Biolage Team

A quality product where its naturalness has not been compromised is a kind of product that consumers would pay anything to have. Especially products that involve one’s health, the more natural it is, the healthier the product. This is the kind of product that Dan Bethelmy-Rada, together with his team, has been slaving to give the consumer. He has been the Matrix and Biolage Global Brand president for almost two years since the year 2015 to date. This brand deals with professional hair care. They successfully were able to make and launch an all-natural product.

Background and Career

Dan Bethelmy-Rada graduated in 2001 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Commerce. He then went for masters in ESSEC Business School for advanced masters in Strategy and Management of International Business. Dan has served in several past jobs at L’Oréal.

From 2005-2008 he was the director at GARNIER International, then he became the Assistant Vice President at GARNIER to 2011. In 2011-2014 he was the Vice president of Global marketing at L’Oréal Paris International. He was then promoted to General Manager Garnier International; the L’Oréal’s Consumer Products Division for a year where he then became the Global Brand President Matrix and Biolage from 2015 to date.

Two underlying principles used by Matrix in Making the R.A.W products

According to the Matrix and Biolage team, there has been a deficit of real natural products that the consumers really need. With the current rate of products production, many counterfeit products are produced that camouflage naturalness yet they are not.

To start with, the R.A.W products being made by Dan’s team has been designed wholesomely in such a way that from its formula, its components, to its packaging are all environmentally friendly and very natural 100%. The second issue was that the objective was never to compromise the naturalness. And that cost both in time and financially.

Successful marketing

Dan Bethelmy-Rada and his team coined a successful strategy where they were able to make people aware of the product existence without them seeing it as a PR stunt. The online feedback was 90% positive and they were challenged to set their foot in the European Market.

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