Visiting an Actual OSI Group McDonald’s Factory: Check out What We Found!

The rise of the internet across the globe has shed light on various hot button issues, one, in particular, is in the manner that our food, in this instance, Mcdonald’s hamburgers are produced. Today’s consumer is concerned about how many food additives or amount of sugar is added to their food. McDonald’s knows a thing or two about producing food; in fact, data says that Mcdonald’s sells over 75 burgers every second of every day! Therefore, it is no surprise why Mcdonald’s would be one of the first company’s to be looked at. There’s a famous experiment made by David Whipple where he purchased a Mcdonald’s burger in 1993 and left it in his kitchen cupboard for almost two decades. After he took it out it seemed that nothing had really changed, no mold or visible discoloration was seen.

However, a scientist was quick to point out that much like we need water, food, and oxygen to grow, so does bacteria although the public might beg to differ on this explanation. Recently, One business insider decided that he needed to see the production of McDonald’s food for himself. Therefore, he went to Günzburg, Germany, where OSI Group Mcdonalds was the exact location to see the process in action. OSI Group McDonalds or OSI Group as it was first called is the American company that first produced food for the Mcdonalds company when they first began.

Although the factory isn’t owned by Mcdonald’s, Eunice Koekkoek, a McDonald’s representative stated that over 90% of its food is produced at the OSI Group Mcdonalds factory. The first thing one notices is the strict guidelines that OSI Group Mcdonalds takes to keep the factory clean from any form of virus. Sick employees need a doctor’s note to begin working again, and since there are no preservatives in the hamburger meat, everything is checked and doubled checked daily. Although meat at every part of the world may have a different taste due to cultural preferences, the fact is that Mcdonald’s meat is and remains original.

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